The Wicker Man

Way to sell an item - just there. 

Maybe it's because this is something that I have to say, I'm not that into.  I KNOW, RIGHT.  There is something (there are a lot of things, I'm sure, but don't put me on the spot and ask me what they are) that hasn't floated my boat last year or this year but I get so many messages asking about them that today - I am giving myself over to the wicker.  

Actually it's not entirely wicker - it's jute, straw, pretty much any sort of bag that screams SUMMER.

Baskets, bags and clutches.   

And it's notentirely true that I don't really like them.  I rather love them (or at the very least don't mind them and acquiesce that they are useful) .  But I don't use them enough to justify buying them regularly.  I have one (all of one...!) that I have had for a couple of years now - a jute Smile bag from The Jacksons and that's enough for me.  We don't go on loads of sunny holidays (although I've just finished booking one for October so prepare yourself for an onslaught of panic summer sales shopping as everything beachy is now obviously sold out... ARGH) and so I am more than happy to use large leather totes for our UK stays away.

I am also going to fess up now and say that when it comes to Summer handbags - even in this country and abroad where people have been crushing on the round basket bags - I'm a leather bag girl.  I love the look on other people but it's up there with full on boho embroidery and espadrilles - I know what I'm comfortable in and I leave that to other ladies to rock, as rock it that do.

Thinking about though, I could so easily do a clutch.  An embroidered, full on holiday clutch?  Sign me up now.  

But starting with the classic straw basket.  These work as well on holiday as they do here in the Summer for day trips out. 

Straw Basket Bag £55 from The White Company

And then I'm going in with the ultimate that I would absolutely love to own.  As it would last for years and years and years and years. 

Monogram Long Leather Handle Basket from Rae Feather £170 (this site is the ultimate smorgasbord of all things basket related).

Pimp my basket in the sale at Avenue 32...

Straw Large Joana Pom Pom Tote was £185 now £92

And again..

Sensi Studio Multi Stripe and Polka Dot Dress was £200 now £100

Boxier shape again with 60% off.

Straw Large Maldives Hey Tote was £205 now £82

Big on the pom poms at La Redoute in the sale. 

Straw basket and pom poms in fuchsia was £29 now £23.20

ALL the tassels at River Island (I have to say, I am curiously drawn to this...). 

River Island Tassel Basket £35

Vintage vibe in the sale at ASOS. 

Vincent Pradier from ASOS was £105 now £46

Large rafia at Topshop, this time zig zag not stripes.

Rafia zigzag shopper bag £29

Woven again at La Redoute was £39 now £31.20

Getting smaller but still with pom poms. 

Polly Straw Bucket Bag from Topshop £24 

And another different shape at ASOS. 

South Beach Drawstring Shoulder Bag in Natural £25

Then there is a bag that I love and have in a different colour. 

C'est La Vie Tote Bag from The Jacksons at Anthropologie £88

A crochet bag is another option in neutral. 

Sardinia Crochet Beach Bag from Anthropologie £88 

Also available in the navy. 

Then the clutches.  Starting with a cunning plan - one that looks like it's straw but it's actually plastic.  No worrying about putting this down onto a table with a spilt drink on it (only me who does this all the time?) and ruining it. 

Pachuca Clutch from Anthropologie £58

Or the pink, orange and turquoise version again £58

Colourtastic again at ASOS. 

ASOS Beach Foldover Woven Clutch £15

Bargain of the day though has to be at La Redoute. 

Clutch style handbag from La Redoute was £25 now £10

And another in lighter colours from La Redoute was £23 now £18.40

Black tassel clutch now from AND/OR at John Lewis £55

Or the same in a cream and blue version £55

But my absolute favourite clutch is from AND/OR at John Lewis (and just in case anyone fancies it - they have THE most superb matching jacket..).

AND/OR Pom Pom Mirror Clutch Bag Cream £45

And then here I am today - catching the rays in sunny old England.  Before it absolutely pees down tomorrow... we have to make the most of it whilst we can (she says googling leather bags...!!) 


Dress - M&S

Sandals - What Frankie Did Next x Black & Sigi
Bag - The Jacksons
Hat - Zara Men

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to juggle meetings in London with the children and an event with them.  In the rain.  What could go wrong?  We may come home minus my sanity but apart from that, I'm sure it will go swimmingly well.... it just so happens it's a week when all my childcare options are on hols.  The husband is stepping into the breach in London and as I envisage it being car crash, I would say I need to make the most of it!  

I am also toying that fine line between wanting to make the most of all the absolute dregs of the sales and being swayed by all the new delicious stock that's around at the moment.  How about you?  All your Summer holiday shopping sorted?  Or are you like us and don't go away until October?  (I SO need to get on top of this now, don't I?!!)

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9 comentarios:

  1. It amazes me that websites don't check the photos they put up - that River Island bag is clearly missing a yellow tassel in the middle - looks like it's been ripped off! As for summer v autumn, I'm still checking the dregs of the sale "just in case", but on the other hand I've ordered some burgundy leather combat boots! I am one of those people though that wears the same winter or summer, just in varying layers. My mum always used to have a bag of "summer clothes" in the attic that came down in May, but to me summer is just a t-shirt without a jumper over it!

  2. I'm with you on the leather bags. I have one basket for the beach. I have seen lots of lovely ladies on Insta sporting them but they just don't work for me. Having been on holiday I'm over the sales and looking forward to all the lovely new season stock. Bikinis all packed away for me!!!

  3. I can't work out how to transport a straw bag on holiday.. I wouldn't want to take it on as hand luggage as everything would fall out, and it would take up loads of room in a case..

  4. While I like the look (especially the C'est la vie one), it's more of a case of horses for courses, and I'll stick to my work hard year round leather bags rather than a bag I know I won't get a lot of use out of.
    I'm way over summer now (says she who bought a short sleeved blue striped shirt only last week), I can't wait to find out what I'm going to be drooling over for autumn. I may have already bought a pair of skinny jeans with a velvet side stripe and a cashmere breton, not to mention a Ilse Jacobsen rain coat (it was half price so rude not to) that I've been eyeing up for months. I do have seasonal clothes, it's more about the weight and cosy factor rather than a complete change of style though.

  5. Whilst I adore the chic ladies on insta with their basket bags I am giving them a pass. Summer is over in Scotland (it never really started) and I am on the lookout for the perfect long winter boot instead :) Love your blog as always Kat x

  6. I agree about the bulkiness of those bags although the longer more woven shape very nice. Just got a shirt in the sale at Topshop that I had tried on full price and now reduced - pink flamingos on it , thats my Brighton Pride top sorted although now need pick vest to go under it is it may not be a complete bargain!

  7. Think this is one where 'lifestyle' is key. While I live in Australia and our weather is warm enough even in winter to warrant a visit to the beach (not to swim), I am more of a tailored/city dresser and feel a bit daft with a beach bag anywhere but the beach. Being practical I use a canvas bag since straw and sand are a disaster. Having said that, I bought a pretty straw clutch last year after seeing it on your blog. It's never left the fail...BUT we are off to Bali in a few days and it's packed and ready to go out to dinner somewhere tropical and beachy! Ta da, shopping win.

  8. love love love a summer basket, I refuse to use a leather bag for the duration of summer and have a growing collection of basket bags mongrammed, pom pom, embroidered and just plain. Even use them on a wet day !

  9. Summer seems precious here in Maine, USA, so I try to not only break out summery items as soon as possible, and keep them out as long as possible, I'll even use some as decoration to hold books, magazines, dried flowers, etc. I love so many of these; impossible to call a favorite.