I am a stuck record

So look away now if you don't want to me rant on about dresses again.  Actually, to be fair, it's not so much ranting as raving.  

After my success with the Next dress (slight downside of writing a blog is that a lot of friends will say to you "ooh love your £26 Next dress" when you have it on.  No secrets here), my love of all things dress has been totally reignited. 

I *may* have had a slight splurge in the My Wardrobe sale - they sent me an extra 20% off code yesterday, the GITS, and with free postage, it was just rude not to scratch the itch of the dresses I had on the blog the other day. 

So I ended up ordering the orange Raoul (just in case it is my colour.... I know it's not but I couldn't stop thinking how useful it would be), the violet Acne dress (am rather afraid it will be full on purple) and this one which I didn't see the other day, but it's been on my wish list since the beginning of the season.  I managed to snag three dresses (and I will absolutely NOT keep all of them) which are all hand washable.  *punches air*

Sportmax Code Terra Vertical Stripe Box Dress now £119 was £170.

And this morning I wake up to a 25% off email from Atterley Road.  The Husband is about to self combust watching the rugby (apparently it's an important game...?!), washing is on, kids have been dropped of at tennis and drama and so I am going to luxuriate in a quick peruse through the frocks as they have some fantastic options which I think will probably sell out before they even make it to the sale. 

As per usual (absolute yawnarama yes - hence the stuck record warning.  I'm nothing if not true to my word), these must be dress up dress down. We want the workhorses of the dress world. 

All prices are pre discount.  Use the code FLASH25

Minimum Elin Dress £60 The search for a breton dress continues....

Another Minimum dress.  This has more than a look of an Acne dress to me. 

Minimum Winnie Dress £60

Another Acne/All Saints tribute here from Twist & Tango at a much easier price point (even before the discount - we're talking Sainsbury's prices with the 25% off!)  Would look lovely during the day with flat white or black sandals. 

Twist & Tango Macy Printed Dress £65

I love the monochrome look of this.  

Louche Danielle Giraffe Dress £59

A grey version of monochrome with this feather dress.  Love the wearability of this - such a useful dress with a slightly unusual pattern that you'd have in your summer wardrobe for years.  Dress up with black gladiator sandals and a black clutch.  Throw on sliders for the school run.  I actually also think this would work really well with block mid heel sandals as well. 

YAYA Feather dress £60

Another great print dress from the wonderful Danish company St. Tropez

St. Tropez All Over Printed dress £60 

The Almost Famous tunics are fabulous - one would be forgiven for thinking these were DVF...... We have a shop locally to us that sells these and they sell out as soon as she gets them in.  They really are excellent (I've not been quick enough to snag one!) 

Almost Famous Aztec Print Jersey Tunic £85

I'm on a monochrome roll with another Almost Famous tunic.  And yes, again, these all go in the machine. 

Almost Famous Monochrome Applique tunic £79

This is slightly more expensive but much more palatable with the 25% off.  This would look great during the day with gladiator sandals and a denim jacket.  Swap them for tan heels and a tan clutch for an evening out. 

Maison Scotch Easy Summer Dress £125

French Connection Maxi Dress - add a denim jacket, straw hat and flat sandals for dress down every day or throw on some bling for a dressy evening outfit.  Amazing price before the discount.  This is the ideal throw in the suitcase multi purpose dress for holiday. 

FCUK Alanis Jersey Maxi Dress £85

Now this doesn't remotely fit the brief but I had to include it as I love it so so so so much. I have absolutely zero need for it, even if I did have something coming up that could perhaps warrant it, I probably wouldn't buy it but oh my god I love it. 

Hoss Intropia Ves Ivory Dress £340

And I've only just done the dresses!  Next time I shall be back with my Sales Manifest to make sure we don't all lose the plot.  There are strict rules to which we should adhere (not the use of the word "should") 

Here I am yesterday in the gorgeous weather. 


Silk blouse - Zara
Red shorts - Denim & Supply By Ralph Lauren
Black sandals - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

Finally getting wear out of my dresses.  Party at a friend's house (how lovely is it?!) 


Lucky Cocoon dress - Whistles
Black and cobalt snakeskin shoes - Reiss
Black clutch - Tory Burch

Now off to two parties this afternoon - tis the season to be Catholic (more First Holy Communion celebrations.  Champagne and bouncy castles - what's not to love?!)

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17 comentarios:

  1. Great dresses - you look stunning in your evening outfit - love the setting.

  2. Great post. I really need to, at least, try finding some love for dresses. I particularly love the cocoon dress on you. Nice pool, lucky buggers, but lots of maintenance as my Husband always says. :0) H xx

    1. Yes, I have to say we've toyed with the idea of a pool and I am still feeling the love but tbh our garden isn't that big!! Dresses however - bring them on, the more the merrier!

  3. My husband pointed out the Sportmax one to me as a possible wedding option ages ago, really like it and so glad you ordered the Acne x

    1. It looks fabulous (and LOVE the fact your DH found it!) but I'm slightly worried it might just look like a sack on me.... We'll see.... And fingers crossed for the Acne!

  4. You look stunning in the Whistles - more amazing than the pad which is craaaaazy good! Made me choke on my coffee reading "Gits" for the Atterley Road email - no-one's forcing you (but that Hoss Intropia is beyond gorgeous!). I have a question - where do you get all of your energy? Tips please, it all sounds exhausting with day parties, following night parties and on and on. If I have a night out, I need a day to recover but you're off on your next adventure. What is your secret? Also, I bought the Cocoa Brown tan on your rec and it is easy to use with no streaks, but my colour really pale compared to yours. Do you put it on every night? The can said to leave on for up to 3 hours but I left it on overnight for around 8 hours and still just had a very faint glow rather than your deep tan. Must be doing something wrong! Have a great holy communion weekend - I've got to wait 4 years for that Charade to start (it's gypsy wedding ville round here for Holy Communions and that's just the mothers!!). xx

    1. Oh bless you! I've always loved a party for sure and being half Irish I do have the constitution of an ox. Plus practice makes perfect...! Cocoa Brown - hmm are you using the 1hr one? I do tend to just put it on after a shower and then just wash it off the next day (minger alert.. although I thought that was what everyone did - the shame).

      And yes, the First Holy Communion rounds are fabulous - parties non stop - the kids LOVE them! I've got two in a row next year and the year after - panic stations..!

  5. That hoss dress is so so fabulous. I would order it in a heartbeat if I had the occasion to wear it. It is reduced on the hoss website too

    1. So gorgeous isn't it - my problem would be that it's too warm to wear on a really hot day but I'd only ever wear something that short if it was warm. GAH!

  6. Not that the rest of your outfit isn't stunning, you always look great, but the shoes are to DIE for. Love. Love. Love. Like walk into any party and own it kind of shoe. Well done!

    1. Thank you - love them yes, they were a fab sales buy in Jan for sure x

  7. The Sportmax dress is lovely and now sold out so great you got it before it went. Would love to know what it is like on. I think dresses are fab to wear as everyday and if too short stick a pair of black skinnies underneath (better than leggings as knees don't bag) is my theory. Love the blog btw first thing I do in the morning is see whether there is a new post!

    1. I'm sure it was OOS when I looked at the sale originally and it came back into stock. I'm therefore hoping it doesn't look like a sack on... (my slight fear...) And thank you so so much for the lovely comments xxxx

  8. What tan do you use? I love your style, you look fab all the time!! X

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and it's Cocoa Brown 1 hr tan mousse xxx

  9. Drawstring trousers haven't done for ever ,this is true, I"ll have a think about finding some in the sale. Whistles Lola ones are too gorgeous if you're looking for something v casual. Anthropologie have some print ones which are gorgeous. x