Stop it with the discounts already

I can't take this.  I really can't.  The sales are coming soon and that's ok.  I can handle them.  They're in the diary every year - the two big ones.  In June and in January.  These have happened since Jesus was a boy and are acceptable.  

Every season I make my little list of goodies that I shall hawk in the sale.  It's a game.  It's my version of gambling.  As I'm always a winner and if it doesn't go into the sale then I haven't spent any money.  I am the House in this scheme of Casinos.  

But these regular discount days?  What are these all about?  Too.  Much.  Temptation.  

So I am sharing my confusion and potential demise into spiralling out of monthly allowance control.  If I'm going down, I am dragging you all down with me. 

ASOS this time.  20% off everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G   Till 8am on Monday morning, hence I am indulging my hangover and giving you two posts today.  Use the code EPIC20 

I'm mentally going over everything that I have on my wishlist and am saying a silent prayer of gratitude that they don't do DVF on ASOS.  I am also thanking the lord that I am Zoe Karssen'd out and have no need for anymore.   

The best thing about ASOS (and if you haven't worked out by now, I am a huge fan) is they have so so many brands.  Go and get thy Birkies at 20% off if you haven't got them yet (if you're going to) or any of the other Fugly sandals that may have taken your fancy. 

I am definitely going to get the Bertie white cracked leather ones just to try.

And I'm just going to have a quick whizz through some other things that are on my wishlist.  Namingly dresses and skirt which permanently seem to feature on there.  They are definitely the most difficult things I find to buy.  Will I be able to find any?

Now whilst we're talking dresses, I've been asked quite a bit recently for occasion dresses.  Not ones that you could really wear during the day but for those Special Days when something smart with a little extra is needed.  Be it a wedding or the races or something of a similar ilk. 

This I think is simply gorgeous.  Reminds me again of the JCrew dress shape and black edging.  Amazing for the price.  Oh and all prices are pre 20% discount.

ASOS Piped Lace Pencil Dress £65. 

Another stunning dress - ASOS Border Floral Pencil Dress £65

ASOS Wiggle Dress in Leaf Print with V back £48

If you're looking for a totally statement maxi dress then look no further. 

ASOS Salon Maxi Dress £150

A classic black dress which everyone should have in your wardrobe. 

ASOS Wrap Pencil Dress in crepe £35

Another v neck wrap illusion from Oasis in a summery lemon shade.  This would look lovely with metallic accessories or for a real contrast I love navy and yellow together.  Or just plain white for a flowery daisy vibe. 

Oasis Drape Shirt Dress £45

Moving onto those dresses that work extra hard and can be worn for smart or casual.  My absolute fave from Whistles. 

This season in a gorgeous pale blue - would look fantastic dressed up with navy accessories or with white or black.  Or lovely with tan as seen here.  Just add sliders to wear during the day.  The fabric of these is amazing.  It doesn't crease, it goes in the washing machine and comes out practically dry.  

Whistles Shift Dress in crepe £115 

I know this style doesn't suit everyone but it's certainly very easy to throw on during the day. 

ASOS Fluro Floral Dress £35

Thinking about holiday and just adding a couple of little extras to your wardrobe - this would make a fab addition for pennies after the discount. 

ASOS Maxi Dress with Grecian Wrap for £28 in green

And in black 

On the thorny subject of skirts (god I'm boring myself with this now - how hard should it be, really?!), I like the look of this Mango one - didn't see it on their site but it does look slightly longer than their usual pelmet length.  Love this with the black top but think it would also look great with a cream tee or blouse for during the day, ditto a black one.  Would work in the A/W too with tights and a jumper.  Double bubble - fabulous.

And err that was it on the skirt front.  I shall be dreaming skirts.  Or more accurately - having nightmares. 

So you can see where my head is at - yes, a couple more days of good weather and my dress obsession rears its ugly head.  I will get there......  I daren't look at anything else as I KNOW I will see a gazillion things I suddenly "need".   And I already have my sales list that I've started to compile.... Which I will be reporting back on shortly. 

Oh but I will of course just have a quick order of the Bertie white cracked sandals.  Just to see quite how awful my toes like fingers/twiglets look in them. 

I do also have another outfit post from today.  This was when I was first up and took the boys to cricket.  I peaked early.  To say it went downhill from there was a slight understatement.  I have inhaled a pizza for lunch, The Husband has just got back from work and we're going to have a Chinese.  I may even have to resort to hair of the dog.  Oh I sat on the sofa late this afternoon and watched Inkheart with the kids.  Great kids film for all the family if you ever get a chance to see it. 


White longsleeved tee - Hush
Red cut off shorts - Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren
Black oversized buckle sandals - Zara 

Oh and for the record - my feet are not actually white in real life - it's just the way the photo has come out - honest guv. 

We're not back at school until Wednesday so we're off for another couple of days with the kids - Chessington here we come! 

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3 comentarios:

  1. Fab post, plenty of inspiration! I seem to be ordering lots of the same garb, ordered Bertie sandals this morning! Had finally decided on the Dune Jolenes before realising they were sold out ages ago!! Giving the black cracked a go, prefer the white but black goes with more of my wardrobe...anyway the next day delivery combined with discount = good times!! Lisax

  2. My head is being totally wrecked with these discount days, I am debating on asos, atterley road have one, mango had one, my wardrobe the presale, and then there was a 25% off on net a porter recently, which I succumbed to. I'm never sure should I pounce or is there a sale with a better price just around the corner?? And do I really need to buy anything at all or am I just being tempted by the discount. It's hard to resist a discount when there is a clock ticking.

  3. Excellent tanned legs - love them!