It's another High Street Surprise for me

Now admittedly I had hoped to be able to bring you loads of fabulous sales reductions but - well, a lot of the High Street doesn't seem to be playing ball with their sales this season.  To coin my favourite phrase without swearing, "the cheeky gits" seem to be keeping a lot of their best bits at full price. 

They seem to have cottoned on to the fact that we still have the best part of the Summer ahead of us and to put all your Summer stock in sale is bonkers.  The issue is, I think, that historically the sales were later.  At the very earliest they were the last week of June, if not squeaking into July.  And we never used to have the round robins of discount days that we are fortunate (?!) enough to have now. 

So whilst the big designer online players appease us by throwing everything into the sale from S/S14, they cunningly have Pre Fall A/W14 collections to bring us (yes, they don't get away from "gits" status) 

However, I am hopeful that there might be a couple of gems reduced from my new found High Street lust - which will be Karen Millen.  Oh no, I hear you cry.   Oh yes, I cry back.  Before I go any further, just to point out, I have absolutely zero relationship with them (and after my next comments the chances of one happening aren't high..... but I have changed my opinion....!) 

Now here's where I skate on thin ice - trying to describe my previous feelings towards KM.  Dare I say, I'd be fine if I were married to a footballer?  Does that get the message across adequately?

Don't get me wrong - in the mid to late 90's it was my go to shop of choice.  I loved it - I truly truly did.  And then things started to get a bit more sheer (ie totally see through in areas I didn't want things to be totally see through - no-one needs to get a hint of my muffin) or there was a lot of lace involved.  Some random leather trim and a lot of "cut out" bits.  I either needed a pole or a Division Three footballer as my accessory - it was a fine line. 

But they're changed.  Honest to god, they have.  It was the recent adverts by David Bailey that made me think - for real?  This is not the Karen Millen I know and chuckle at.  This is GORGEOUS. 

To prove I haven't lost my tiny, gin soaked mind, these are the pics that made me cross the their threshold again.  Marketing at its very very best. 

I will premise my list if loveliness by saying there is a downside and that is, it's not cheap.  On the upside, they do seem to put on a good sale (those things that they put in the sale that is - it may be a question of making a list, checking it twice and hawking their online site until things get reduced)

Studded Vest top £65  This is the most beautiful jersey, with proper studs. (if that makes sense..)


If you're looking for a super formal dress for a Special Occasion then this is the most exquisite dress. 

Draped Jersey Shift Dress £145


These I think are gorgeous and Want with a capital W for the A/W.

Tasselled leather slipper £125

But there are some gorgeous shoes in the sale which would be total classics. 

Black patent pumps now £40 was £85

Other perfect Summer Sandals which I saw in a magazine right at the beginning of the season and couldn't believe they were Karen Millen. 

Two part block heel sandals now £55 was £110

Now we all know I love a shoe boot so I couldn't possibly not put these in.  And they're in a champagne colour too.  My god, these are gorgeous, if on the high side....

Cutwork Shoe Boots £95 was £140

And not that you needed a matching bag but .... 

Cutwork metallic clutch bag now £75 was £110

There were some things I saw that are now reduced - this is the most stunning black and cobalt dress and would be the perfect buy to wear now and take you into the A/W.  This was a totally scary £300 originally (I did say it wasn't cheap) but is slightly more palatable at £175 (I did say slightly....) 

Silk Aztec Embroidered Dress now £175 (this is silk silk not designer silk which apparently a lot of the time, is polyester.  Not looking at anyone in particular, Acne.....)


If you like the embroidered look then you may prefer the more reasonably priced Silk front embroidered top which is now £75 was £125  (see how fab the shoes look?  I think these are what they call cream although they look blush to me) 

Or they do a similar Neon dress which would be perfect dressed up with nude shoes but look fab with flat sandals during the day. 

Silk Neon Embroidered Dress now £135 was £199

Absolutely love this Indigo Devore T-shirt now £35 was £50 This would look with faded skinnies and a navy blazer.  Just love. 

The most perfect purchase for the A/W  - with a fabulous David Bailey model pic. 

Chunky graphite patterned jumper was £99 now £65

Speaking of A/W these are SO on my Wish List (yes I'm compiling already...) for A/W.  The obligatory leather leggings.  But definitely pleather in my place.  I need to wash them.  I'm sorry, but I know people say there is no such thing as a sweaty crotch in leather leggings but frankly, I don't believe you.  And I am not paying £20 a pop to have them dry cleaned.  

I am going to go full on Suzy Quattro and want pleather back and front but these are perfect if you fancy the jersey backed variety.  The perfect investment Sales purchase. 

Stretch Faux Leather leggings was £99 now £65

And finishing with the most stunning bag which you would use every day, all year round.  I adore this colour (having a couple in this colour myself).

Push Lock Tote now £100 was £225 

Actually, as you're making such a saving on the bag, I'd get these as well.  LOVE. 

Leather Peep Toe Shoe Boot £155


So, am I yet again exceptionally late to the party and have you all known about the re-emergence of Karen Millen as a proper High Street Contender (if at the pricier end).  Or have I lost my mind and it's still all a bit mutton?  Well, I for one, am exceptionally excited to see what they have in store for us this A/W.  In the meantime, I highly recommend you go forth and peruse their site but do bear in mind that things look better in the shop. 

Here I am today and this is the LAST TIME I look at and actually pay attention to my utterly useless iPhone weather app.  It is beyond rubbish.  It wasn't 20 degrees with showers today, it was 25 degrees and wall to wall sunshine.  I was boiling, but I'd gone on a flooring mission to Croydon (don't ask) and so couldn't change.  I even ended up in Ikea.  And then TK Maxx and I bought NOTHING. 

Note to self - it's due to be hot again tomorrow. 


Cream jersey oversized tee - H&M
Linen khaki cargos - TopShop
Champagne espadrilles - Penelope Chllvers
Tan bag - Prada
Hot air balloon scarf - Lily & Lionel

I shall see you tomorrow.  I may well be compiling "my things to buy in the sales to wear next season", blog. 

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13 comentarios:

  1. I have avoided Karen Millen for years and for the exact reasons you describe. I got older and didn't want to spend a fortune to look as mutton dressed as Girls Aloud! But now...blimey! So far I am in love with the Aztec dress, the faux leather leggings, the tan shoots and OMG! The tan bag!! Off to Karen Millen at StPauls tomorrow for the first time ever!!!

    1. Good luck! Let us know how you get on x

  2. Totally agree! Have been shopping in KM again this year after years of thinking it wasn't for me anymore! The problem now is that I like so many things!
    Abbi x

    1. I know right?! There are SO many gorgeous things - haven't even started on the jeans.... x

  3. Hmmmm that's a difficult one. I have to say today I had a hankering for a cross body bag and so got my Chloe Marcie out of the cupboard which is a more structured cross body bag and I love it. So I do think there is definitely mileage in one and I"m really looking forward to using it again in the A/W. For me - the trapeze bag (Celine or Philip Lim 3.1 lookeylikey? don't know but there are loads of them around) isn't my fave shape although I can see the appeal. However I will say that as an all round bag, for me, the Karen Millen one in that colourway would be the most useful and will wear better than the structured Whistles bags. Clear as mud?!

  4. How do you find their sizing? I bought this dress last month for my cousin's wedding and had to go up 1-2 sizes (meaning the sales assistants had to search about for the "plus" sizes :-))

  5. hi there,

    i was just wondering what happened about you flogging off bits from your wardrobe, did it happen? have i missed it? anyhoo, another great post, karen millens a bit pricey for me sadly - any chance of you doing a cheapy high street shop find? best wishes C x

  6. I've been shopping in Karen Millen over the last couple of years and found some fantastic things. I especially love their lovely leather jackets, which fit perfectly and are made from the softest, smooshiest leather. They've been doing some great tees and sweater for a while too. My favourite (and probably most used) buy has been their box pleated black leather skirt. No longer mutton, I think - except for maybe a few bits here and there.

  7. "I either needed a pole or a Division Three footballer as my accessory - it was a fine line." That has to be the best sentence I've read this year ... xxx

  8. You went to Croydon with a Prada handbag and made it out alive?

  9. There are similar tassel shoes in the Next A/W range along pony skin skate shoes oh yes I have pre ordered already.
    The tassle shoes are in black and tan and I think they are leather. Ps I know what you mean about KM and the sheerness issue been avoiding it for years because of this.

  10. Hi Kat, I know you have a love hate relationship with Zara, but wonder why you never do a blog dedicated to the best bits in Zara.