The sensible post.

We've regrouped and we've refocussed and we are being Mrs Sensible. 

Making the sale work for us and looking at things we can wear now, but more importantly, ones that will be the basis of our A/W wardrobe.  Obviously I haven't remotely* thought about what I'll be wearing come Sep/Oct, but just in case anyone else has given it a second of mind space, this is for you.

*thought about in great detail

I predict that the jumper is going to come into its own.  Ditto the shirt (and the jumper with a shirt).  Or even the collar instead of a full shirt.  But for me, the not too boxy and not too fitted crew neck jumper is going to be my number one purchase (for today anyway...) 

Plus, it looks as if Summer is having a little break again this weekend so you can get use out of immediately.  What's not to love?  And I've managed to find some pretty fab reductions, so frankly it would be rude not to.  Foolish, for sure.

Plain is obviously going to be super useful - by its very nature it will be super versatile to wear with a whole host of outfits. 

Starting with my beloved black. (with a hint of white to it...)  A bargain from Whistles. 

Whistles Double Faced Sculptured Jumper was £125 now £45

If you do like jumpers longer (I tend to steer clear being tall - don't ask me why, I just feel that they always are a funny length on me, but totally understand that they work for some people) then there is a classic black on offer at Hobbs. 

Black Suki wool Sweater now £39 was £79 

Whilst we're on the subject of classics - a whole selection of gorgeous colours at Boden in cashmere with 30% off (these won't hang around for the sale - I know from bitter experience...) 

Every time I see this pic, I think, I MUST get more wear out of my printed trousers.  Just lovely.  And how divine layering with the breton?

Cashmere Crew Neck was £99 now £63.90

And who could resist a navy.  My poor old, cheap as chips (seriously, I think it was £7.99) number from H&M which I've dragged through three seasons and now looks as though it belongs in a dog basket, definitely needs updating.  (actually, any dog worth its salts would turn its nose up at it, and rightly so. It's a disgrace)

Cashmere Crew neck in navy was £99 now £63.90

Or in a classic V Neck, again with 30% off.  Was £99 now £63.90

Love the shade of blue of this jumper.  Perfect with tans, camels and white.  Ditto navy and all dark denim shades.  Fits the bill perfectly. 

Sandwich Boy Knit Jumper was £82 now £41

I missed out on the Duffy white jumper that I had set my heart on at the beginning of the season but have to say that these white 100% cotton ones from ASOS look pretty darn good and a fabulous reduction. 

ASOS White Structured Jumper with Patch Pockets £15 from £42

Also in a pink which would be lovely now with faded denim but ideal with black in the A/W.

ASOS Structured Jumper with patch pockets in pink now £17 was £42 (£2 more expensive than the white - go figure)

But then I found this.... ARRGHH. 

Mango Boxy Ribbed Knitted Top was £34.99 now £10 (yes.  TEN QUID)

However if we are talking pink then this from Wishbone is The bargain of the season. 

Wishbone Eva jumper was £60 now £18.  Absolutely love the shade of this - like strawberry smoothie (how sad.  A while ago it would have been strawberry daiquiris, now the first thing that comes to mind is a blasted smoothie.) 

There is also a snugger fit jumper which would be ideal for replacing layering tees come the cooler months but now would be great for every day - either for work with a skirt or tailored trousers or for absolute dress down with faded boyfriend jeans. 

Wishbone Darcy Jumper now £25 was £60 in sky blue 

Or Camel again £20 from £65

More close fitting tops at ASOS - for a total bargain £10!  And 100% cotton.

ASOS Pocket jumper in lilac was £18 now £10

And in nude again £12

This is positively Autumnal and looks to me to be a cross between a jumper and a sweatshirt.  At less than half price and cotton, looks pretty good to me if you're going down the orange route. 

ASOS Bonded Quilted Jumper was £45 now £22

Keeping the colour plain but adding texture creates a different look without going so far as a full on pattern.  Love this arm length with a longsleeved shirt underneath it for cooler days.

Joules Cleo Cable Knit Sweater in Indigo now £44.95 was £59.95 now £41.96

Pink Cable Aran knit at ASOS, great reduction £35 down to £14

More pink but this time in a contrast print - again with a texture, from Jack Wills.  Super reduction but this may need a vest or layer underneath.

Jack Wills Bright Contrast Jumper was £59.50 now £17

An off white textured sales gem from Mango was £49.99 now £15

Leopard print is going nowhere (to be fair, I have absolutely zero confirmation of this but hell, I'm not giving it up any time soon - at the rate I'm going it will be a leopard print lined coffin)

Love this pink combo from Whistles (not many sizes left, be quick if you want it) 

Whistles Brushed Fur Print Jumper now £55 from £90

The next thing on my list of things I adore, is of course the stripe. 

Gerard Darel Striped Sweater in black was £80 now £40

Another great bargain, this time from Whistles and again, staying with the monochrome theme. 

Whistles Alice Jumper was £115 now £35

This has to be one of my favourites in navy.  Not cheap but it is half price. 

Weekend by MaxMara Reverse Stripe Jumper now £85 was £175 (take no notice of the pic on the link - truly hideous styling....)

Chequered from Hobbs now £39 was £89 again in black and white 

Whilst we're talking print jumpers - Wishbone have some amazing reductions on their knitwear. 

Wishbone Eva Printed Jumper in multi was £75 now £25

Wishbone Emma Silk Mix knit was £90 now £35

So there we have a little jumper round up - non exhaustive, of course.  Have to say that My Money is on the White ASOS one.  Or the Mango one.  Oh I have free next day delivery from ASOS.... scratch the itch.... 

Moving onto the outfit of today.  Much more pleased with it than yesterday - in fact one of my favourite outfits I've had in a long time. 


Breton top - H&M
Saxby Boyfriend Jeans - ASOS
White sliders - River Island
Tan belt - Primark
Whisky Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe
Hat - Zara

Tomorrow I have a fantastic day ahead of me - lunch and a sneak preview of the A/W Collection of one of my absolutely favourite brands.  Simply cannot wait.  And yes, I will share.  I'll also be armed with loads more ideas about how we can do sensible sales shopping (is there ever such a thing?!)

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  1. I can't bear to think about jumpers! Still enjoying the summer dresses and sandals feeling that is all too brief, alas. Nice choices though :) ASOS next day delivery? Aren't they all burnt out?? X

  2. Hello- new follower here! At 44 I'm trying to rejuvenate a slightly flagging mojo and really enjoying discovering the world of blogs which hitherto has passed me I have ordered the Wishbone silk knit (only Small available- yay for being petite!) - persuaded by the styling with white jeans- known in this house as Liz Hurleys, and a staple for me especially on holiday.

  3. OMG the PINK ONE BUT! I loooooove!!!!! You look so chic too x

  4. I always think it is a shame I do not get on with jumpers. I find them too restrictive as I get hot really quickly. I prefer cardigans myself , which makes me sound about 90 of course but thank goodness you can get some really nice fashionable ones , of which I will be doing my own research of very soon X


  5. Really you having a great collection in your store. Its amazing to see this here.

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