You may have noticed..

... that I have a new obsession that is threatening to take over.  It's logo mania chez moi.  It all started with a Leopard sweatshirt from Jaeger (which was a bargain £25 in the sale), then a Horsing Around Sweatshirt from NAP which I only managed to pay £40 for due to credit notes gifted from NAP for messing up two orders (result).  So I'd hardly been taking a huge financial risk with them - I find it can be a good idea to suck it and see when trying out a new direction in your clothes - and this one had my muttonometer potentially beeping off the scale.

But actually I've found them really easy to work into my wardrobe and the two sweatshirts appear to have been the tip of the slippery slope.  I then bought a tee from Captain Tortue (not somewhere I'd normally buy clothes but I love my tee with coated sleeves), the Bat ZK sweatshirt and recently the floodgates have opened with my new J.Crew sweatshirt and one (ok maybe two... see further down) new Zoe Karssen bargain from TK Maxx. 

I love them - they are perfect for casual dressing without feeling that you've just got a tee and jeans on.  They give that extra bit of interest that historically I would have got with a scarf or a necklace but for some reason - the older the get, the more paired down I'm getting.  Don't get me wrong, I still love both of those accessories but a change is as good as a rest and something different definitely adds a bit of life to your wardrobe.  

For me, having the extra "embellishment" (if you can call it that - we're hardly talking Cavalli style rocks here) gives that little bit of interest that negates needing anything else.  

Conversely, it may be that I've lost the plot and yes, the muttonometer is flashing like an emergency beacon above my head.  I have to say, I think in the scheme of potentially getting it wrong, this is quite a minor mistake.  And I don't personally think it is - I love them. 

So here we are with some of the best that are around.  

Staying with the linen theme from yesterday - the first two are linen - lovely drape and wash.

Paris linen tee from Mango £17.99  again a linen version. 

Mango have really come up trumps this season and I'm loving the classic Rolling Stone tee.  I never did get the Run DMC one from New Look which did in fact go into the sale.  I got my Zoe Karssen ones for the same price which I'm quite chuffed with. 

The Rolling Stones t-shirt from Mango £17.99

The city t-shirts from Mango are also quite cute especially if you have an affiliation with a certain city (so long as its Paris, London or New York..)

City t-shirts in various colours (and cities)  £14.99

Another bargain option at ASOS - now I can't say the image is particularly awe inspiring but I love the colours and think they'd look fab with a black blazer or biker jacket and charcoal jeans - or any jeans to be fair - for example. 

ASOS t-shirt with Avant Garde Print £14

A designer treat, not exactly a bargain but half price - at ASOS, a See by Chloe tee for £55 from £99

See by Chloe again, this time a flocked signature logo tee  £50 from £97

Now at John Lewis there seems to be 20% off all Whistles.  And breathe....  Their sweatshirts are amazing - I'll be honest, I think they do work much better on a more petite person as opposed to the J.Crew ones which are of bigger proportions in my experience.   

Whistles Je ne regrette rien Sweatshirt now £60

L'Ete Sweatshirt from Whistles now £60 

Of course, I will blame my demise into full on Mid Life Crisis firmly at the feet of Zoe Karssen herself, for whom I have developed a full on obsession.  Yes, I have the bat sweatshirt with leather shoulder panels in black, yes I have managed to snag a tee at TK Maxx in the UK and lo and behold if I haven't managed to snaffle another one over here in Ireland (seen in today's tee - sort of, under my jacket) 

This is the one I got for 22 euro reduced from 71.  I love the shape of it - much more fitted than the other one I got and with a scoop hem (she says justifying purchase - I have to do my tally up soon... it's not looking good.....).  Viscose as well, which I love.

If you weren't able to get any at TKMaxx and certainly they didn't have the biggest selection, then there are some gorgeous new season stock for sale. 

Now I couldn't possibly buy this as I have the black version but..... 

Bat leather-panel sweatshirt in navy £125

The bat tee has been updated against a stripe.  Love. 

Bat and striped print T-shirt from Zoe Karssen at Matches £60

Still love this tee, even in the pink again from La Karssen. 

Never Tear us Apart tee from My Wardrobe £71

However if money were no object and I'm truly giving into my full on mental breakdown, I would buy this. 

Tiger Embroidered Sweatshirt by Kenzo £188 (OUCH!) 

If you have a bit of a tiger thing going and don't want to spend a fortune then this t-shirt from FCUK has 20% off at the mo. 

French Connection Sequin Tiger print t-shirt now £24

Staying with the animal theme, love this bulldog one from Etre Cecile at Matches again. 

French Bulldog Cotton Sweatshirt £110

Finishing with my bargain of the day though from Mango - now I would myself have bet money on this being Zoe Karssen.  However for £13.99 this is cheaper even than a t-shirt from TK Maxx.

Mango Message Cotton Sweatshirt Black £13.99

So we really did bring the weather with us it seems - lesson learnt is never trust the forecast.  They honestly can't predict a week in advance (on Saturday is was allegedly going to pee it down with rain all week) although I'm certainly not complaining.  Virtually wall to wall sunshine since we've got here is certainly preferable.

Yesterday, Rock of Cashel and then lunch and bowling (the kids aren't perhaps as much into their Irish heritage as they should be....)  Another great day.  


RAD tee in black and white - Zoe Karssen
Faded turned up jeans - Zara
Boucle jacket in midnight - Zara
Black oversized buckle sandals - Zara
Tan bag - Prada 

Still not bumped into Kimye.  There's always today.....

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21 comentarios:

  1. No need to worry about looking muttonesque in your logos as you pull them off to perfection. :-)

    I must admit that I initially thought your new Zoe Karssen tee said "Rar" in a roary kind of way. I would love a roaring logo!

    I've been raiding the Zara boys t-shirt department over the last few months. They have some great logos and are only around £6-8. I'm 5ft2" and the 11 year old size fits me perfectly. The 13 year old size might be good for people who are a bit taller than me, but probably not someone lucky enough to be very statuesque.

    1. What a fab idea - I will admit my 9yr old has most of her summer stuff from Zara this year and I've been trying to shoehorn myself into more than one top and certainly the shoes... GORGEOUS x (and you're v kind, thank you xxx)

  2. Good ol' Munster.. hope ye're having a lovely time! I went to TK Maxx in Stephens Green the other day on the look out for a Z Karssen T... prompted by your good self of course! I could not face the challenge of trying to find one though! Where to start in that shop? I did ask but they looked at me with 2 heads! OH, and never trust the weather forecase, especially in Eire! Audrey :-)

    1. We are having a fab time thank you! And yes, looking for ZK in TKMaxx is the proverbial needle in a haystack, definitely. And as for asking.. well, yes, as you found out, good luck with that! We still have sunshine here, can you believe it?!! xxxx

  3. Looking lovely in the sun!! I have the yellow Mango London t-shirt for exactly the reason you mention - I like to wear it with pride here - not sure I can justify the other cities! LOVE the Mango sweatshirt too - off for a sneaky peek! xx

    1. although aren't you off to NY this weekend? Small momento?!

  4. I was opening your blog in hopes to see you in sandals - and here you are! Thank you. I tried on these Zara "birkalikes" but looked awful in them. I might go for Betula sandals - they're just like Birks but cheaper. I can't believe I'm even thinking about this, what is happening to me?
    I got some nice logo t-shirts from Mango in the beginning of this season. I agree, their linen tees are very nice.

    1. By the way, I love your look with the sandals. It just shows that we shouldn't be afraid to try strange and unusual fashion novelties, we might just like it, especially when they're so comfortable.

    2. I know they are SO not my usual bag at all but I absolutely love them Despite the fact The Husband almost throws up every time he sees me in them! x

  5. Great selection, I splashed out on the pink sleeved Zoe Karrson top when I had a code for £50 off if I spent £100. Couldn't resist that code. I love it, but it's very sheer, needs a top underneath. Lucky you with sun today, it's been miserable in Dublin today. Can't believe what you are finding in TK Maxx, will have to keep my eyes peeled...I usually walk in there and walk right out as I just don't have the energy for it.

    1. I LOVE the pink one & have just had a 50% off voucher for it.. ARRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. And I rarely find anything decent in TKMaxx if it makes you feel any better! x

    2. I got the 50% for my wardrobe too....trying not to look....

  6. Oooh I think this might be one of my favourite blogs yet, some of those are so now but quite classic at the same time. The mango sweatshirt is crying out to me...

  7. Damn. I also received the 50% pre-sale voucher and couldn't resist the Zoe Karssen baseball top. There were a couple of other nice ZK sweats, but I really don't think I can get away with "Killer Cool" and certainly not "Boy Toy" at my age! The thought of the last one nearly made me accidentally spit out my glass of water!

  8. Thank goodness, someone else who finds that Birkies are agony to wear! I thought I must be the only one.

  9. You are a bad influence!! Shot straight into tk maxx in my lunch hour and grabbed 2 ZK t-shirts!!! The navy bat and a white RAD one. Joining you in you mutton-dom! Love them so much tho!! Thanx x Karen xx

  10. One tkmaxx down, one lovely mint green ZK in the bag.Tk maxx número two tomorrow!Love it

  11. Thank you to everyone for their help on the "Striped Top with Cross Motif" mission. As not in reach of a Dunnes - am now prepared to transfer affections to the French Connection "On the Road Again" as nearest instant gratification!
    Not so taken with spending 2.37 minutes You Tube foot tapping along to Willie Nelson to remind myself of complete lyrics. Wish my satorial tastes preferred the "Never Tear Us Apart" sentiment. But fear Joy Division didn't do pink sleeves!

  12. Found three ZK t-shirts in TK Maxx but sadly two had to go back because the price tag/security tags had ripped a hole in them. The one intact t-shirt was a vest with no logo - sigh.......

  13. I think they are great & intend to partake in this trend asap! I have a fab grey embellished sweatshirt that I wore loads last winter & so a slogan it will be this year! The fuglies look great on you Kat! I just took delivery of my pair! Ax