I'll be Jet & you can be Wolf

Oh yes folks, it's Gladiators. (seriously have you watched that back ever?  It is utter tripe.  Yet I seem to remember it being the highlight of my Saturday night for many a year and I fear I wasn't exactly a young thing who didn't know better.  The shame)

But this time we're talking gladiator sandals.  I love mine - I've had them for five years now and I remember taking months to find them.  Nothing's changed.  Back then, with a nearly 1 year old, 2year old and 4 year old, I can still recall the total obsession of finding the perfect ones. 

And to be fair, there was clearly method in my madness as it totally paid off.  I still have them and they still get dragged out every year.  It's a fashion which shows no signs of abating.  Boho chic hasn't gone anywhere, it grows legs every years.  And on the feet on the end of those legs, we must clad glads. 

There are loads of gorgeous ones about (must not cave, must not cave).  I have had lots of people say that they love sliders but they're not for them and these are a great alternative Summer sandal. 

Starting with ones from River Island.  Now they can be all much of a muchness but there are some great alternatives out there and these definitely come under that heading.  Laces instead of buckles.

Black Lace up Glads £40  I think these look very expensive actually - rather Toast to me, certainly not River Island.  There is also a cheeky 25% off at RI this week using the code GRAZIAJUNE14.  (guess where I'm off to today...I have some birthday presents to buy - do you think The Husband is going to want anything from River Island?  I should surely have a quick look, shouldn't I?)

Another slight twist on a classic - in natural and gold.  I LOVE these. 

Sam Edelman Natural Gold Glinda Gladiator Sandals £113

A bronze pair which are just too gorgeous. 

Report Signature Lastro Gladiator Flat Sandals £75

A leopard print pair on sale at ASOS from Park Lane. (leather!)

Park Lane Leopard print gladiator sandals were £34 now £24

These are a modern take on the theme.  Fabulous monochrome version from New Look. 

Black Contrast Sole £17.99

Dune also have a sporty looking pair in nude and white. 

Dune Jeanie Sporty Gladiator Sandals in nude £65

Staying with simple, these are a pared down version again from New Look (who are on fire with their shoes this season) 

White Gladiator Buckle Sandals £17.99

Back to classics now with a pewter leather version from Steve Madden.  These are the perfect summer colour, they'd go with anything. 

Steve Madden Plato Gladiator Flats £55 (great zip at the back for easy opening)

Also in black £55

Simple classic at New Look in a wide fit. 

New Look Wide Fit Hickery flat sandals £17.99

Another tan version with a gold contrast (love these, up there with one of my favourites) 

Tan Gold Metallic Gladiator Sandals £17.99 

And a black metallic version for £17.99 as well (by the way, these are practically sold out on ASOS, popular they are.  Still available on the New Look site though in the link) 

My ultimate favourites are the clean line, quite modern looking glads that still have a traditional edge to them - yup, covering all bases there. 

Ted Baker Fiachu Leather sandals in black £100

And way out - in everything.   Well, mainly colour and price.  But they are rather yummy. 

Vivienne Westwood Lime Michelle Gladiator Flat Sandals £255

And here I am in my outfit from yesterday, complete with my aged, beloved gladiator sandals.  Gearing up to a big weekend, we're out Friday, all day Saturday and night and I need to be up to get the coach at 9am to London for the whole day with the 9yr old who is in a show.  So taking it quite quiet this week and getting jobs done before we also all go out to supper on Thursday for The Husband's birthday. 


White scoop neck loose tee - Hush
Linen cargo trousers - Topshop
Tan gladiator sandals - Aldo
Cowboy hat - FatFace
Resin and shell necklace - By Malene Birger
Cognac cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine! 

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21 comentarios:

  1. Thank you Kat you have really made me enjoy shopping again, thanks to all your great finds. Recently bought the mango baroque dress you blogged about and it is fab but now think I need some new sandals to go with it. What would you suggest black or tan decisions decisions. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    1. oh you are more than welcome - what a lovely thing to read! Hmm well to be honest, I think either would work but personally I love tan for the Boho look which I think would be fab with that dress. xx

  2. Love gladiators - I also took my time to find the right ones. Finally got them in the US on holiday at a discount store - brown leather Ugg glads, £25!! Amazingly comfy, look fab.

  3. The sam Edelman ones are great - a fab Ancient Greek copy!

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they? Love all the Ancient Greek ones too although I've my eye on all things chunky this season for some reason (god knows what's going to happen come winter boot time....! I'll be wearing DMs next!)

  4. My love for gladiators is officially renewed!!! have you seen the Matt Bernson ones, they are gorgeouso x

    1. I know - I fear I may need another pair now... (no no no!) Yes, I love ALL gladiators, it's for sure! x

  5. Love love love the Matt Bernson anyone know where they can be purchased in the UK. Thanks

    1. I'd try Shopbop or Farfetch. Hope that helps! xx

  6. Corking outfit today! You look awesome!

  7. Loving the outfit...it's a look that really suits you

  8. Dune Glads are now in the John Lewis sale!! Along with lots of others xx

  9. I love gladiators too, they are great for long walks around the city. You can sprint and not lose a shoe like you would with flip flops or slides. My favorite pair are your Aldo's. Love the color.

  10. Sam Edelman ones are currently £42 on Brand Alley! Just snagged myself a pair....

    1. oh god that might be me heading over there x

  11. I love the colour of the 1st NL ones but those TB ones are just gorgeous! Hope all is well with you Kat? Ax