No I haven't lost my mind.

And can I also point out that I haven't been approached, sponsored, paid or gifted in any way for this post. 

This is following my exploration of the British High Street. 

Ok, if I'm honest, it's to do with me being too lazy to go to the Post Office to send something back - it being much easier to just take it back instore when I went to Bluewater before I went to Ireland. 

I'm talking returning the white leather skirt to Wallis.  

I'm not particularly a fan of Wallis.  Actually, again if I'm being honest, I would go so far to as to say I really don't like it.  I've been in a couple of times trying to hunt down something I saw in a mag/I've seen online on the off chance it was ok (case in point being the white leather skirt) and in a nutshell, it wasn't ok.  Principally because they never actually have it in stock. (there is little more irritating than seeing something in a mag placed by an overzealous PR that never actually makes it to us meer mortals) 

I was also a total snob if I'm frank and thought I was way too cool to shop at Wallis.  There.  I fessed up.  And I haven't even had a glass of wine.  Humble pie yes, wine, no. 

It was where women of my age "should" go and shop and I thought I was far more hip and trendy than "that" woman.   

Quick slap round the face recently and I thought, well, get over yourself, you arse and accept that if you can find something you like in Topshop where 80% of it is not remotely age appropriate then there is absolutely no reason why the same shouldn't apply in Wallis with the 80% of it just being for a slightly different demographic to dress in.  No difference in the stats at all - one just being for the younger and one for the older.  

There is still a middle ground for us middle grounders. 

My white leather skirt being a case in point.  They actually have a black one left in a 12 (this is a bona fide 12, you don't need to size up in this one).

Point I need to make before we go on:-  The styling needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.  This is no different to the copious amounts of flesh exposing cropped tops that are littered with gay abandon all over the Topshop website.

Black A line Leather skirt now only £66.50 reduced from £95

And the white one that I have - again £66.50.   The reason I'm unsure about keeping it, is that it's slightly too big.  Which means it's too long.  It's on the knee and it needs to be just above, like it is in the pic.   It's not huge though on the hips - it's just more A line which suits me fine - and so I'm contemplating shortening it.  But it's hemmed.  However my Zara one isn't hemmed, it's just been lopped off with a raw leather edge.  Which I have to say I do think, pardon the pun, makes it slightly edgier....  It's also lined but a bit of wonderweb could sort that out no probs.   Quality for less than £70 for a leather skirt is amazing.

White leather A-line skirt now £66.50

It does seem to be their W Collection which has the edge for me and there are some gems to be found. 

Love this utility inspired silky khaki shirt - in fact I love it with the shorts. 

Khaki Green Shirt was £55 now £27.50 

And the shorts which would look as good dressed down with a white boxy jumper and sneakers for the day time.

Khaki Green Embellished shorts now half price £20

There are also some great dresses and hurrah, they aren't arse skimming but a proper length!

I love this - it's my classic shape which works for me, hides a multitude of sins.  Fabulous colours and it has pockets.  What's not to love?

Floral V Back Dress was £60 now £42

However my favourite is this - I absolutely love it and am gutted there isn't a 10 left (I do think Wallis does come up on the large side).  If you told anyone this was DVF, I don't think anyone would argue with you. 

Palm Print Shirt Dress was £65 now £52

They also do a chocolate brown version too - I have a dress this shade and I love it with snakeskin accessories. 

Brown Shirt Dress was £65 now £52

On to the maxi dresses now. 

Printed Maxi Dress 

I think the print on this is totally stunning - like wearing a piece of art.  Prints like this, in my opinion are fab.  Full on but in a subtle, muted colourway so it isn't too in your face. 

Snake Print Bar Detail Maxi Dress was £60 now £54

However there are some more full on prints which are perfect for those warmer Summer days.  Fabulously flattering V necks as well. 

Tropical Print Maxi Dress was £60 now £42

Pastel Print Maxi Dress was £48 now £38.40

And a midi dress - love this length with super high heels, in that fabulous palm print again. 

Palm Print Shift Dress was £60 now £24

Jumpsuits too.  Love the soft draping fabric of the Black Chain Jumpsuit was £65 now £45.50

It was actually these that I spied when I was waiting in the queue that made me think - hang on a minute, there may well be some gems in here.  These are gorgeous. (ignore them with these shoes - please)

Khaki Green Jogger now only £19 reduced from £35


They also do them in a mocha. £19 again down from £35

Absolutely adore these - they are identical to a pair I, ironically, tried to get from Topshop a couple of years ago that sold out.

Stone Floral Tapered Trousers was £30 now £27

They also had a couple of pairs of shoes which I definitely have my eye on.  Again, they look much better in the flesh than they do here.

Black Wedge Sandal was £35 now £24.50


These though are honestly amazing. 

Black clog sandal was £35 now £31.50

Brown Clog Sandal was £35 now £31.50

Gold Clog Sandal was £35 now £31.50


And after all of that, I didn't even return the skirt as there was a massive queue which didn't seem to get any shorter and I suddenly thought I would try and make it work... Still time to return it... Or do I keep it.... Off to try it on again.

Finishing with my outfit from my party last night was truly truly fabulous.  The most amazing house party and I very very sensibly left at about 2am even though it was still going strong.  This does not, however, mean I do not feel like an utter bag of spanners today.


Reina Dress - DVF
Tan lace up shoots - LK Bennett
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

So I've taken the boys to cricket and I promised all the children I'd take them swimming later on and in the middle of that, I shall try not to die from my hangover.  Happy Sunday everyone.

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5 comentarios:

  1. Wallis isn't my go-to shop either but I popped in the other week to buy a necklace that I had seen online, discovered their leather cuffs, a jacket and a top which were duly bought. I've been after a pair of cuffed pants is neutral colour for ages, I'm positive they didn't have them in our local store, off to check out the website, thanks Kat x

  2. That's weird - the Wallis skirt was definitely above the knee on me and I'm not as tall as you. x

  3. Wallis was one of the stores that participated in the fashion show that I styled in the Trafford Centre last month, and I was really very, very pleasantly suprised by the range available. I too had dismissed it as 'mum frump central', but actually it's very definitely a store worth looking at

  4. WOW that dress is AMAZING - you look stunning - one of the best outfits I've ever seen you in! xx

  5. I love this pic of you! You are just glowing Kat! We have a concession store in our local BHS & I never really pay it much attention either but have spotted a couple of gems in there recently! I just blogged the palm print shift too! Its a bloody bargain! xx