A Denim Revelation

No I am absolutely not reinventing the wheel, I am back-pedalling a couple of years to.....

A skinny flare.  Or is it a boot cut?  Or a kick flare? 

Whatever you want to call it - I am totally converted.  May I present you to my first purchase of May - my new jeans. 


And from Stella McCartney no less.  Before you all get excited, no I haven't won the lottery, these were bought yesterday on my trip to Bicester.  Look how long they are!  No wonder they were reduced, I have the most ridiculously high wedges on here and they are just about the right length on me.  I should measure them and find out how long the leg length actually is. 

It normally is so difficult for me to find jeans long enough, plus these are also high waisted (so I can actually tuck my muffin in) and I think they're pretty darn flattering, so not buying them simply wasn't an option. 

From posting this pic on Twitter yesterday, it seems that there are a lot of people out there who agree that they are very flattering.  But what about the jeans of the moment - the skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans and straight leg jeans.   Boot cut jeans?  Aren't they the grandma of the denim family? 

Well, who cares if they are.  To not wear something that is so flattering just because it's not totally Of the Moment is just bonkers.  And hell, they're verging on vintage.  I would say, I probably would draw the line personally at a looser boot cut - I do think that they look better when they are more fitted through the leg with a gradual flare from the knee like the Stella McCartney's (but I would say that, wouldn't I?)  

I also personally think they look better with a heel - be it a chunky block heel or wedge.   I do like them with a retro trainer, fitted blazer and skinny scarf as well though but my preference is definitely a heel - lengthens the leg beautifully.

The other fantastic thing about these (she says smugly) is that they fit so perfectly into my wardrobe.  I have the shoes to go with them, I have a myriad of little blouses that will perfect tucked in with a blazer or swing jacket over the top.  Oh hello 70's......

So are you all going to have to trek to Bicester to pick up a pair of the Stella's if you would like a pair? 

Happily no.  Dare I stick my neck out and say I think they're going to be the next big denim thing?  Well that would be a) handy and b) presumptuous and either way I shall be sporting mine regularly.  Setting my inner Charlie's Angel free. 

Stella has a very similar version for full price at Matches. 

Stella McCartney Utility High Rise Flared Jeans £225

JBrand's Love Story jeans are stunning and better if you don't like a high rise jean and prefer low rise. 

Love Story Flared Jeans £260

Victoria Beckham denim also have a version which are utterly gorgeous with an utterly scary price tag.  I am beginning to be very pleased that I snagged mine at a bargain price (£103 by the way - which isn't cheap but for a pair of Stella McCartney jeans, it ain't bad)

However fear not, I have bargains a plenty.  Starting with the MiH Marrakesh.  Of which there are plenty of washes available and I've managed to track down some at a great price. 

I'm not sure if these are the exact same shade as the ones above but they're cheaper at ASOS. 

Marrakesh Jeans in Nico now £90 was £179 (these are too short for these shoes in my personal opinion.) 

The styling of these does them no favours at all and I do think they're too short with the heel (or her height!  5ft10 apparently).  But these with a pair of wedges and a vintage style silk shirt, these would look amazing. 

The Lennox is the kick flare version from ASOS which looks great.  These come in petite and their curve range as well. 

Mid wash Alice kick flare jeans £45 in short, regular and long.

So what do you think?  Embracing the 70's or are you surgically attached to your skinnies?  Maybe you're a fan already....  Would love to know how you wear them and if you think my prediction is right or I'm just talking out of my behind.

I only actually made one other Bicester purchase, which will be revealed tomorrow - bar some shirts and shorts for The Husband.  I am a Saint of a wife, for sure. 

Bicester outfit.   Actually this was the outfit I came home in today (totally forgot to pap outfit from yesterday, in such a rush!  However it was only one I've worn loads - an old favourite and in fact, I will be wearing it again come Thursday when I'm off to London for the day) - we stayed overnight at The Bicester Golf Hotel & Spa which I can highly recommend even though we neither played golf nor used the Spa.  A total treat of a night away. 


Blush vest - Cos
Cream blouse - Zara
DIstressed straight leg jeans rolled up - Zara
Delphine shoes - NW3 at Hobbs
Leopard Print coat - Fenn Wright Manson
Dynamite necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Whisky Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

Tomorrow I will be back with some more ideas for summer tops.  Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  We are hunkering down tonight with a takeaway and the Eurovision Song Contest.  The latter bit The Husband is not entirely thrilled with and will no doubt slouch away to the playroom (he may be a tad tipsy anyway after a rugby lunch with the 7yr old - don't ask) but the 9yr old and I am are so so excited (it's her first take away too!  She's giddy.)  Guilty pleasures R Us.

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  1. I recently bought some "bootcut" jeans from H&M - in fact they are skinny flares, and they are a fantastic fit and lovely and soft. And only cost 15 quid! I usually wear them with cuban heeled ankle boots (very 70s) and they just clear the floor. There are definitely more of them around, but it takes a few tryings-on to get the right fit - I prefer very tight to the knee, then flare out just below. Otherwise I look like I've got really fat knees!

  2. Hi Kat, I've got MiH Loon (yes, they are really called that) which are just like the marrakesh and I love them. What is it with the long legs on MiH though? At 5'2 I had to have them altered, but I bought them for £20 in Cheshire Oaks Mc Arthur Glen so I can't complain about alteration costs. I wear them with pussy bow silk blouses and gold boots and hoop earring with a Patick Cox tan cross body satchel for a 70s vibe, naturellement, or with a green lace top and a black velvet blazer. They also look quite cool with a logo tee and a biker jacket and the gold boots. Looking forward to seeing how you're going to style them up in the coming months. Regards, World of Sheds.

  3. The MiH Marrakech jeans come in a 36" leg and I found them at TK Maxx for £40 in a solid dark indigo wash.

  4. Out of all the jeans you featured I like the ones you bought best (great colour and love the pockets on the front). Not sure I'll be getting out my flares yet (have got a cool pair stashed in the bottom of my wardrobe for when they come back in for definite). Funny how it takes a while to get into a trend ... never thought I'd wear skinnies but have a fair few pairs. Wish I could find the perfect pair of boyfriends. I'm only 5 foot and have a small waist but muscly legs so jeans buying is a nightmare most of the time.

    On another note, I remember you writing about the Zoe Karssen bat t-shirts. I bought one in TK Maxx yesterday for only £16.99 (they are still £58 on ASOS) so it may be worth a look if you were still after one. The fabric is lovely and soft and the fit is lovely.

  5. They look fab on you. As much as I love my skinnies, I'd actually be quite happy if a version of the bootleg came back into fashion. Even for someone of my height, the leg lengthening illusion is just brilliant!

  6. Oh nice jeans! Remind me of some Chloe ones I obsessed over before, but could never justify. Looking forward to seeing how you style them.

  7. Yes, also love a skinny flare - don't think it matters if they're not in, when they're this flattering, who cares! I've got an ancient TS Kate Moss pair that I pull out every so often - about to go and hunt them out now! The grey bag in the J Brand pic is stunning - is that a mini version of your Chloe? Really struggling with 3 items a month - have decided I need LOTS for summer (mainly short sleeved tops, harems, light wash skinny boyfriends, daywear heels - the list goes on!). Glad you had a great time away.

  8. My favourite ever jeans are a pair of dark wash, high waisted skinny flares that I bought when we lived in France years ago! I always wear them when we go out as I find them ridiculously flattering on my (very!) curvy figure! X

  9. Great post, love these jeans and used to live in my J Brand Love ones and some Hudson ones - will have to get them out of their retirement! The Stella jeans looks so flattering on you.
    Abbi x

  10. I have one pair of flares that are now six years old. Not on high rotation but get them out every two or three weeks and love them. Very flattering. In winter I try for the "Charlie Girl" look with a blazer and heeled boots, and ideally a shirt underneath (tucked in).

    In summer with wedges for a slightly more 70s vibe.

    Mine are long so I need a decent heel to wear with them.

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  12. Those flares look stunning on you. For me they are a my summery jeans because they always look good with wedges. If you can get a ?comfy pair of summer wedges you are made.
    It's also a great feeling wearing a touch of designer , if you can bag it at a decent price that is

  13. Love love love my J Brand Love story jeans and have them in indigo but I only wear them in summer? Like you I think they need a good wedge heel for a full on sexy seventies look. Heads up that j brand also do a version called The doll, which I have I black which are more high waisted if that's what you prefer? I'm 5ft 2 and with my jbrands and wedges on I look at least 5ft 6 with half decent legs! Result!

  14. Bloody love a skinny flare! So pleased you bought them BUT (as with mine) you have to only wear with a heel because they are so long!

  15. They were made for you! I love skinny flares too & have some fab Levis ones which sadly won't do up post babies! They are the perfect jean for Spring/Summer & look great with wedges & a kaftan type tunic! Can't wait to see how you wear them & can't wait to see you tomorrow! Eek! xx

  16. What an nice blog post - loved it. I've not actually got that many pairs of boots etc, really struggle with comfort! Needing to add different colour to my collection, started to achieve this with boots/sandals until the change of weather - but now need to start on my Mid Waisted Kick Flare Jeans In Dark Blue Wash