When good fashion goes bad.

Now this isn't a slate on a certain item of clothing generally, it's just that it really isn't for me. 

And honest guv, this time it doesn't work.  Not a "well this is something I can't stand, but by the end of the research I'm loving it".  Nope.  This time, it's a big fat no.  I even have the photographic evidence to prove how awful it can be. 

I am talking of.. The Bomber Jacket. 

We all know that I love a jacket and am pretty much partial to any jacket out there.  Or so I thought.... apparently I have been defeated by one.   Dear Bomber Jacket - I apologise profusely but I am not falling for your charms. 

Here is why:-

(by the way - alas, none of these are for sale anymore, this horror having been explored a couple of weeks ago, not that I would advocate any of them anyway!  If you "were" desperate to find out where they're from (?really?!), the answer is the first two beauties are from M&S Limited Edition and the second number is from Dorothy Perkins.)

Feel free to guffaw. 

image image image

Now clearly I could have tried on different sizes (even though these are the right size apparently) but even then, it's just a style with which I cannot get to grips.  

Or can I......? 

Right, I do stand by my conviction that they're not for me.  I don't know whether it's to do with being tall and the gathering in at the waist with out of proportion legs out of the bottom making me feel ever so slightly like a lollipop?  Or whether I just have enough jackets that I love and really do not need and cannot justify another style.  Either way I had sworn off them.

But I have managed to find one that actually, I think looks pretty good.  And I think I've managed to suss out the trick to buying one.  It's all in the fabric and the volume.  Less is more.  Thinner, silkier fabrics that drape work best with less gathering, resulting in less volume which means you look less like a Zeppelin about to take off.  Unless that is, of course, the look for which you were aiming.

The one that I found success with was the Kin by John Lewis Quilted Bomber jacket in navy £59

This is in a different league compared to the earlier monstrosities I tried on.  I could honestly wear this and be happy in it.


Which they also do in pale blue which would be lovely for the summer with navys and whites. 

Kin by John Lewis Bomber Jacket £59

So having sussed the ground rules, here is my pick of the High Street which, if this is a look you like, I don't think you can go wrong with. 

Reversible Bomber Jacket  £54.99 from Mango

Tencel is a fabulous floaty fabric which would eliminate the balloon. 

Tencel Bomber Jacket from Mango £59.99

Jigsaw also have a silky number in pale blue £149

And in navy 

Mint Velvet have got the Bomber Jacket totally nailed for their Sports Luxe look. (yes that is a woefully "disappeared up my own fashion backside" saying but it does what it says on the tin) 

Blush Pink Georgette Mix £89

Also gorgeous in the vanilla £89  They have it in black and peach as well online.

They also have a pearl grey one which is totally plain if you'd rather it without the zip/shoulder detailing. 

Mint Velvet Bomber Jacket in Pearl £79

Mint Velvet also do a print one which would add that extra bit of interest (without adding bulk!) to plain Spring/Summer outfits.  And also a great little jacket for throwing on over black for an evening out. 

Ellie Print Quilted Bomber Jacket £99 

Whilst this isn't silky, the fact that it's not too gathered in at the waist band and it doesn't have a round collar but is more of a nod to a blazer lapel means that it fits the bill for me.

Leather collar Bomber Jacket from Mango £59.99

Finishing with another that is your more classic bomber style but with the modern nod to the silky fabric - a fab monochrome addition to bring new life to your old black and white outfits. 

Colorblock Fleur Jacket £69 from Atterley Road

So there we have my thoughts on The Bomber Jacket.  I can see its appeal, I think it works really well for petite figures (oh and that's the other thing - I vaguely feel like an American footballer in drag in the bulkier ones) and on those who are super comfortable in a casual look.  I'm not particularly - my mega dress down look is very formulaic - either jeans and a sweat or jersey drawstrings, sweat top, leather or biker jacket, wedge trainers and hi tops.  

And to be fair, there are only so any "looks" one can adopt.  Whilst I have established I am a schizophrenic dresser, I have more than enough jacket options to parade through so this year, I will pass on the Bomber jacket.  It doesn't happen often but yes, I am not going to be buying something.  Honestly.  I promise....... (still to purchase the Fugly Sandals as well...!) 

Finishing with my outfit from today.  How lovely exactly is the sunshine?! 


Navy and white print blouse - Olive & Oak from TK Maxx
Cream boucle jacket - Massimo Dutti
Faded straight leg jeans turned up - Earl Jeans
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Tan bag - Prada

Just to say before I go, thank you so much for all your lovely lovely comments yesterday on the blog - I'm doing fine, I really am - ups and downs like everyone but your lovely comments do keep my writing the blog, for sure. xx (plus who else is going to listen to me garble on about shoes, bags and clothes?!) 

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18 comentarios:

  1. Bombers are hopeless on me too - I'm top heavy ( a size bigger on the top than on the bottom), so I too look like a linebacker. Sticking to my biker!

  2. I have the kin bomber jacket in navy and have loved wearing it over the last two months it has even replaced the navy Next waffle jacket in my affections! I think that one is fantastic on you but then I would say that !!!!!!!!!

  3. I think the trick is to make sure it meets in the middle - a bomber that skims the sides of us is truly barage balloon. Love your ootd. Hx

  4. Admittedly I love the M&S print one - I think they need to be a bit quirky to really work (I don't think one will appear in my wardrobe mind you!!).

  5. I had a Bomber Jacket in the early 90's that I wore to death. It was bottle green silk from Clockhouse at C&A's. I thought I was the mutts nuts in it.

    1. Ha ha ha me too. Hilarious. Never going back to that look!

  6. Nope definitely not your thing. Not doin anything for you. Put down the bomber jacket. On the other hand what you are wearing today looks so good. I love the shirt you have on

  7. I love the Kin one - it looks really lightweight and similar to the Next one that we styled! xx

  8. That marks one still looks as horrific a few weeks on - adore the print, HATE the jacket! I'm def not a bomber buyer. Too busty definitely.

  9. I have one but wear it as a gym gear cover up, or light weight walking jacket. I have worn it to kids athletics and similar but agree they can be unflattering. As a fashion item I am not sure it would earn it's space. Love those navy boots and your new bag.....we are allowed to have some splurges when times are tough.

  10. I have one but wear it as a gym gear cover up, or light weight walking jacket. I have worn it to kids athletics and similar but agree they can be unflattering. As a fashion item I am not sure it would earn it's space. Love those navy boots and your new bag.....we are allowed to have some splurges when times are tough.

  11. Agree about the bombers. I have just never found them a flattering look and I am same build as you. I think if you are tall a puffy one is best avoided!! I do like the thinner ones, but can't see me choosing them over a more classic shaped jacket. Great post, thanks :)

  12. Phew! I don't like them either. They do absolutely nothing for me ... and I'm small, so that scuppers your theory!! I think it's the lack of collar or lapel actually. I need something more fitted and structured as otherwise I just look like a messy blob swathed in material!

  13. Hi Kat. A little off subject but i really would appreciate your expert advice. I had a baby 4 weeks ago, baby number two! Meaning (this is my excuse anyway) that I've not and very much doubt ill snap back into shape this time! But Im determined, already dusted the gym gear off ready! But in the meantime i don't want to look rubbish squeezing into pre pregnancy clothes but i haven't got money to burn! So can you suggest a few classic wardrobe items to mix and match to see me through? I also want to say, whilst Im rambling, i love your blog! Its my saviour when the little ones are in bed and I sit down to catch up on current affairs ;) x

  14. I just voted for your blog, Kat and a vey well deserved vote it was. It might be worth adding that you can vote for as many or as few blogs as you like so if you just vote for 'does my bum look 40 ...', and ignore all the other categories, it doesn't take long at all ;-)
    Debbie x

  15. Agreed! Toyed with the idea as loved the limited edition bird print but just couldn't style it right in my head!

  16. Hi Kat, you obviously didn't see the Limited Edition bomber jacket at Whistles, navy with black leather sleeves, a very sophisticated and grownup take on the bomber jacket. i hesitated as to whether to keep it or not as reckoned at nearly 50 and a busty size 16, i was at least a decade too old and much too large for this style but in the end kept it and have had nothing but compliments!

  17. i should add that it was expensive, much more than i would normally easily spend on a jacket and sadly i found it too late to make use of the Grazia discount code so perhaps it is the cheaper bomber jackets that just don't look good as they look cheap!