We should start thinking about the S word


Or Summer or Sun - you decide - either way it may actually be nearly upon us. (20's this weekend apparently?  I'll believe it when I see it....)  To be fair, even if it isn't, if you are off away to sunnier climes for your hols, then now is the time to be thinking about, dare I mention it, beachware. 

Fear not, I am not going to start cracking out the bikinis as where does one start.  I know what suits me and what I like to wear (and yes that is a bikini whereas so many don't), but I don't necessarily have a typical set of boobs (AA anyone?).  It really is so personal and something you need to go and try yourself. 

However on a more generic level - we can definitely have a look at beach cover ups.  Which frankly these days with three kids, I spend more time in anyway.  We're off to the beach this year but in the UK so actually these are what I will be wearing over shorts as opposed to stripping everything off.  This would obviously work for me as I am ridiculously tall but these would also look great over skinny jeans or either straight legs rolled up.  However if you are more petite and it's super warm then you could easily get away with some of these as a dress! 

That's the beauty of these, they work as well in the UK on a sunny day as they do abroad.  And we all know how much I love things out of which I can get lots of use. 

If you're looking for a more classic, non embellished style then these from John Lewis are great. 

John Lewis Pompom Kaftan in black £25

Also in Turquoise £25

You don't often see navy beachwear £25

Mulitcoloured and a more unusual shape from Ted Baker 

Ted Baker Bindy Beach cover up £69

Classic white at M&S 

Broderie Cover-up Kaftan at M&S £39.50

This is probably less English Rivieria and more Greek Island but I think it would look gorgeous over any shade of blue bikini.  Or even black.  I would say white but I think you have to be a brave women to wear a white bikini these days.  Stupid I may be, brave I am not. 

Bead Embellished Mosaic Print Kaftan £49.50 at M&S

Accessorize certainly come into their own on the subject of beach cover ups and this year is no exception. 

Catherine Tabard in printed blue £27

Also in coral £25 Accessorize

A lace version of the Catherine Tabard in navy £32  Accessorize (I probably wouldn't advocate wearing this one over shorts to the supermarket in good old Blighty...) 

They also have a gorgeous selection of white/cream kaftans.  Accessorize insist on calling them tabards.  Clearly I am an absolutely old giffer and this may well be a young, on trend word for cover up but to me it will always be something a dinner lady wears. 

Katy Crochet Tabard £32 Accessorize

Honeycomb Lace Insert Tunic £32 Accessorize

However this year, River Island definitely giving Accessorize a run for their money. 

Purple floral mesh tunic £20 

I absolutely love this one - take one plain black classic bikini and throw this on for instant seasonal update.  Just gorgeous.  Alternatively, I have my black and white leopard print bikini from Next last year (actually I have two as I bought another one in the sale as I loved it so much) and this would look fantastic with it. 

Orange Zebra Print Kaftan £35.00 River Island

I did see a number of things last year from their Pacha (god that takes me back - gimmer alert, I remember it from the first time round, maybe even the time before the first time) Collection and never got round to getting anything.  However this, is AMAZING.  For £50 compared to others of a similar style elsewhere, the price is bonkers cheap, in my humble opinion.   I would wear this actually with my khaki bikinis - I think the pink would look fabulous against them.

Pink Pacha Colour Block Floral Trim Kaftan £50

And a Black Aztec Trim version £50

Also stunning from the Pacha range is the Rainbow Embellished Kimono £45

Slightly more unusual but I'm very drawn to them - again these would be fab over a vest & jeans in this country - are the chiffon hoodies from the Pacha range (yes you read that right) 

Pink Pacha Embellished Chiffon Hoodie £50 

And in Orange Abstract Print £40

Finishing with my find of the season for simple summer cover ups from last year - good old BHS. 

Starting with their two way skirt dress - £16.   This can be worn strapless as a dress or as a dress with straps.  Or as a skirt.  Super versatile in a whole host of colours including turquoise, bright blue, emerald green, black, red, purple and




Love the white cheesecloth embroidered kaftan £22

And in black as well £22

A Sleeveless embroidered grey throw on which they also have in black and white online £22

A different version of a cover up here - not that much out there like this to be honest but I love this.  I don't think anyone would ever know this was from BHS!  Viscose as well so it should have a lovely drape to it.  This, for me with a black of black Birkies and you're off.  Divine.

Palm Print Jersey Cover Up Dress £16

So if I had to choose, what would I go for?  For me it would definitely be the Palm Print BHS dress (the more I look at that, the more I think I have to have it), the Pacha Pink floral kaftan and the Orange Zebra print one from River Island.  Just stunning.  Are you looking for new beachwear this year?  If so, what do you normally wear and how do you cover up? 

Fear not, I still have the dreaded shorts to still explore..... 

Outfit today when I was supposed to go to London for the day for a fashion event but I felt so unbelievably rough and have such a busy day tomorrow that I thought it wasn't prudent to go.  A huge thank you to one of my best friends and my youngest son's godmother for rescuing me and having us over for supper tonight.  Am sure that with a good night's sleep I will be raring to go tomorrow.  Super day planned so finger's crossed normal service will be resumed.  I am SO bored of feeling like this! 

Interestingly, as an interjection here, I think this "may" pass as a bomber jacket. It's from Zara last year and whilst it isn't gathered balloon style at the bottom, the hem is in fact slightly gathered as you can see (if you squint or get a magnifying glass) under my left arm.  BUT it's not new so I'm still standing by my "haven't caved" stance.  As you can see, the Prada is coming in quite useful.


Navy waffle tee - Cos
Faded straight leg jeans - Earl 
Cream quilted jacket - Zara
Indira necklace - Stella & Dot
Cheetah Print skater shoes - Next
Tan bag - Prada

Up and at 'em early to slap on the old fake tan and then off for a blow dry.  Cracking out the Stella jeans for a big birthday lunch for a lovely friend's 40th at one of my favourite local restaurants and then a sneaky new dress number which I have to confess for an evening out on the town.  Hope everyone is having a lovely evening! 

And thank you thank you thank you once again for all the kind comments that you leave - it really does mean so much to me. xxxx

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11 comentarios:

  1. White bikini.......... flash back to when i was at the outdoor lido (as they were called in the "old" days) There i was age 16 strutting my stuff in my new "white bikini" which had lined bottoms but the top part wasn't, after going for a swim with my friends, to my horror on of the lifeguards came over to tell me I couldn't go back in as the the top had gone transparent. I spent the rest of the day wearing a t shirt whilst watching my friends have fun. Still cringe when i think about it. On a better note you have picked some lovely cover ups. i brought a lovely navy one in the sale from Accessorize last year which has yet to be worn. pouring with rain here this morning for the school run so came home and treated myself to 2 casual dresses for the summer or the holiday which ever comes first. Hope you feel better after a good nights sleep

  2. Do check this site out, some fabulous beachwear!
    Wish I was off to sunnier climes to use it!

  3. Do check this site out, some fabulous beachwear!
    Wish I was off to sunnier climes to use it!

  4. Love some of the beach dresses - I've got a few from many years ago so think its time to use the rule 'one in one out'. Like your necklace by the way too. I was looking for new shorts yesterday - tried some on in Monsoon - too baggy on the legs and the ones in Crew Clothing were too expensive for a plain pair of shorts. Don't want denim as got loads of them. Something a little different. Can't wait for your ideas.

  5. Beachware - the very thought of it brings me out in a sweat so cover-ups essential! Some great ideas there. Love your casual/smart mix 'n' matching this last while and of course the Prada bag is Da Bomb (as my 11 yr old son irritatingly says!)

  6. Absolutely LOVE today's outfit. Not as bothered about beach cover-ups ... although should a holiday be booked, I may well change my mind and be back to take a closer look!! Hope you feel better today x

  7. Small on top. Join the club. I've been checking out the Amanda Wakeley swimwear which seems to have been designed for girls for whom anything with boning wires balconies or structure of any description just emphasises that you are still in training bras at nearly 50.

    Thanks for the beach cover up edit. Really useful.

  8. Not heading near a beach this year but one can dream....am impressed with the BHS selection, love the Palm Print cover up. love your Prada bag, lovely style, size and shade of tan. Hope you're feeling better and have a great weekend.

  9. Lots of lovely options - I like the grey sleeveless bhs one as a dress (if long enough) - looks so easy to wear.

  10. I want to be whisked away now to waft around Marrakesh or Ibiza in a kaftan. Love them! My inner yoga hippie gets the better of me and they are so easy to just whack on when you are around the pool. The purple one is stunning so is your Stella and Dot necklace! x

  11. BHS really does surprise us all sometimes doesn't it?! I love the grey dress! No hols for me this year but living by the coast I shall need a few beachy dresses if the weather behaves that is! So gutted not have met you but glad that you stayed & recharged your batteries! I love this outfit & will not harass you for wearing a bomber one bit! ;) xx