Throw it all in.

... we're talking bags again.  Now this isn't something I need *punches air* but it is something that I find infinitely useful.  Plus I keep seeing loads of gorgeous ones around that I absolutely can't justify buying - so I am hoping that someone else is in need and can do some vicarious shopping for me. 

These are particularly handy at this time of year.  A Tote bag for throwing everything in, when the children are on holiday and you're going out for the day.  Now I didn't bring one with me and boy do I wish I had.  Trying to shove jumpers, drinks and the various stuffed animal that one of them insists on bringing, into my Prada bag is making my eyes water, to put it mildly.  They truly come into their own for travelling and when you're out an about on hols.

Mine is the tan Zara tote from years ago that everyone had which really has served me well to be fair although I did think the leather might soften, but no, it's still as stiff as the day I bought it.  Which is fine as, to be honest, it does make it easier to find stuff in.  But I can't roll it up to squeeze into a suitcase and I certainly prefer the look of the slouchier versions.

I also use it when not on holiday - mine gets used weekly when I'm taking the boys to football and all the kids to swimming.  It holds my laptop, a selection of snacks and drinks as well as the obligatory Kindle Fires to occupy the extra small child who isn't participating (there's always one spare one hanging around).  

These are good enough to use as a handbag as opposed to being an extra bag that you have to schlepp around.  And there happens to be a Price Match thingymajig at John Lewis so some of these are bargains. 

Although I'm going to start with my favourite which I have seen numerous times at Banana Republic and drool a little bit over ever time I go passed it.  If you haven't subscribed to BR before, you can sign up for their emails and get 15% off (or just use another email address - I'm sure that's not "allowed" but honestly, who wouldn't?!)

The Ashbury Tote - in python gold £79 for leather

Or white perforated version 

Though I may prefer the black £79 leather

Another black version although not in leather but a bargain from Mango with 30% off - now £17.49

Now this is a slightly different shape but I am loving the Dior look to this.   Although they call this a tote, I'm not entirely sure how big it is.... *covers arse*

Mango Quilted Tote £24.49 after 30% off 

John Lewis going bonkers with their Price Match and have 25% off at Warehouse 

Love love love this - would work with all your summer shoes and is easily gorgeous enough to use regularly as a handbag. 

Warehouse Colour Block Wide base handbag £30

Another beige version is available from White Stuff - love the pale shade of this and the shape - certainly looks leather. 

White Stuff Camille Shopper handbag in neutral £32.50

Navy grainy tote bag at John Lewis (not leather)   Yet again, the navy bag proves elusive to track down.

Slightly more expensive but this time in leather and having seen these in real life, I can confirm these are absolutely gorgeous.  The code AD199 will hopefully give you 20% off. 

Tall Leather Tote in Frost Grey from The White Company £155 

A silver version is also available from Jigsaw.  Actually I've changed my mind and I think I prefer these to the Banana Republic ones.   l love the slightly aged looked to them.

Ellie Tote Bag £129

Tan £129

Having said that, this Bottega Veneta inspired bag from FCUK has made me stop and have a feel every time I've seen it instore this season.   Currently with 20% off. 

FCUK Vita Tote bag in Kitten now £76

More leather from M&S - these are truly great and in a selection of slightly different colours. 

Leather Zip Hobo Bag form M&S £89 in red 

Also in white which is lovely for the summer £89

Orange from Autograph at M&S and this is absolutely stunning with a tiny nod to the designer Sophie Hulme for sure. 

Leather Shopper bag in burnt orange £129

Also two tone at M&S - a real classic look in a leather shopper.  Very Ralph Lauren to me. 

Leather Shopper Bag £89

But value wise, this leather tote from Collection WEEKEND Morgan bag by John Lewis gets my vote for £69 in tan.

Love the pink colour 

Also available in turquoise 

Or a classic black that would work all year round 

Finishing with my outfit from yesterday - a great day out shopping with my mil and the 9year old who totally cleaned up on various things, courtesy of her nanny.  I, on the other hand, was totally shocked at the mark up here in Ireland on the conversion from pounds to euro.  Really really unjust.  And so I bought nothing.  Coming home from holiday with my one Zoe Karssen bargain tee-shirt. 


Navy and white top - Whistles
Real Straight distressed jeans turned up - Gap
Boiled wool coat - Zara
Black oversized buckle sandals - Zara
Tan bag - Prada

We're on our way home later today so hopefully catch up with you tomorrow.  We've had the most fantastic week and are very upset to be leaving, truth be told.  Big party tomorrow night though, that we are hugely looking forward to but what to wear.....?!  Fake tantastic mode is a must with a trip to the hairdressers in the afternoon will hopefully make the whole process a little easier.  I've a feeling it may be the DVF dress (as I only then need to put fake tan on my legs and not my arms - my laziness truly knows no bounds).

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17 comentarios:

  1. Love the tote bags - luckily I bought a brown leather one with snakeskin in the Jones sale in January and its so soft and perfect to hold all my bits. Wouldn't mind a silvery or white one for the summer hols though. Glad you enjoyed your hols - all refreshed for your party. Have fun.

    1. The silver or white ones would be ace for holiday, definitely. Perfect as a plane bag or a beach bag. And yes, I am SO looking forward to tonight!

  2. The red zippy M&S bag is a beaut!! X

    1. They really are amazing - even better in real life. x

  3. Thanks for the M and S jumpsuit tip. Am so pleased with it, I buy quite a bit of dvf for work, and this could genuinely be passed off as that. I'm sort so was bit worried about wide leg, but it's great. Best 30 quid I've spent for ages !!

    1. oh excellent! Yes, it's really gorgeous fabric isn't it? You would never ever know it's M&S. Pretty much identical to the DVF one! x

  4. Loving all those bags! UK -> Euro markups are a total disgrace, which is why I buy online as often as possible.
    So happy you all had a lovely holiday here, keep blogging!

    1. yes it's so so so unfair. We had a lovely time thank you - so lovely for The Husband to go home and see everyone!

  5. I also got one of the zk tee-shirts in tk maxx last week. I was beyond excited!!!! nipping back there at the weekend to see what else I can unearth. glad you enjoyed your holiday here(in ireland) and I agree, the conversion rate here is nuts.

    1. oh excellent! Yes, we had a lovely time, thank you but the conversion rate is beyond crappy x

  6. I got a total bargain in TK Maxx last week - denim shortalls (or short dungarees as they used to be called!) by Current Elliott - £300 down to £60! Supposedly a size 4, but fit my size 10-12 arse a treat.

    1. Bargain! I love it when a plan comes together xx

  7. Love the idea if a catch all, but really need one that can handle the beach so waterproof would be best. Any ideas?? My friend has a laminated? Boden bag from years ago that can survive anything and looks fabulous but they seem to be very elusive like the rocking horse poo.

    1. Have you looked at the Longchamp Le Pliage totes? Come in all different sizes and colours, fold flat, waterproof, machine washable and pretty much indestructible! I find them a holiday must with 3 kids.

    2. Spooky, I just gave my 9yr old my old pink one that I must have had for 15 years! (it's seen better days but she loves it...) Yes, they're great, really great and it was a life saver when we used to go away when she was tiny. I currently have a Longchamp accessories pouch that comes with me everywhere when I change handbags - it's great quality stuff - blogged on them last year when I was doing beach bags - I'll cover them again shortly xx

    3. Thank you for both replies!! I'll look forward to your next beach bag blog and go check out the longchamp bag.

  8. My handbags need some attention & a tote has been on my wishlist for a while! I have a great striped canvas one but a leather one would be grand! Love the John Lewis Morgan! So glad you guys n dolls had such a great time! You've had better weather than us! Ax