It would be rude not to

Of course that would be have a tiny squiz at, yes another 30% discount day at Mango.  Last time I did manage to do a huge order and sent it all back as it was all wrong sizing.  My recommendation would be to size down.  Things seem to be coming up exceptionally large this season in Mango - especially in dresses and tops.   I've been asked a number of times if I have my eye on anything and well.... what do you think?  Just a couple of titchy items *may* have caught my eye...

All prices are BEFORE the 30% off.  And the code to use is 5SHOPMAY  To use by midnight tonight.... I wouldn't recommend leaving it till the last minute as I did last time as that may result in you ordering the same thing three times.  Gifted I am, gifted (not sure the wine helped... clutching at straws....) 

Starting with something I absolutely don't need but love all the same - the oversized folded clutch.  Now I have mentioned previously that the issue with large clutches is that there is the risk you can look like you're carrying your laptop round with you.  Which is fine if you are, but I'm not sure how many of us do on a night out.... 

This folded clutch eliminates all laptop case comparisons. £29.99

Royal Blue snakeskin... Love this - would totally transform a plain outfit. 

Classic black 

If I didn't have a snakeskin clutch already I would definitely be buying this. 

Still looking for culottes here.... these have pockets - what more can I say?  These are definitely being ordered.  I would have worn these today with a tee and sandals.  (oh and by the way, I have looked for their skater shoes but they are totally sold out.  Looks like they've been more popular than anyone anticipated)

Culottes in black £39.99

To go with them, or over a white leather skirt (still toying with whether to keep the Wallis one or hang out for the M&S silver one which is coming later in the season... and there MUST be a 20% off M&S discount again soon?  Wishful thinking?), or any skirt to be fair.  Jeans, skinny or of any variety - a totally useful little top (I have the same in black from a couple of years ago and wear it ever year) for work, play or the supermarket. 

Ponte top in off white £17.99

Now the one thing, even though we did have good weather when I was away, that I would have made pretty good use of, was a leather jacket.  I know, yawn, yawn, I have covered this more times than I care to remember and top of my list is still the All Saints Cargo jacket for sure, but I have to say, it would be remiss not to check these out at 30% off.  I think these, with my new found love of logo tees or other little tops, as well as straight leg or boyfriend jeans, plus fugly sandals - hey ho, new look, here we come. 

Leather BIker Jacket £169.99 I live in hope of this looking Rick Owens-esque.

This is a beautifully grown up version of a biker jacket and with 30% off is pretty much the same price as a pleather one.  I may have to try this as well. 

Leather Biker Jacket £119.99

If you think black is too harsh for the Summer then this in a tan is stunning. 

Quilted Panel Leather Jacket £139

I was saving these for another blog but since we're talking a pretty amazing 30% off, I'm going to give you a sneak preview of them. 

We're back to matchy matchy.  And with another print that I am totally in love with.  On the bonus side, it's a fraction of the JCrew prices and these are even before the 30% off. 

May I introduce you to, Mango's Palm Print

It comes in both a blue and a red (blush and terracotta according to them though) colourway - different things in the different colours but you can make an outfit from them. 

The reason I love co-ords like this is that they are so versatile.  To state the obvious, they can be worn as a set and they can be worn as separates - ta da!  These make for great packing - so many different options from taking just a few items of clothing with you.  And you get so much more wear out of them making them excellent value, cost per wear.  They can become the workhorses of your wardrobe - and I LOVE things like that.  

Starting with shorts - I promise you I am going to do a try on of shorts this week hopefully (eek - you have been warned....).  But I've seen these instore and they look fab. 

Palm-print shorts in blush £19.99

Which would look great with a cream, black or blush top.  Alternatively there is the matching vest. 

Palm Linen top - £19.99

Or a short sleeve top - I think this is probably on the shorter side - ideal if you're not too tall or you want to wear with something high waisted, but I would worry personally about exposing a muffin if I were to wear it with the matching shorts.  The vest would be my choice with a black blazer and my black sandals.  Gorgeous. 

Palm Linen top - £19.99

The red version, they call terracotta - trousers first.

Palm-print baggy trousers in terracotta £34.99

To make this into a jumpsuit, they have a shirt. 

Palm Print Shirt £34.99

Or two different versions of a sleeveless top - the vest for £19.99

Or the chiffon top which they also do in blue as well £19.99

Or course there are options in the stunning print, just in a dress or jumpsuit version. 

Palm Print Dress in blush £34.99

Gorgeous jumpsuit for £39.99

Or a great day dress, perfect for finer days in this country and just ideal to roll up in your suitcase for holiday - stunning in the day with flat sandals but just throw on some strappy sandals for the evening. 

Palm Print dress in Terracotta £34.99

Speaking of dresses, Mango have some stunning ones this season.  Like I mentioned at the beginning, my advice would be to size down on their dresses - all the ones I've ordered have been way way too big. 

This I just love.  Absolutely adore.  I have no idea when I would wear it - in fact I pretty much know I never would as my strapless maxi days are over....but if I was going to some gorgeous hotel with my kids in some exotic country with cocktail hour, then this with some flat sandals, hair messily tied up, tanned skin, slick of mascara and lipgloss and you'd be good to go.  I'm off to Aldeburgh.  This might not work there... (having said that - do you know what?  With a pair of Supergas and a denim jacket, I reckon you could probably get away with it..)

Flowy long dress £89.99

This again, could work with a denim jacket and sneakers for the British seaside or with delicate gold accessories for the Greek Islands. 

Pleated Long dress £59.99 in neutral  Absolutely love this - ideal for wearing with the print jackets too.... (ordered)

Or black 

Speaking of easy to wear dresses..... Perfect with a blazer and ballet pumps for a smarter look or dress down with a denim jacket and sneakers.  Or sliders ..... if you've managed to get used to them! 

Faded Print Dress £39.99

Another easy to wear print number.  This reminds me of the Whistles dresses at a fraction of the price. 

Baroque crepe Dress £34.99

Another perfect little dress me up dress me down number. 

Draped Wrap Dress £29.99

Ditto this one - I think I may have had this one on the last post actually. 

Textured Cotton Dress in dark navy £44.99

This has been Press tastic this dress - going back to all things Marant inspired....

Embellished Ethnic Dress £39.99

I will admit though that this isn't the route I'm going down this season - I love it, I really do but I just prefer it on others.  

This is far more my bag and I did order it last time but it was enormous.  Totally MASSIVE.  Size down - don't even think about trying to order your usual side - size down. 

Striped Ponte Dress £39.99

The hunt for the perfect skirt continues - I would like to give this one a go.... Love a side zip. 

Pleated Skirt in off white £59.99

And I could go on and on and on but I'm off this evening to my party and have to get ready - actually I have to feed the kids but then I will throw a dress on.  I may have to make a sneaky order before I go.  I'm definitely going to get the stripe navy dress and will probably have to add something else in to make it worthwhile..... would be rude not to try the culottes, surely?  Scratch that itch.   Don't forget to check out their linen tops, jumpers (which are ace this year - I've blogged on them previously), print jackets (ditto - amazing) and their bags which are stunning this year. 

So finishing with outfits from yesterday and a quick one from today. 

Yesterday, leaving Ireland, just as the weather started to turn.  Quick trip to Dunnes to stock up on footie kits for the 7 and 5 year olds (only one of them would even entertain the thought of an Irish kit - the other very patriotically, not, was insistent on Spain and Italy).  8 euro for a country kit - absolute bargain.


Off white linen top - Max Studio
Indigo Baxter jeans - Topshop
Bat leather shoulder sweatshirt - Zoe Karssen
Boiled wool green coat - Zara
Black oversized buckle sandals - Zara

And today - needed something loose as had (badly) applied fake tan and was off the hairdressers - hence no jewellery.  I have got browner as the afternoon has gone on....


Leaf print dress - Whistles

Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
Black oversized buckle sandals - Zara
Tan bag - Prada

Now some utter git has sent me a Selfridges 50% off email which I'm just going to have a quick look at before I throw a pizza in the oven.... (Nigella is not my middle name)  Happy shopping everyone! 

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5 comentarios:

  1. I bought that striped dress (before the discount - grr) and had to buy a S, which it turns out is an 8. Ridiculous as I'm definitely a standard 12. The Marant-esque dress on the other hand was very small on the shoulders in a M, but fine everywhere else. Sizing is all over the place. And in what world is size 12 large?

  2. Oh my! I had avoided looking as have just had a wee spree but seeing as its a new month I shall have to take a good look at Mango this month! Love the striped dress & have wanted one for a while! There was a fab one in Topshop a while back that I'm still kicking myself for not buying! Love your dress & jacket Kat! Ax

  3. Placed a little order but as a size 6 I've not got my hopes up...

  4. that last dress would look good on my girlf... is it olive green? Careful with short dresses though! me and my girlfriend were sitting in a bar and some weird guy kept staring at her legs, it went on and on, like he was high or something, all glazed! so I leaned over and shook his hand and said 'hi' and he just kept starring at her legs. she started to feel really uncomfortable with it so we decided to leave. She bundled me out of a side door cos she was seriously worried I might get the living *#@* kicked out of me!!!!

  5. I ordered the cream pleated dress - it is stunning and a great fit but I returned it as I just didn't think I'd wear it - it's quite a warm fabric for here. Love the culottes - they've been in my cart for a while but I am challenging myself to lose a few pounds before I order them;)