So if I say it's a Sensible Sales post.....

.... and I've established that I spend pretty much nothing on my (non) beauty regime cutting corners wherever I can.  AND by being sensible with the sales shopping.  Now as bonkers as it sounds, it does mean saving money come September/October. 

Especially when it comes to buying classics.  Now a classic for me is The Tan Ankle Boot.  It's up there with the Tan Bag - they are really the mainstay of my wardrobe.  The only tan ankle boots I actually own though are my Camel Acne Cypress which I got a couple of years ago (at a huge huge reduction, purely as I was randomly up at 2 in the morning with insomnia and was perusing Net-a-Porter and a pair literally came back into stock for 70% off as I was online.  Totally meant to be)

And my totally favourite black boots are my black suede Pied A Terre Ohios which I've had for five years and drag out and wear constantly.  These were (in my humble opinion obviously because I bought them..) the precursor to the Ash Jalouse.  Which is pretty much the identical boot to the Isabel Marant Dickers.  Which came first?  I don't know and I don't care - there is no way I personally would spend the (substantial) extra on the Dickers as they really are so so similar. 

However, the Jalouse I have toyed with again and again.  So when I just popped into a local boutique of ours, The Clever Dresser and there was one pair left in my size (a 39 - they do come up big, I'm between a 39 and a 40 and the smaller size is fine - the bigger is ridiculously huge) AND they were half price - in the colour I wanted for both now and A/W.... well.. it would have been utterly foolish not to buy them. 

Et voila. 


Now it's not that they're never reduced, it's just that it's hard to find them in a) the colour you want or b) the size you want at c) the right price.   It's like the planets aligning - happens so rarely. 

I have managed to snaffle a couple.  Oh and yes, before people say - these are light suede and would be rubbish in the A/W - spray with a good protector and honestly you won't be too bad at all in showers.  No I wouldn't head out in pouring rain, nor would I wade through puddles in them, but the odd spot of rain isn't going to harm - they are very hardwearing. 

Ash Jalouse Softy Topo was £149 now £100

Another of my favourite boots which I don't own but bang on about a lot is the Acne Pistol at £300 plus. (hence I don't own)  But these are the best homage to them I've seen in a long time at this price. 

London Rebel leather tab zip boot was £75 now £35  in taupe. 

One of the best bargains in a paler colour is from Great Plains.  Have loved these all season. 

Woodstock Suede Ankle Boots was £100 now £50 in sand combo

A lovely light beige colour at Mint Velvet in nubuck (even more hard wearing than suede) 

Latte Nubuck Ankle Boots was £139 now £69

Another slightly lower pair again in nubuck, this time in Stone - gorgeous. 

Stone Eliza Nubuck Ankle boots - was £129 now £79

Tan leather at Mint Velvet was £69 now £49

More tan at H by Hudson Mirar Western Ankle boots was £145 now £80

If you prefer flat and in a slightly different shade then these are a great reduction from Ravel. 

Ravel Moses Leather side zip flat boots was £75 now £45

Slightly out there but have to say I rather like these.  Actually I like them a lot.  A slight tribute to the Toga boot?

Shoemint Sienna boot was £120 now £60

Others out there which it would be worth snapping up to get maximum use out of them now and later in the year are these from M&S. 

Suede heeled Western Metallic boots from Indigo Collection at M&S £65

So I am over the moon with my pre A/W purchase (see what I did there?) and thought that as it was going to be chillier today with a chance of rain, they'd be the perfect footwear.  Turned out to be glorious all day.  Sod's law or what?  Still loved my outfit today - all favourites from last year. 


J'adore mon tee Breton top - Maison Scotch
Quilted navy blazer - Next 
Real Straight jeans rolled up - Gap
Jalouse suede boots in taupe - Ash
Tan bag - Prada

Having a huge dilemma over what to wear tomorrow - large 40th birthday party for a very good friend of ours all afternoon and evening.  But he's insisting on casual (and it's supposed to rain!)  Oh and I shall be face painting (not paint facing as I called it last time - I was rather fatigued....) for a couple of hours at the school fair beforehand with no time to change.  

I shall decide last minute (this never works out well....) 

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9 comentarios:

  1. Love the Acne Pistol alikes from Mint velvet, what an amazing price, I bought a fab pair from Dune last year, am still v tempted by the MV ones though.

    We matched jeans and stripy Ts today - love the slogan Breton xx

  2. I bend to no-one in my love of tan suede, but i had a bad moment with some Camper boots a couple of years ago so will watch how you get on with the British weather with interest - and yes, they were Scotchguarded as soon as they came out of the box

  3. I love your' look today and I covet those boots now!! H x

  4. Had these on my radar for a while but still concentrating on summer purchases. So now I'm very jealous that a) you're being sensible b) you've bought these boots and c) for such a fab price. It's most definitely boots weather here today albeit not of the suede variety x

  5. I have some fab Mango lookalikes from last year. I love them! Lynne x

  6. The perfect purchase honey! I have always wanted either the Ash or Marant Dicker and was lucky to get the later at the NAP sample sale for 60 quid - I simply can not wait till Autumn! x

  7. I have those exact same Ash (dicker) boots and I love them! I think they suit everyone, and go with everything....jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses alike. And the colour certainly goes with everything. I have had mine for a couple of years and have worn them in all weathers; they are surprisingly hardy!

  8. I'm using the same logic for some Zara sale boots, though they seem to always have my size and my size only, which is a bit of a blessing and a curse.

    Those boots are gorgeous. I do think the Dolce Vita Jax (Pistol copies) are pretty nice as well, with the tassle and suede. I have 3 pairs and really like them (not that I wouldn't get the Acne ones if I could....esp. 3 of them)

  9. I got some Pistol look-a-likes at All Saints last year, in an antique gold colour - wear them all the time as they seem to go with everything!