It's my first Sales post.

And they're off! 

My Wardrobe are the first big online luxe site to start their sale.  It's always a fab time to think about investment shopping and getting that little piece of luxury that you might not normally buy at full price.

I know there are some great things out there on the high street - hell, some of my favourite dresses are all from Whistles - but there is something lovely about buying something that isn't as ubiquitous. 

Especially when we're talking dresses.  I had a little dressathon the other day (just because the whole jeans escapade hadn't been depressing enough, I decided to torture myself that little bit more by trying on dresses).  Dear.  God.  They are so so SO hard to buy (that may well be why I have two in the same style and am seriously contemplating buying a third).

So it's sometimes worth spending that little bit more - or actually spending the same amount of money as the High Street dresses as they discounts can be so good. 

And it's dresses that I need.  I had a big party day yesterday and at the very last minute as it was hammering down with rain, I decided to wear trousers and a top.  Which I did like but I have to say I really didn't feel as special as when I wear a dress.  Luckily this week, I'm out on Friday and Saturday and shall definitely be wearing dresses on both occasions.  Whistles numbers here we come. 

Unless.... unless unless unless I find another gem which I fall in love with between now and then.  It would be rude not to have a quick look at the My Wardrobe site "just in case". 

Starting with day dresses actually (nothing like changing the brief from the start).  Oh and fear not - I shall be reissuing my sales rules in good time.  The ones I never stick to.....

There are some bargains to be had and here are a selection of my favourite style of dresses - the obligatory dress up and dress down.  Those fabulous numbers you can wear during the day with sandals or sneakers - and fling on some heels for a smart evening occasion.   And if they're totally perfect then they're handwash (ie machine) as well.  AND reduced so we can justify them?  What's not to love. 

This is perfect if orange is your colour.  Would be gorgeous teamed with snakeskin accessories.  Or leopard print....  Or black, or navy or tan.  The possibilities are endless.  Such an easy shape to wear either down up to the top button or undone to give a different, open collar look. 

Grenadine Shirt Dress by Raoul was £230 now £115

Another very versatile dress is this stunning violet colour one from Acne.  No it's not cheap but cost per wear, considering it's handwash, would really make it worthwhile.  Again, wear done up to the neck or undo the zip for a collar. 

Acne Studios Twist Fluid Drape Dress was £260 now half price at £130.  This would look GREAT with my Reiss blue snakeskin shoes.  And at this price - it's not that much more than a Whistles dress.

Carven Colour Block Polo Dress was £180 now £108.  This could even be worn for work.  Ideal length for every day.  Washable and with pockets.  A tick on every level.

This isn't a dress but it serves the exact same purpose.  This would work just as well coming up to Christmas with either American tan tights and shoots (don't laugh - they work!) or opaques. 

ba&sh Wolverton Cherry red Jumpsuit £100 was £201

Throwing in this even though it's definitely for smarter occasions but if anyone is after an LBD - look no further. 

Joseph Black Summer Ruffle dress £159 was £265

Such a cute day dress next - ideal for holiday or a BBQ  - team with flat strappy sandals or wedges.  Probably not for a tall person as this does look on the short side.  Ideal if you're more diminutive.

Christophe Sauvat Paisley Dress now £73 was £147  

Another dress down one at ba&sh

Crew Tie Up Dress now £115 was £192

For super casual, it's worth looking at the t-shirt dresses (which again are nice enough to worn to a lunch or BBQ in my opinion) 

Etre Cecile Big Love t-shirt was £90 now £45

More Etre Cecile - Neon Floral T-shirt dress again half price at £60 was £120

Other bargains that it would be rude not to have a look at - we're thinking forward now..... I'm not going to mention A/W but....

Zoe Karssen French Kissing in the USA Cashmere jumper half price £93 was £186

Absolutely LOVE this sequin one from Markus Lupfer, now at half price as well. 

Markus Lupfer Yeah yeah yeah Sequin jumper was £300 now £150 (handwash too)

Not forgetting shoes.  I am sitting firmly on my hands here as I Do Not Need any shoes.  (apart from some incredibly elusive tan sandals which I can't find for love nor money) 

My bessie has these and they are amazing.  Great buy for leather and a total classic. 

MICHAEL Michael Kors was £125 now £62

Staying with the 70's nod, these are just ace.  Total Charlie's Angels - I love them.  

Michael Kors comes up trumps again with these gorgeous sandals.  A far more manageable heel height. 

MICHAEL Michael Kors Giuliana Ankle Strap now £80 was £160 

And the perfect mid heel height from DKNY. 

Elaine Studded sandals now £77 was £155

Finishing with a little treat - either for yourself or for a friend's birthday.  I'm a huge fan of the brands they have at My Wardrobe for jewellery and have bought more than a couple of things from there which I wear regularly. 

Love this bracelet from Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Square Knot leather bracelet - now £41 was £82

Very tempted to get this to match my necklace which I wear a lot. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dynamite Protection Bracelet £55 was £110

So have you caved in the My Wardrobe sale yet?  Anything that catches your eye?  I'm going to have a serious think about the violet Acne dress.  Although I do also have my eye on another Whistles shift dress but this may be more useful.  Who knows.

Finishing with my pics from the last couple of days - Friday, of course, being the day of canoeing for my friend's birthday.  Here I am in full on She-Ra mode.  Wasn't looking quite so gung ho, five hours of rowing later.  We were all totally broken.   We did, however, have the most amazing day, beautiful weather, best of friends and non stop laughter all day long.  Even when we were a) capsizing and b) being followed down the tow path by a naked man.  Think Geriatric Fabio, flowing locks - naked as the day he was born  I kid you not.  It could only happen to us.  

If you get a chance to do it, I cannot recommend it highly enough (perhaps minus the added naturist)  Utterly superb and something to remember forever.  We are looking for our next Challenge.....


Do we really need to know where it's all from? I'm going with no. 

And afterwards - I honestly can't remember being so exhausted. 


Horsing around sweatshirt - JCrew
Real Straight jeans rolled up - Gap
Oversized buckle sliders - Zara

And yesterday - no dress as, like I said, I was convinced it was going to rain.  I am rather worse for wear at this point but it's the only outfit one I have and I have to say, as a trouser outfit, I was rather pleased with it.  Two lovely parties in the afternoon, one which finished in the wee small hours.  


Petrol blue coated skinnies - Zara
Floral top - Kenzo
Blue and black snakeskin sandals - Reiss

Right, I'm off to take the kids swimming in the last hour of sunshine before a lovely salad supper and a small glass of red with The Husband.  Hope everyone else had a great weekend. 

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21 comentarios:

  1. Get the Acne NOW! I've machine washed Claudia's and its fab, no ironing! X

    1. oh don't say that! I'm toying with the Whistles pale blue one... I may have to order it just to scratch the itch.......!

  2. The orange dress is by far my favourite one. Your canoeing sound like a very interesting trip.

    X x

    1. It's gorgeous, isn't it, I just wish I could do orange. Canoeing was fantastic for sure! x

  3. Love love love your blue outfit with the Kenzo top - those shoes are amazing!! xx

    1. They're fab aren't they?! V pleased with them x

  4. Hey Kat, how are you finding the Zara sliders...contemplating the purchase :)

    1. I am absolutely loving them. So much, I'm considering buying them in the white as well x

    2. Thank you! I've hit the send button :))

  5. I tried out the Ba & Sh cream crew neck dress. I liked it - a lot but it went back. It's a bit short for most occasions and a bit tight around the shoulders. I nearly went for the orange shift instead. But I've put all thoughts of dresses to one side and am now concentrating my efforts ona pair of Bermuda shorts. Don't laugh. Always love to see your horsing around jumper. Looks great on you. Sorry to go on but I love that French kissing in the USA jumper.

    1. Bermuda shorts - very useful! I did a blog on them a while ago, haven't caved myself as I'm all about The Dress...... Yes and I love that sweatshirt and I am totally having to sit on my hands not to order the Markus Lupfer jumper actually! x

  6. oh thank you darling - I so so so love reading your comments! Yes, canoeing was THE best laugh - we might take it slightly easier next time and do Go Ape although I do think that white water rafting at Lee Valley may be on the agenda some time soon (that involves wet suits... eek!)

  7. So ... I read this post last night on my phone & it wouldn't allow me to comment ... and I then proceeded to dream that you couldn't get the blue Acne dress above .. but I did (with the Michael Kors ankle strap sandal) and you were sooooo furious with me, that you refused to speak to me!!! How ridiculous is that?!! Your Kenzo/coated skinnies/cobalt sandals look is beyond stunning by the way xx

    1. TOO funny! No, I can't reply to any on my phone either, is beyond annoying. I'm not sure if I'll buy it tbh - I think I may prefer the pale blue Whistles one although I should probably order it to scratch the itch. I love the orange one but it's just not my colour. GAH

  8. Love the orange dress, so fresh in design and not the same old. Love the outfit with your Kenzo top, those coated jeans are killer.

    1. Well I"ve ordered it now so fingers crossed.... x

  9. Wow. I love the Kenzo top and coated skinnies. x

  10. I bought the Marc Jacobs leather bracelet on Sunday and it came today - I love it ! Thank you so much - I would never have seen it if it was t for your blog x

    1. oh you're more than welcome - it's gorgeous isn't it?! xx

  11. I am just loving reading this and getting tips. It is also really making me laugh. Having just had a significant birthday I'm thinking maybe it's not all down hill.... Does my bum look 50 in this?
    Have you blogged on watches? Really need a new one and I'm loving yours. x