My inner Charlie's Angel is raring to go

I have the jeans, check.  I have the blouses, check.

And, if I'm truly honest I have the shoes as well.  I have wedges that would work perfectly with my jeans.  I have the Acne Cypress boots that would be ideal with them for Autumn.  But we have Summer first and the new kick flare jeans are just crying out for a pair of 70's style wood sandals or wedges.  Which, we've established I don't need.... actually to be honest, I did have a pair of the most amazing Scholl style heels from D&G which I lost.  Yup, how on earth does one lose a pair of shoes?  The only thing I can deduce is that I was having a clear out and the my beloved shoes went into the wrong pile and got charity shopped.  SOB.   This was at a time when I had three very small children and essentially was rocking in the corner a lot of the time so I can see how this may have happened. 

Anyway, I cried, I sobbed and I got over it.  Especially as I assumed they'd be a total one season wonder, never to be revived again.  Obviously I lament the fact I could have worn them every single season since.  Truly the law of Sod.  

But I do have my Sam Edelman cut out fret work wedges in tan which would look fabulous with them.  However it would be remiss of me not to research what is out there "just in case".

Starting with wedges.  If you are looking for some just to wear with jeans to try them out, then New Look has some fantastic ones which I have seen in store and can totally vouch for.  Chances are they're not going to last forever but if you don't wear them very much, I would think these would be last you at least a couple of seasons.  Certainly they seem to now be a classic. 

White Strappy T-Bar Cork Wedges £19.99

These would be more my bag - love the extra glitter linen detailing round the bottom of the sole. 

Wide Fit Gold Cross Over Strap Wedges £22.99

But then again, I love these navy suedette ones as well. 

Navy Suedette T-Bar Wedge Sandals £19.99

They also do them in red, pale blue, black and orange. 

Orange Strappy T-Bar sandals £19.99

Slightly lower which may be better for an every day bombing about heel. 

Wide Fit Stone Strappy T-Bar Cork Wedges from New Look £19.99

Also in Black £19.99

These are amazing from Clarks, with 20% off at the moment. 

Octagon Bahama was £44.99 now £35.99

They also do them in black suede.

Octagon Bahama was £44.99 now £35.99

Instead of cork, wood effect wedges would also do the job very nicely. 

New Look Leather look wood effect wedges £24.99

The first raffia pair, these are full on fabulous Daisy Duke.  Love them. 

Somerset by Alice Temperley Honeysuckle Two Part Sandals was £165 now £82.50

The ultimate 70's style wedge has to be these Clogs style one from Hush. 

Leather Clog from Hush £95

Also gorgeous in the natural £95

Or a classic black £95 from Hush as well. 

Mint Velvet have some amazing footwear this season that I've already featured and they don't fail on the wedge front either. 

Nude Great Leather Strap Wedge £89

Or the Bronze Mia Espadrille £79

Equally as gorgeous cream Bryony Espadrilles £89

Now I have not been the hugest fan of the Duchess of Cambridge's footwear, certainly her raffia heeled wedge court shoe.  However, were she to sport a pair of kick flares, I think suddenly these shoes would totally work.  I think hers are probably LK Bennett (I'll be honest, I've never been interested enough to find out) but these are no doubt a much more reasonable version from Mint Velvet. 

Nude May Wedge Court £99 (these are mortifyingly really really growing on me....) 

Now I'm on a roll with the KMiddy shoes and these from M&S have a sling back and are proper Charlie's Angels style chambray.  Denim on denim.  Oh yes....

Slingback Wedge Espadrille from M&S £19.50 (bargain or what?!)

In black still £19.50

Or a super girlie pink £19.50 

Moving away from the more boho 70's style but still staying with all things wedge. 

Dune Silver Black T-bar Mid Wedge was £75 now £56

Again these aren't necessarily full on 70's vibe but as wedges go, they're great.  A perfect height, great with kick flares but would look as good with pretty much any other jeans.  The ideal all round wedge sandal for the summer. 

Dune Glance Black Mid Wedge Strappy Sandals £69

Clarks have some other great wedges. 

Shooting Comet was £54.99 now £43.99

Ones that I have tried on and absolutely love from New Look but I think they may be just a tad too high for me are these:-

Brown Leather T-Bar leather platform Heels £39.99

Not wedges again but a great cork sandal from Hush which would work so well with pretty much any jeans, including my newly beloved kick flares. 

Cork Sandal from Hush in Natural £70

Also in a coral (love this shade) 

Slightly lower but again staying with all things 70's-esque are these from M&S 

Suede Knotted Strap Platform Sandals £35 in blue

Also in red

And honestly, I could go on and on - but actually I've been reminded that I have a leather clog pair rather reminiscent of the last M&S ones (same shape), from NW3 by Hobbs about 3 years ago.  They're probably too low to wear with my new Stella jeans but I have some fantastic chambray wide leg trousers that they look ace with.  Watch this space.

Finishing with my outfit from today.  I'll be honest, this is a total dress down one.  I decluttered my wardrobe and boy do I have some fab things that I simply can't justify keeping.  They don't get enough wear from me which is criminal so I will definitely be doing a blog sale, possibly next week, so that they can the proper love they deserve!  It will be on a separate page on the blog, but fear not, I will give ample warning. 

I know I also promised to reveal my other Bicester purchase - that will have to wait till tomorrow. 


Grey sweatshirt - Zara
Black Lola drawstring jersey pants - Whistles
Silvery grey polka dot scarf - StyleSnob
Black Jetstream wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Feeling rough as hell tonight and hoping I feel better for tomorrow as I have more clearing to do and then going for lunch at a brand new pub opened locally that is owned by The Tanner Brothers (famous tv chefs apparently).  Very exciting but at the moment I feel like I've been swallowing razor blades.  Chocolate and tea for dinner - it's that sort of a night. 

Hopefully see you all tomorrow xx

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8 comentarios:

  1. I have to say - I love these kind of 70's sandals - they give me the extra height I need but are comfy too. I'm just waiting for you to surface in your double denim look - can't wait - you'll look fab!

  2. I have the Clarks tan wedges and I can absolutely vouch for them, they're fab!

  3. Love a wedge, great for the 4'4" amongst us, looks like I could be hitting the show v soon :) x

  4. That was a great blog and helped me enormously - i've got a summer outdoor wedding in a field and the dress code is def. no stilettos. So I was thinking wedges. You've given me lots of ideas. Now need to track some evening style wedges down. Bit of sparkle. Can't wait for the sale.

  5. Can't wait for your clothes purge sale!

  6. My issue with wedge heels (and I do love them) is that they all seem so darn high - at 5ft 9 I don't need skyscrapers!

  7. I love them as you know! I'm selling a pair of Nine West ones in a local boutique atm as they are just too high & I will be investing in a new pair asap! I have an espadrille type pair which I love but could do with a tan or bright coloured pair too! They are the perfect shoe for you new jeans & I've seen the NL ones too! Hope you are feeling better! xx

  8. ....fab blog on wedges...went for the hush ones in beige...gorgeous...all sold out...not getting anymore in, gutted!....just seen fab dress on matches, paisley, velvet by graham and spencer...called the althe dress...very 70's perfect with said wedges etc...!