Golden Rules

So they're off.  Let the panic ensue.  I'm talking The Sales.  

Now, to be fair, there do seem to be sales every other week.  Mainly because there are a gazillion seasons a year now and therefore there are offers, discounts and sales every other week. 

And therefore these rules should apply all times. 

But I'm a traditional type of gal and still randomly love the hype of the two Big Sales twice a year - Winter and Summer.  I look forward to them ridiculously, I spend all season making my little wish lists of things that I shall wait to purchase in the sales.  The fact they're now normally sold out is a minor (freaking major) irritation but c'est la vie.  

So without further a do let's get this party started, remembering the following. 

  1. Hindsight is a fantastic thing but make a list of things during the season that you want to buy in the sales (I appreciate this is bugger all use at this point if you haven't done this.  Note for next time)
  2. The ideal things to benchmark are those which are out of your budget.  But are much more affordable when they're reduced. 
  3. Only buy something if it goes with at least two other things in your wardrobe and you can think of at least one occasion when you're going to wear it.  
  4. Point number 3, therefore only buy something if it fits well.
  5. The best purchases are those which you can wear all year round. 
  6. Following on from 4, think of cost per wear.  Whilst something might be still expensive, if you can wear it during the day, at night and all year, then it's a better buy than something you'll get more limited wear out of.
  7. My personal favourite rule is "MACHINE WASH ONLY".  However there are always exceptions to this rule. 
  8. Make sure you LOVE your purchase. 

And my Golden rule of this season - have permanent markered on the inside of your purse if needs be:-

Imagine that it was in Zara or another high street store for the same price - Would you buy it at that price?.  It's amazing how often the answer is errr no.

So what would my pick of the crop be this season?  Well I do have my eye on a couple of things but for me, if we're talking investment buys, it would be tops of the blouse variety. 

I love these, I absolutely live in them.  If I look at my wardrobe, the items which I have had the longest are actually blouses.  I wear them in the Summer with shorts or cut off jeans, in the Autumn and Spring they come into their own with jeans and blazers - throw on sneakers for a more casual look or boots or ballet flats for a smarter vibe.

Starting with my favourites.  Ticking all of the boxes (I stray very soon off piste, fear not).  I love how they've styled this with leather leggings.  Would look just as fab during the day with an A line skirt (I'm thinking my leather one.. ie the only skirt I have....), printed shorts, printed trousers or old faithful jeans.  

This has been on my radar since the beginning of the season - I adore it.  Dare I wait for it be reduced further.....

Jaeger Geo Camo Silk Top was £180 now £90

And because rules are made to be broken. 

Darn this one being dry clean only - it's 100% cotton so I'm not sure why you couldn't hand wash it..... 

A great Maison Scotch blouse. 

Maison Scotch Silky button up shirt 40% off now £50   Actually this one is machine washable. Yee ha. 

Then there are of course some bargains which are just a lovely little extra to have.  They weren't prohibitively expensive to begin with but now they're much more affordable. 

Phase Eight Payton Embroidered blouse in ivory. Was £59 now £29.50  This would look great now with gladiators and shorts or cut offs and in the Autumn with chestnut or tan boots and a leather jacket. 

Another Phase Eight blouse that would work with shorts as above but for the evening with a pair of cigarette capri pants and pointed stilettos, the perfect smart going out look. 

Phase Eight Montpellier Jill Blouse in dusky pink was £65 now £32.50

Fenn Wright Manson bargain - ideal with white skinnies now - team with indigo skinnies and black stilettos for the winter.  Just as fab during the day with black ankle boots and a grey or black blazer. 

Michelle Blouse in blue was £90 now £35
Another great buy from FWM.  Love this with black capri pants for the winter or an evening out now - would also love for during the day on cooler Summer days tucked in with distressed straight leg jeans turned up and black sliders.  Add a fitted black blazer - gorgeous.

Fenn Wright Manson Andrea Shirt in multi was £90 now £35

Super flattering mock wrap top at half price from FWM again.  Great with faded skinnies for the Summer - even during the day with them turned up and white sliders.  The ideal evening out top for both smart with capri pants or team with jeans for a dress down evening out look.  Dare I mention the party season months and months away - this would be a great top to drag out. 

Fenn Wright Manson Jennifer Top was £90 now £45

Plain blouses now, these are silk from FWM but handwashable.  And half price.  The ideal tops to put with statement jewellery, print trousers or a print jacket.   Or keep it simple with block colour.  This would be fantastic with black skinnies and silver stilettos.

Fenn Wright Manson Silk Aloise Shirt was £140 now £70

More plain machine washable silk at Jaeger.  These would be perfect with print trousers. 

Jaeger Box Pleat Silk Shirt in navy was £150 now £75

And in raspberry

Now this is Gerry Weber from John Lewis but to my mind it could easily be MSGM from Matches.  Except that it's under £40 (and washable) 

Gerry Weber Printed Gypsy Blouse was £75 now £37.50  Great with shorts - ditto for a casual evening out with straight distressed boyfriend jeans with a huge turned up hem and 70's style wedges.  Or speaking of 70's, would be perfect with kickflare jeans. 

Rest of the sales are due to start any day now so get making those lists girls.  Anything on yours already? 

Finishing as per usual with pics of outfits from the weekend.  Here I am yesterday.  After a fabulously busy Saturday - more First Holy Communion celebrations (first party started at 12.30pm and we got home from the second party at 11.30pm - shattered wasn't the word), I had to be on a coach at 8.45am with the 9yr old to go into London for her big stage show at Her Majesty's Theatre.  

They had a whole day of rehearsals as the show didn't start until 6.30pm.  Which meant that I had hours to wander the streets of London.  Now under normal circumstances that would be a dream come true. However when I am utterly exhausted and hungover to hell, it wasn't the best idea I'd ever had.  I also thought that the show started at 2.30 as opposed to four hours later.  Imagine my glee when I got on the coach at the crack of dawn only to be told we weren't being picked up from London until 9.45pm that night.  Joy wasn't quite my reaction.

Anyway, got a grip and some coffee and made the most of it (pounding Regent Street isn't that bad it turns out), met my mum at 4pm for some supper and then we went to see the show which was fantastic.  Didn't get home however till 11 so today has been slow going (plus it clearly all took its toll on the 9yr old as she had lost her voice and is really not well at all.  Has been in bed all day)

Lots to report from Anthropologie and JCrew - to be saved for another day. 


Silk tee shirt - Zara
Boyfriend jeans - Hush
Midnight boucle jacket - Zara
Tan belt - Primark
Cream stone necklace - Anthropologie
Black patent sandals - Zara
Tan bag - Prada

And my outfit from Saturday - absolutely getting my money's worth out of this dress. 


Silk Reina dress - DVF
Tan peep toe shoots - LK Bennett
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

So I'm watching the sales like a hawk.  Can't wait to hear what everyone else has on their wishlist.....

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18 comentarios:

  1. Ooh the Velvet tunic blouse that is gorgeous. I hate to encourage you but have you checked out the Tory Burch sale today lol! I 'work' from home on a Monday and have literally been sat on my hands. SHOES omg and gorgeous tunics x

    1. It's gorgeous, isn't it? I MUST NOT LOOOK!!!!!!!

  2. I pulled the trigger yesterday on a pair of Saint Laurent boots, half price on Matches - my approach is to buy things that I wouldn't have a hope of affording normally, but which I can just about reach (if I really stretch) in the sales. Should probably stop there, but have my eye on a couple more things too... maybe if they get reduced just a little more!

    1. oh god they sound gorgeous - and yes that's exactly the sort of thing you should be buying - excellent idea (and yes, my list keeps growing the more I look...!)

  3. Great post as always, just wondering will you be doing a post on shorts desperately need some for forthcoming holiday and wondered if you had seen any good ones.

    1. I have I have, I will do one this week, I promise! xx (and thank you xx)

  4. I have just missed ou t on a fab Etre Cecile t shirt reduced by 50% but I've bagged myself a very classic DVF dress which I was amazed was in the sale. Would not normally have managed to buy a dress like that at full price. Love the J brand blouse but I have officially spent up.

    1. OOH which one? Love all things DVF it has to be said. And yes, that JBrand blouse is stunning isn't it. Would be a wardrobe staple for sure (sits on credit card..)

  5. Tabitha BoydellMonday, 16 June, 2014

    Saturday's outfit is FABULOUS - love it!

    1. Thank you - Love the dress totally love it - I fear people may be bored of seeing it soon xxx

  6. any idea when the zara sale starts?

    1. I'm so sorry I don't - but I would think any day now...... Will say though, I am gutted with the quality of their stuff recently. My shoes are great but two of the tops I've bought this year look nothing like they should after one wash. (and the third top I haven't washed yet!) Excellent for coats and shoes I'd say. Have you got your eye on anything?

    2. a few things, but nothing i want to pay full price for! ; )

    3. it's started! - reductions are a bit on the mean side tho ; )

  7. I can honestly say I am ok for bags. "things I never thought I'd say"....... I have to say I LOVE my Zara top, it hasn't fallen apart yet.. (but I haven't washed it yet - famous last words!)

  8. Kat I have my eye on the zara navy boucle jacket you have which is back in stock and I'm hoping goes in the sale. I have already bought several things, including boots, from the whistles sale. Had my eye on a zoe karssen sweat from matches but going to hold off and see if gets reduced further. X

  9. Looking forward to your J Crew post - having a NIGHTMARE with them and delivery! Such a shame x

  10. Hi kat - I'm tall like you and the reina dress on every website looks ultra short. Have you taken the hem down? Umming and erring in case it's too minuscule!! Also is the fit true to size? X