You snooze, you lose.

Or more accurately, you go out drinking with the family and forget that the 20% discount at Hobbs finishes on Monday.  DARN IT.  On the upside we did have a great afternoon with sitting in the garden, eating and drinking and catching up with some relatives over from Ireland. 

But it does mean that I missed out on the coat that I had made my mind up I couldn't live without.  Well, as I'm tighter than a gnat's chuff, it means unless there is another offer or it goes in the sale then it won't be mine.  I'm very hopeful about the latter (the "going in the sales" bit, not the"it won't be mine" bit)  and as the sales do seem to get earlier and earlier each year, I'm estimating we only have a couple of weeks to wait. 

This is the one I was after. 

The Elise Coat from Hobbs £269

I live in hope as this Hobbs coat is now half price. 

Hobbs Susannah Coat was £299 now £149

And this one which is gorgeous, in black and ivory. 

Hobbs Amara Coat was £269 now £134

In the meantime though, here are some other options that I've found.  I love this shape of coat as I mentioned the other day.  For me it's the perfect alternative to a Spring blazer or jacket - which I do still like and wear.  But there is something about this shape that I have fallen in love with this season.  Perfect for over jeans, or over capri pants and a shirt/shell top for a smarter look.  Throw on over a dress and you have an instant Occasion outfit. 

And there are loads out there - especially in Print.  Makes it so easy to just layer over the top of neutral basics, which most of us have loads of in our wardrobes.  Staple jeans, plain tees, shirts or thin knit jumpers.  Even not too detailed sweatshirts in neutral colours.  Footwear, anything goes.  The perfect coat to take you through into Autumn as well - just add a huge fluffy scarf or pashmina.  (I can't believe I mentioned Autumn....)

Soaked in Luxury Coat was £105 now only £73.50 on Amazon (still £105 elsewhere!) 

And there is one of the Fenn Wright Manson Isobel Coats that I have, in a size 16 at John Lewis which was £225 and is now £95.  

I cannot recommend this highly enough.  They do come up small though, so I would say this would be best for a large sized 14 but it may be worth trying if you love it. 

Hoss Intropia Dress Coat £225

More black and white from M&S. 

Graphic Duster Coat from Autograph £99

Black and white print again, steal at Coast. 

Coast Alula Check Coat in Monochrome £150

And Spree with the Pirella Coat at By Malene Birger £379

Possibly my favourite black and white one though, from Mango. 

Premium - Houndstooth coat from Mango £119.99

More monochrome but this time with more grey.  Again, I love this one.

ASOS Lightweight Coat with quilted shoulder £65

Blue at M&S.  This does seem like a lot of money from M&S and I certainly wouldn't pay the prices for the shoes and bags from the Best of British or Made in Italy ranges but for a top notch quality coat, this is actually cheaper than the Hobbs ones.

Best Of British Cocoon coat £249

Not print this time but texture which makes it just that little bit different from a totally plain one. 

Navy Floral Embroidered Coat £70

Another navy one with the detail in the texture. 

ASOS Coat in Ornate Jacquard £85

Again on the more simple side but I love the detailing on this which elevates it from a plain coat.  

Liu Jo Long Sleeved Boucle Coat now £145 from £290

Finishing with the more random ones of the bunch.  

Pale pink check car coat from Miss Selfridge was £55 now £35

Orange Floral Jacquard Coat from River Island £75

Light Yellow Floral Print Coat from River Island £95  I have featured this one before but I simply adore it. 

Black Daisy Print Open Front Coat £75

So there we have the Coat Collection.  Thoughts?  I have three now - the leopard print one, the green Zara knitted one and the navy H&M one which was the bargain of the bunch at £20 on the sale rail last year.  They are so useful and I think I could definitely justify the check one (at half price though, pretty please.....) 

Outfit from yesterday. 


Cream oversized silk shirt - Zara
Faded straight leg jeans turned up - Zara
Pearly King & Queen jacket - Phase Eight
Black Delphine shoes - NW3 by Hobbs
Stone cluster necklace - Anthropologie
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

See you tomorrow hopefully! 

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20 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat,
    Hobbs almost always discount eventually. I've watched plenty of things drop in price to realise it's not worth paying full price for any of their stuff. Plus even if something is put in the sale and then sells out, it's usually restocked again once store items are returned to their warehouse and put back for sale online. Patience and a bit of stealth will get you it in the end.
    Loving the blog as ever!

    1. So so so true. I was eyeing up the Delphine shoes & within a week I'd found a discount code! I'm sure it will be in their sale shortly. I shall stay firm...

  2. My hands down favorite is the houndstooth coat, love the shape and drape of it. Plus, everything matches with black and white.

    1. IT's gorgeous isn't it but I really wanted it in navy - I guess as my leopard one I think goes with all things black. Am just obsessed with the check!

  3. I love your pearly king and queen jacket. And it looks a treat in the sunshine yesterday. I think you did the right thing to wait for the sales. I am certain you will nab your coat at a better price. I haven't tried a coat and jeans look before. I always tend to go for a jacket. Definitively food for thought especially around sale time. By the way when I was in my local Hobbs recently they said they would honour a discount code even though I didn't have the voucher so it might be worth asking if you are determined to have the coat now.

    1. That's interesting but you're right, I'm going to hold fire and wait for the sale now I think. That jacket has just been THE best buy x

  4. Absolutely adore your outfit. Love everything about it and the shoes really set it off! Flats! Who'd have thought it! Mango update - still no sodding clothes! E-mailed today and not even had a reply from them! Beyond annoyed now!!! xx

    1. Thank you - and yes, how how how great are the shoes?! Love them. STILL nada here -STILL "being prepared" Crock of shit.

  5. "Tighter than a gnat's chuff"!!!!! Love it, my new favourite phrase which I intend to pilfer & use frequently, lol!! X

  6. Ooooh, so many gorgeous coats. I love this style and also have three - but there's always room for more! Hang on in there and I bet you'll get your Hobbs coat at half price. Love, love, love your jacket by the way x

    1. It's such an easy style to wear, isn't it? And yes, I shall hold strong for the sale xx

  7. Had you posted this earlier when it was short-sleeve weather, I would have guffawed at the thought of buying a coat. Fast forward a few hours and it's tipping it have my undivided attention. I really like the houndstooth one, it's actually quite a subtle 'smudgy' pattern isn't it. Oh and being partial to navy, love the texture in the ASOS one. Your outfit is bloody gorgeous too x

    1. Thanks love! Yes a coat is probably always necessary in this rubbish weather here xx

  8. Every time I see the Pearly King & Queen jacket I wish I had one! Also fell for the Mango Textured Trim Jacket you had a couple of blogs ago - the black one (having ordered and sent back the quilted paisley one) but sods law they sold out and it can be found precisely nowhere!! I would love a blog on similarly casual but going out jackets (that may not make sense!) - what I mean is not a blazer but can be worn with skinnies/heels and a simple top but you don't have to take it off indoors and it makes it look like you've made an effort! Just a thought. Love the outfit from yesterday & love the blog (despite the fact it is making spend money I clearly don't have!!)...

  9. Nice coats, but with the exception of one, they're a bit shapeless. Which is fine, if you're tall and slim, but not so fine if you're short and not size 10... A boxy jacket can make you look like Edina from Ab Fab, so not a good look....

  10. The Mango houndstooth is stunning - I won't get to wear a coat now till November booo!! :(

  11. Not meant to be, hold off, you are meant to get it even cheaper! x

  12. The Run DMC t-shirt you wanted is in the New Look sale or have you already got it?

  13. Love the ASOS lightweight one with the black trim! I'd love a brighter one too! Your Pearly Queen jacket is just epic & looks fab on you! Ax