My tiny treat from Bicester

Ok so I'm not even going to try and justify this purchase as it was a total and utter treat.  I could of course attempt to (there genuinely are reasons I could drag up - birthday present for example) but hey ho, I'm just going to go with lucky me.  And it was half price in the new Prada shop at Bicester which is the most hilarious "discount" store in the world.  There is actually an escalator in it.  It's like a mini Selfridges.

Various things going on in my life at the moment that I don't bring onto the blog (this is my happy, totally frivolous and unashamedly shallow place and my escape) but suffice to say, The Husband feels this is deserved and yes, I am very lucky.  And of course, I absolutely and utterly adore it.  It means that I can give my other babies, the Chloe and the Anya a break as they are used on a daily basis and need to last!  


It really is the most useful colour bag - one that I haven't had before as I've never quite been able to find the right shade.  Now yes obviously I am after sandals in the same shade  - sliders here we come - but in the meantime, I thought I would see what other tan bags there are out there if anyone else is the market for what is a super useful shade bag for the Spring/Summer.  

Mix of budgets as I appreciate not everyone is as barking as me in spending that money on a bag but for me, bags are totally my thing.  For some it's shoes (don't get me wrong, I love a good shoe but I never go bonkers on them - the realm of insanity for me is solely reserved for handbags).  

Accessories really are the best investment in my book.  It's easier to spend less on some things and splurge on others.  Like I've said, these are different according to people's tastes and preferences but my vice of choice is most certainly a bag. 

However bonkers you certainly don't need to go and this is a lovely leather one from good old M&S.

Non leather now from Mango but this one has more than a hint of the Pradas about it. (they also have this in navy and it's stunning) 

Mango Saffiano-effect tote £34.99  I'm not entirely sure how they get away with actually calling it a Prada name (Saffiano!) but needless to say, they're probably relying on imitation being the most sincere form of flattery etc etc. 

Matt & Nat Misuko Detachable Strap handheld bag was £88 now £66 An Eco Friendly manufacturer who advocate the art of ethical bag making.  A non leather, no harm to animals, all round good egg manufacturer.  Absolutely love this.  

Currently there is a discount on some bags at ASOS so it makes sense to buy them now if you're considering one.

Firorelli Harper Triple Compartment Croc Embossed Shoulder Bag was £69 now £51.50  This one isn't leather but it's a lovely useful shape. 

Whilst we're on the subject of non leather, this has to be the bargain of the day from New Look. 

New Look Saddle bag in tan. Was £15.99 now £11.50

ASOS Duffle Bag with contrast side seams was £30 now £22.50  Another non leather one - I love the black side panels - so easy to team with outfits for a super lazy matchy matchy person like me.

Lyttleton Bag from Hobbs £249  Back in the land of leather with the traditional quilting from Hobbs - a lovely putty shade of tan.

Or the Mimi bag from Hobbs - cross body bag at £199

This is a gorgeous shape from Boden - I love this colour as well and I have ummed and aahed about getting this as it is the perfect shade of tan. 

Soft Leather Bowling Bag £139

Moving onto a more chestnut shade and again we're not talking leather here but Dune has some gorgeous bags this season.   These do definitely have a certain Michael Kors vibe to them but actually I think I do in fact prefer the Dune ones. 

Dune Deather Slouchy bag £79 in tan 

Dune Dushroom Tassle Trim Saddle bag £59

Little bit of Mulberry influence per chance here?  I think I prefer this again though to most Mulberry bags! 

Dune Triple Lock Handbag £69

Dune Doboweave Woven Detail Hobo Bag £69

Another option at Collection Weekend by John Lewis.

Acrossbody (their word) satchel bag in tan £39

A Cross Body Leather version from White Stuff - their SImon bag at £55

More leather cross body versions from from John Lewis. 

Carlyle Large Cross body square leather bag £99

However for me, the cross body bag bargain of the day is to be from Mango. 

Mango Cross Body Flap Bag £16.99 - yes you read that correctly, less than £17!  As this is such an amazing buy I feel compelled to tell you they also do this in a lighter beige colour (this is Medium Brown apparently....) and black - the latter being not nearly as nice in my humble opinion.  

This does in fact cost £24.99 on the Mango site but is on Special Offer at John Lewis although I don't know how long for.

There are some gorgeous leather options at DKNY

DKNY Vintage Leather Hobo Bag £208

DKNY Vintage Leather Medium Tote Handbag £204

And a Cross body version at £159

A friend of mine has one of these and they are just the most beautiful bags. 

Radley Kirkwood Large Leather Flap Shoulder bag £349

I also love the Grosvenor Medium Grab Bag from Radley in tan £249

Gorgeous vintage vibe to this Tory Burch bag. 

Vintage Camel Smooth Leather Shoulder Bag £399

Probably the best value bag for quality and looks I would say has to be this from John Lewis. 

Alderney Leather Hobo Bag £99

And as per usual, I could go on and on but I need to draw the line somewhere.  I have tried other bags but honestly the ones I come back to again and again are tan bags.  All shades, all sizes, you can never have too many (well you can obviously but....)

Outfit for today but before I do, can I just say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has voted for me in the BiBs awards in the shortlist in the Style Category.  Fingers crossed!  Thank you thank you thank you - it's hugely appreciated xx


Silky print blouse - Zara
Paint splattered jeans - Zara
Navy boucle jacket - Zara
Navy Newbury Boots - Rag & Bone
Bag - Prada 

Tomorrow I will be back - with not entirely flattering photos.

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16 comentarios:

  1. Don't see any confession on the price of that Prada beauty Kat, it's stunning. Love your look, the newburys are great, I was looking for navy ones but when they finally popped up on the Outnet they didn't have my size, Shopbop have suede navy on sale, but I'd destroy them :(

  2. I hope you're OK, Kat. Lots of good wishes from me, and I hope you win the competition: you deserve to.

  3. Some lovely choices there for all budgets. so many that i like although my favourite is the Alderney hobo as that's the style i love. voted for you so best of luck in the BiBs you deserve it. x

  4. Really like the bargain new look bag, going go keep that tab open & mull it over. Hope things start to get better for you, good luck in the awards!x

  5. Oooooh, lucky you! That's absolutely divine and I've no doubt, well deserved. Your good health to wear, as we say over here! Laughing at your blog description - I'm the same! I like to say mine is a shiny, happy place. It's nice to have somewhere to escape to xx

  6. The leads is stunning and you so don't have to justify it to anyone - you totally deserve it but hope that whatever's causing you stress gets sorted out soon. Now is it wring that my fav bag is the new look - god I'm so cheap although the radley is stunning too - usually wouldn't go near radley as I loathe that doggy thing (for grown women???) but that one is gorgeous. Both remind me of old school Dior saddle bags - I can pretend I'm in my 20s again!! Good luck with the awards x

  7. Hi Kat. Love your blog & look forward to reading it as my after work treat. Your new bag is stunning, a great neutral. You don't have to justify buying it-if you can afford it go for it. When life is hard these wee treats can help get us through. So no guilt & enjoy wearing it!

  8. Oh yum!! The Oushka Felix is still oos but that Radley one is so similar! I'm still hanging on for the Felix though & if it doesn't come in soon I think I shall cave & get the Dover! I've been waiting long enough & the season is here for this kind & colour of bag! xx

  9. Your Prada bag is totally gorgeous (I am scooting over to see if I can purchase the Mango one - what an absolute bargain) I totally love the Radley one - but OH MY the price (for a Radley??)

    Great post

  10. Hi Kat, love the blog reading it is my escape, thanks for that. Hope everything else goes well. Lucy xx

  11. Love your blog! Isn't saffiano a type of leather rather than a prada name?

  12. I love your treat - perfect shape and colour...and we all need a treat - hope it brightened your day xx

  13. Yep I just bought a similar DKNY one from JL saffiano leather it's textured...lovely in a sandy colour. Love your posts Kat and hope problem will be sorted soon. Good luck with the awards.

  14. Echo the other comments about your gorgeous new bag - nothing nicer than a treat when you're feeling a bit low. Hope things get better soon. Lots of love and thank you for such an entertaining and informative read every day. Lots of love xx

  15. No explanations necessary for a Prada bag - what a gorgeous colour #baglust! Off to Google map the distance between Dorchester and Bicester Village ... x

  16. Hi Kat, Love the Prada bag. What is the bag called? I mean whats the name of the style and the year?