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Always a pleasure, never a chore.  At least until I have to make a decision on one, then it all goes a little bit wrong.  Although at the end of the day it really is more of a luxury than a total necessity.  I do have a number of dresses that I could wear for sure this Spring/Summer and wear them I will.  But I now have about six Special Occasions, which, yes I could wear any of the dresses.  However, seeing as I had such a successful dress wearing season last year, I am hoping to be able to wear my old dresses during the day, lunch, evenings out - not Special Occasions.  For that, I reckon I can justify a new one.  Just one.  

As I mentioned the other day, I do not need new heels.  I have heels a plenty and I would rather make sure that I get a dress that fits a pair of shoes that I already have, as opposed to having to purchase another new pair (yes I did write that, my account hasn't been hacked) 

However the other factor and I KNOW I chunder on about this constantly but I want to get my money's worth out of this dress.  So yes, dress up, dress down is an absolute must.  Have to be able to wear for a lunch (admittedly a posh lunch as opposed to a McD's trip) and with heels for a party in the evening.  I will draw the line at Black Tie. 

Let's get going - I need to go through my old dress blogs and see what is a) still in stock and b) what I still like (yes I change my mind as often as I change my underwear in case you hadn't noticed by now) 

I will confess, starting with & Other Stories, that every time I've been in, I haven't been overly impressed with the quality of some of their products but I definitely plan on trying this when it's in stock.  Love the shape, love the print and handily I have located a "vintage" (ie 12 years old) pair of fuchsia stiletto courts from Zara in the loft.  Even if I buy this so I can wear them, it would be worth it, no?  Fingers crossed it's not totally pants fabric. 

Viscose Dress in grey colourway £45 from & Other Stories 

Spicetree Dress from Anthropologie £238   I found this the other day and put it on this post.  I'm not entirely sure I have any idea why now.  I think it reminded me of something, it definitely reminded me of something and I liked it, but hell knows what or why.  I wouldn't wear it with the necklace personally.

Mustard Mary Portas Twist Dress now £69.30 was £99  I love this colour - adore it with navy and simply love it with the red (and I don't even like red).  Super flattering style. 

Staying with plain - just add as much or as little embellishment as you want with this gorgeous dress that I have picked up time and time again in Jigsaw. 

Jigsaw Summer Rice Dress in Slate Blue £129  It really is the most beautiful fabric.  A lovely drape but slightly dressier than a usual jersey, I would think due to the silk content in it.  But hand wash, thanking you kindly. 

Now it's not a dress and to be honest I would really have to see how short it is as I am slightly scared of heels and shorts at the age of 41, if I'm frank.  But if they are not arse skimming and longer like they look in this photo, then I am loving this as an option for a dressy night out.  And during the day, on warmer days, how fabulous with flat sandals. 

AND all the dresses from Baukjen currently have 30% off with the code DRS3 (this does include playsuits and jumpsuits)  This is for 24 hours only so GO FORTH and buy now if you're thinking of a dress.  Free delivery and free returns so you've nothing to lose.

Baukjen Mia Jersey Playsuit in caviar black £95

Also loving the print dresses from Baukjen which again would look as great with heels as they would with flats for during the day.  

Don't forget these all have 30% off at the moment.

Malta Pink Snake Print Dress £129

Which also comes in blue £129 before discount 

Another snake print dress is the Venice Silk Dress £189  I actually think this would work really well with ankle boots as well.  Strappy sandals for the evening or nude killer courts.

However my favourite dresses which I have become totally obsessed with are the DVF Reina dresses.  

They're not cheap.  They are absolutely not.  But they are amazing quality, you can handwash them (I have a DVF Silk jersey one which I do) which makes them the easiest dresses for every day wear as well as special occasions.  I have one from 5 years ago that I still wear regularly. 

If a dress has super versatility then sometimes it's worth considering what one dress would cost that works for 4 occasions as opposed to buying 4 separate dresses.  (and if you still need further justification, just ask)

Reina dress navy with a cream blossom print £268

Reina Dress £292

But my ultimate fave has to be this Reina which is a scary £327 (ouch) 

And on that note, I should fess up and say, guess what I'm doing tomorrow.... Girlie trip to Bicester.  OVERNIGHT!   Woohooooo.  Which means there may be a glass or two of vino may be consumed at lunchtime which will mean the potential of tipsy shopping tomorrow afternoon.  Deadly, or what?  I shall be updating on Twitter if anyone is interested. 

Still lots of dress research to do - this is the tip of the dress iceberg of that I'm sure.  Anyone seen any that they can't live without on their travels? 

Finishing with outfits from the last couple of days. 


Blush Vest - By Malene Birger
Off white jumper - Zara (which has a hole in it - ARRGGHH) 
Boyfriend jeans - Hush
Black ponyskin skater shoes - Next
Scarf - Markus Lupfer at Whistles
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

And yesterday - had my hair done by the lovely Daniel Jordan as I was compering a Fashion Show as a favour for some lovely friends who were raising money for their school.   Don't have a pic of last night (FOOL) but I did wear my jumpsuit -  a totally identical outfit from the other night. 

But this was my outfit from during the day. 


Navy linen tee - Zara
Saxby boyfriend jeans - ASOS
Boucle jacket - Zara
Leopard print skater shoes - Next 

And today - slightly hungover, even though I managed to go to the gym and then stuffed my face at lunchtime with some friends.  Got nailed in the rain as well.  Poo.


White bib collar - Cos
Lilac jumper - ASOS Men's
Straight leg distressed jeans - Zara
Leopard print ankle boots - M&S
Whisky Medium Marcie satchel - Chloe
Trench Coat - Banana Republic. 

So Road Trip tomorrow - just too too excited.  This does, of course, mean that I will find absolutely nada that I want (I'm not even going to mention Need).  The only thing officially on my shopping list is a Dress.  Which means I'm going to come home with a new bag and some boots.  Must.  Be.  Strong..... Anyone care to take bets on what I buy?!

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9 comentarios:

  1. Your posts always make me laugh! Very well written, loving the use of "need"! Where are your sunnies from in the pic with the scarf, I like them. Cheers! Jo

  2. What about some longer dresses? I am 6' and no way am I wearing those little minis! I had a wedding to go to recently, could I find an attractive dress below the knee? No I could not. Tried LongTallSally, nope. I even looked at shortening a maxi but they mostly seem to be all ruched and flouncy and definitely not me. I even tried mail order (Artigiano) a shirtdress in navy - thinking Uniqlo Ines de le Fressange-ish, the "waist" was right under my boobs, absolutely dire!

  3. Like lots of these - the Baukjen, DVF and the Jigsaw ones - so thank you. Think Jigsaw is another one of those shops having a renaissance at the moment. Love your blogs and so pleased you are writing them so regularly.

  4. How gorgeous is the & Other Stories dress?? Love it.....such a fab print and lovely colours!! I am totally envious of your Bicester trip too!! Have fun!! xx

  5. Also envious of your Bicester trip! Will be watching all your dress posts carefully this summer. I will have a wedding to go to next April (!) but thinking of buying the dress this year to avoid a mad panic next March when I'm sure to find nothing. April though, it's as likely to be snowing as sunny. Any tips for occasion dressing in the spring?!!

  6. Love your financial justifications post and how on earth are you going to navigate Bicester half cut??!!! Could be messy - I'm predicting a Burberry splurge! love the yellow portas dress but sods law, it's sold out in 8. Have a fab trip x

  7. Hi! I sent you an email about your newsletter to your gmail address...did you receive it? Hope you're enjoying your time in Bicester and shopping up large...I mean after all, the clothes are all discounted, right?! ;-)

  8. After my last bet on you (bombers v birks) I'm not going there again! ;) Girlie trip to Bicester sounds just perfect! Can't wait to hear all! Your Whistles scarf is so gorgeous! Ax