Let's do a Barry number

So clearly it has to be either Copacobana or Bermuda Triangle and as I ain't shaking my tassels for anyone at the grand old age of 41, I'm plumping for the latter. 

And we can all blame JCrew, yet again, for today's blog - we're talking Bermuda Shorts. 

See here is where I actually think fashion has gone nuts.  Or, to be more precise, is there any such thing as fashion anymore?  In fashion?  Because as far as I can work out pretty much anything goes.  

Can I please make it clear that I am absolutely no expert.  I am merely trying to navigate the minefield of what is appropriate for someone in their 40's to wear these days.  And whilst we've already established, the main curve balls are those thrown by the mutton and the frump brigade - other than that, it pretty much does seem to be a free for all and all down to personal preference, taste, boob size and leg length.  What suits, what fits and what one can afford. 

Correct me if I'm wrong but you can buy from the main fashion outlets on the high street:-

  • Pencil Skirts
  • Maxi Skirts
  • Mini Skirts - flare, A Line, Skater or straight
  • Skinny trousers
  • Cropped trousers
  • Cigarette trousers
  • Palazzo pants
  • Culottes
  • Boyfriend Jeans
  • Kick Flare Jeans
  • Straight leg Jeans
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Tapered Mom Jeans
  • Short shorts 
And now we have Bermuda Shorts.  For normal people.  Not only for those a) working on Cruise Ships b) those going on Safari or c) those holidaying in Florida at the age of 70.

I will admit to not having come across any pedal pushers but I fear it is only a matter of time. And I probably haven't really looked hard enough either. 

But in the meantime, these offer another great option for those who don't like short shorts and struggle with skirts.  The great thing about them is that you can wear them with the same tops that you wore with jeans.  Certainly one of the biggest complaints that I have proffered to me about skirts is "what tops can I wear?"  And yes, it is difficult for sure - especially for casual dress.  However with what are essentially shorter versions of your jeans (not wanting to point out the blindingly obvious), you can still wear all your old tops and jackets that serve you well.  My kind of new garment shopping.

Starting with the ones that opened my eyes -  the rather fantastic JCrew numbers. 

And it appears that when JCrew say jump, I say how high?  It's gone beyond my Jenna obsession, haven't seen her in forever.  It's something about their emails, I am a marketing dream come true for them.  

Now I could ponder this and be bashful and could be more embarrassed about the fact I am being a total, spineless, fashion sheep but So. What.   Actually I'd ditch the scarf.  There.  Individuality restored (she says without a hint of sarcasm) 

I'm going with - if it works, then who cares?  

Denim Bermuda Short in Silverlake Wash £85 (and for the record, I wouldn't wear this shirt with them... am feeling better already) 


Also love them in the white. 

However fear not, you needn't spend that much.

Because clearly I'm very late to the party as they're everywhere.   Yup, everywhere, in all sorts of guises (well as much as there can be variation in shorts, to be fair) 

But starting with longer shorts of the denim variety. 

River Island has some great ones.  These for example would do the job very well indeed. 

Longer also at FCUK

Looser at Mango 

They also look great rolled up but still with that bit of length 

Now M&S are into these in a big way.  I've deduced that they call them Roma Rise.  I have absolutely no idea if a) that is correct or b) if it is, where the name has come from but either way they are big fans. 

Starting with denim. (but if you search for Roma Rise on their site chances are it won't work as it's still not the best, however if it does, you will be rewarded with a plethora of bermudas, from chino style to coloured denim)

Roma Rise Denim Shorts £25 in white I thought were the best.

Bargain of the day has to be these from M&S.

Moving onto smarter bermudas which, to be honest, I think M&S have done really well. 

Clearly City Shorts have a much more corporate ring than Bermuda but whatever they're called, these are one of the best versions I've seen. 

In black and stone - M&S Cropped Tailored Fit Shorts £25  These look to be ever so slightly longer than the ones above.

These from Mango still have a casual edge to them in a chambray style tencel fabric.  I don't think that these have to be worn with a smart shirt though, I quite like the idea of mixing it up with a casual tee and a blazer.  Obligatory Birkies?  Yum.

Also available in Stone and Navy again £19.99 including belt

Also available in black at Whistles for a rather more £125 - but these are bound to be much better quality and would serve perfectly as work wear as well as for nights out.

And how they looked dressed down - gorgeous and definitely worth the money I would say if this is the look you're after.

Print City Shorts from NW3 by Hobbs - fab with a white shirt and black blazer. 

Cream NW3 Botanical City Short £89

Every day ones here in linen from M&S 

And the other side of the coin - super casual.  The shorts equivalent of our cargo pants and drawstring trousers.  Guess how much I love these?

And finally finishing with my usual ringer - print shorts which sneak under my Bermuda Shorts umbrella - they're definitely longer than normal shorts.  These would work so well with any colour tee - smart or casual.  Lovely cream, black, navy or blush blouse tucked in and flats or heels for a night out.  

More Print shorts at NW3 by Hobbs in a much girlier, pastel print to my mind.  These would look fab with a pink blazer over them and a white tee.

Blue NW3 Pioneer Shorts £69

So what do we think?  I'm going to go either tomorrow or Thursday and see if I can try some on.   I did attempt to cut some jeans off last year to replicate the look (I am so ahead of my time clearly) but they were too skinny and basically I had rolls of leg when I sat down and the end of the jeans cut into my thigh.  Not my best look to be fair. 

Speaking of thighs, you must be beyond over seeing mine but I am clearly obsessed with getting them out now (something I genuinely thought I'd never say)  I reckon I have a totally legitimate reason for investing in another skirt... 


Leopard Print Sweatshirt - Zara
Leather A line skirt - Zara
Black ponyskin skater shoes - Next 

See you tomorrow!  Fear not, I think that it may be time to clad the legs in trousers - I think that rain is on the way.  And I need to be packing for Ireland.  I think I can probably leave the suncreams and the bikinis at home..... In the meantime I'm off to salivate over the JCrew website and imagine myself in a world of Jenna.

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31 comentarios:

  1. Oh I remember pedal pushers.... I like them teamed with a kaftan for a chilled look.

    1. I think it works if they're fitted just below the knee but pedal pushers knickerbocker style that my mum "made" for me? Nah. On no level! But yes, basically super cropped jeans, they can look gorgeous. x

  2. Pack wellies, brollies and rain gear :( The sun has disappeared and it's like Monsoon season here. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news !

    1. Bugger.

      There is a big sun on my iphone for Sunday. I have high hopes....

  3. LOVE the outfit today Kat - gorgeous colors on you! I have the Mango denim bermudas and the tencel shorts - totally fab - both of them - can't go wrong with Mango these days! xx

    1. Thank you - have to say I am loving these shades. Perfect with black. Mango are on a roll for sure! (even though my Entire order is going back. GAH!)

  4. Great outfit today Kat and I love the selection of denim shorts, saw the j crew email and liked the look of those ones, but not the price, wouldn't wear them enough as we don't get the nice weather as often as you here in Ireland. It's not that bad though, I'm on maternity leave and out walking every day in the sun, even have a light tan, it's mixed though, prepare for every weather, I got caught in a serious shower today...although on holiday I'd see that as a good reason to head to the pub.

    1. I've been countless times over the years & I can honestly only remember once it being warm warm. Obviously it was one of the times I was pregnant... ha ha ha! I've worked out I'm taking mostly sweatshirts & jeans.... couple of skirts just in case! Worst comes to the worst I'll have to buy a top!

    2. Any excuse to shop. Where are you heading? Not everywhere has the abundance of shops you do. I'd bring some tops, it's another lovely afternoon here today, I'm sitting in a park with a book, cappuccino and two sleeping babies enjoying the sun.

  5. I have a black and a white pair of long shorts (can you say that!) from Matalan I bought yonks ago after watching far too many old episodes of Housewifes of Orange County! Now where are they!.......Mel x

    1. I think you can say long shorts, definitely! That sounds like exactly the sort of thing I'd do for sure!

    2. Found them!...but I look like Jimmy Kranky!! :/

  6. You must have read my mind - I'm off to London shopping on Friday, and my main target is a pair of mid-thigh length shorts! I tried the home-made route too once, beyond tragic...

    1. It's hilariously awful, isn't it? HOW??! Good luck - I'd also have a look at Banana Republic & Massimo Dutti - has just occurred to me they may do some too. xx

  7. Love reading your posts. Being nosey but wondered why you had returned your mango order had a few things you had recently mentioned on my wish list and thought maybe the items had not been so good in real life

    1. Oh no, you're more than welcome to ask (and thank you!). I ordered a maxi dress which was MASSIVE (I will blog about them next week - they're not in store yet), a striped dress which was too big as well (am going to see if I can find it in a smaller size tomorrow), denim dress which I realised I wasn't going to wear (tho I may try it on again to be fair......) and the black and white shirt which I LOVE but can't justify keeping - I have other things on my wish list which take precedent. It's highly recommended though for sure. Anything you were after from that list? Hope that helps x

    2. Thank you for your reply, was going to try the striped dress length as I am 5'9 and hate anything too short. I was going to try in a size small am about a 10-12 but the last few things I have bought from Mango have been very large.

  8. I must have more of a clue than I thought! I just bought a pair of long denim shorts from Next. Live them! Done great selections here. Lynne x

  9. First things first: I absolutely love your blog. I have discovered it just a few weeks ago and follow it daily. Great inspiration! So: Thank you. (I am 43 this year, yikes!).

    Re bermudas: I bought some at GAP, rolled up ones, one in olive, one jeans. I will wear them with a casual, rolled up shirt and a statement necklace or a bracelet, sandals or chucks. I love the Tencel baggy short by Mango, haven't seen them in the shops though last weekend but might have a look again.

    I completely agree that it is super difficult to find a skirt these days. Most are too short, too long or simply not flattering. And what to wear with them??? I just bough the STARA skirt from reiss which is very flattering indeed and has a lovely pattern. I am still looking for a top to wear them with, might just wear a navy shirt with it and some wedges. Not sure...Anyways, thanks of all the great ideas you cover in your post :-)) (PS: I am jealous of the big fat sun who see in your iphone...rain forecasted for London...)

    1. I forgot to mention: GAP does those shorts in a lot of different colors, grey, navy etc....

    2. What a lovely lovely comment, thank you SO much. It's just so lovely to be able to share my obsession with all things fashion with people who love to chat back! I have found another floral skirt which looks ace which I shall be putting up tomorrow.

      Oh and for the record - the big fat sun is accompanied by a big fat 14 degrees. I shan't be packing any bikinis.....!!

  10. Hi Kat- love your blog read it everyday! Loving the Zara skirt in the photo seen one similar on Baujken but expensive! I live in Belfast so sorry to bear the bad news but pls pack some warm layers & a brolly! Honestly been 'teaming' down here for 5 days non stop!! Pls bring some sun over my limbs are now a whiter shade of pale.... x

    1. Thank you! Yes, the Baukjen one looks great as well - I'm loving the idea of the gold but it's still too expensive even in the sale! I am packing lots of sweatshirts and not holding my breath. Nothing new there! We go back a lot & I can count on one hand the amount of times we've had good weather..... The sun is disappearing here as well I think.

  11. I want your leather skirt from Zara, that caramel color is lovely.

    Bermuda shorts, especially in denim, are a no-go for this short legged gal. I like a 3 to 4 inch inseam for my shorts.

    1. I love it so so much - was a total bargain as well. You can wear usual shorts and they'll look like bermudas! Lucky you. xx

  12. Great blog - like the M&S linen easy care beach shorts - bought a pair of khaki ones in Dotty P's yesterday with elasticated waist and drawstrings - fit perfectly. Loving your outfit - the skirt is fab.

    1. They sound perfect. I'm loving the idea of casual shorts to take the place of drawstring trews, for sure. And thank you - I have to say, the skirt thing is a total revelation! xx

  13. Hi love. There are loads of maxi dresses around - in fact so many I must do another blog on them. I definitely think they're still worn, for sure - they're so so so uesful to so many people who don't like getting their legs out. The GP dress - how long is it? I've ordered (sssshhh) the Vila one from ASOS as I love the idea of the black and white but I'm not holding my breath for £25!! Camping isn't that bad - you need LOTS of warm things. Are you in a tent? WOW!

  14. Fantastic post. I got the JCrew Oui Mon Cheri sweatshirt and it's so soft and comfortable to wear. I've just turned 49 so my teenage daughter isn't impressed but I love it! I also got the dressier M&S white shorts, they're gorgeous on. Happy shopping! It's raining in Ireland now so no shorts required! Have a great holiday. Linda

  15. Such a different look for you - get those legs out more!