A hint of disco

So my head is in party mode.  When I say party, I obviously mean any form of out out event that occurs from mid November until January 1.  And with my birthday in Jan, I am not one of those people who does a dry month following the excesses of the festive season - hell no - I power on through and before I know it, we're at Easter.

And as soon as the last sparkler has been extinguished, from November 6, I am all over Christmas.  I love it.  

Ok so if my husband is reading this, I appreciate that's a teensy, tiny exaggeration.  I love it until about Dec 20 when I turn into The Grinch as I realise that my organisational skills didn't transcend from list making to actual "doing".  To say I am a starter not a finisher is a slight understatement and I've never been exactly a devil for the detail.  Big picture rules chez moi.  Cue chaos, swearing, panic shopping and drunk wrapping of presents on Christmas Eve until approx 3am.  Every.  Year. 

But not in 2016.  I have bought magic boots.  The magic boots are going to inspire me to be Mrs Chuffing Christmas and to be as organised as I thought I would be pre children.  (I was also convinced I would be that mother who bulk bought Cash's name labels and spent hours lovingly sewing them into uniforms.  Alas, it turns out I am *that* mother who ends up scrabbling in the drawer of shite for a biro to scribble their name - surname only - on the washing instructions label, on the first day of term).

Enough of my grudgingly acknowledged shortcomings and back to the boots.  These are the easiest way to do a festive outfit.  Normal out out gubbins.  Just add disco boots.  I am a total convert to these, having completely impulse bought a pair at Bicester last week. 

Why are mine going to work?  Because I can actually walk in them.  They are a mid (verging on low for me) heel.  They are a subtle silver (which works for me - you'll be surprised to hear), which means they will happily take me through to January.  And they do with absolutely everything.

If any form of bling clotheswise isn't for you, then why not let your boots do the talking?

These are the ones I have (mine are from Maje at Bicester).

But I have found plenty that are definitely worth looking at. 

I went for silver (principally as that's what they had and I do have a pair of black boots with a gold heel, as well as boots with gold studs) but there's no reason I don't think why you shouldn't mix your metals.

These are very similar to mine and eminently wearable for day through to night.

Miss KG Senta Pointed Toe Ankle Boots in Gunmetal £110

Silver and a slightly more *fashion* heel.  Although, to be fair, it's a throwback to the 70s. LOVE.  Again - super wearable height wise but will make all the difference to a potentially safe outfit.

Maggie Flared Heel Boot from Topshop £75

Topshop on fire with the metallic boots this season.

Krazy Pointed Boots from silver £36

Upping the budget but gold love.

Whistles Belmont Pointed Toe Block Heel Ankle Boot £185

Kobra Boots in gold from Topshop £39

Now we're moving into Boney M on speed mode.  Which is a good thing in my book.

Metallic leather ankle boots from Mango £89.99

And then we have the glitter options.  If I hadn't splurged on the silver snakeskin....

Krazy Glitter Boots £36

These last two have my name all over them.  Especially the red ones. 

High Sequin Stretch Ankle Boots from Topshop £79

My inner Dorothy is screaming FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOMAN, BUY ME. 
High Sequin Stretch Boots £79

I am now haunted by the red boots (do not need, do not need, do not need) so can someone else please buy them.

Would love to hear where you are with your outfits for the festive season (I can't call it party season anymore as that's a crock in my book.  We're off to lunch with friends on Saturday and that to me involves something festive.  I probably shouldn't point out we're only going to Nandos should I?!  IT'S NEW HERE AND A TOTAL NOVELTY).

So today, I cracked out the maxi.  Fabulous day in London on numerous press days.  Lots of lovely things to report shortly. 

Space Maxi Dress - & Other Stories
Onyx Biker Jacket - hush
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Leopard Print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Black Haworth Bag - Village England 

The husband has been in Hungary this week so dinner tonight is wine and pita chips.  The Apprentice followed by Question Time (during which I normally fall asleep) and then a lunch in London with the girls tomorrow.  And yes, that does count as a festive day out.  There will be heels..

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25 comentarios:

  1. I've got an old pair of gold cuban-heeled boots from All Saints that I drag out every year for just such an occasion! Quite a dull gold so they go with everything, although I could be persuaded by a silver pair! I also have gold trainers (Onitsuka Tigers) and some slightly silvery ones (Nike Air Force 1s, grey with silver bits). Maybe something sparkly next time?! How are the Chloe Susannas for size? I'm a 7.5/8, and seriously considering some as a Christmas present but don't know which size to go for.

    1. Size DOWN in the Susannas. Half a size. If you're usually an 8 and only sometimes a 7.5 I'd go for the latter. I'm usually a 40, sometimes a 39.5 but took the smaller size and they're completely perfect.

    2. That description fits me perfectly - usually an 8, but sometimes a 7.5. Thanks for your help!

  2. Kat, I'm wiping away the tears laughing at this post. Your description of Christmas preparations and school label sewing is me to a tee! Thanks for your witty anecdotes.
    Good selection of boots, but this one I'd prefer to admire on others.

    1. I am so not the parent I always thought I would be. Bugger.

    2. Don't worry Kat, I'm sure your Kids wouldn't want you any other way!
      And I bet you're more organised than my sister, never met any one who can top her for disorganised chaos.

    3. Don't worry Kat, I'm sure your Kids wouldn't want you any other way!
      And I bet you're more organised than my sister, never met any one who can top her for disorganised chaos.

  3. Very funny post - I too start well and then fall at the final hurdle - Kirstie sodding Allsop has a lot too answer too! I have some black glittery boots - I got obsessed with some starry ones that I could never find to actually buy and ended up hunting down some superior stick on glittery stuff and stuck silver stars on the black boots - works surprisingly well! Love those Boney M ones and the red ones although all too high in ankle for me - you'll have to buy them!

    1. Star ones interestingly I think are a step further than merely a sparkly pair... I am NOT buying the red ones - can't remotely justify them!

  4. Haha, the Cash's labels. I bought these for my first child (who was I kidding?) now it's a sharpie all the way.

    Love your boots, I have a clutch bag in a similar colour. Kind of pewter/silver snakeskin. Very nice. Great selection of disco boots!

    1. Oh a bag is PERFECT too. I have those coming up shortly...!!

  5. Anyone who can talk about and recommend fantastic sparkly Christmas boots is much more interesting than a super-organised mum who sews on name labels, in my book. I actually want all of these boots! Just trying to work out which ones are calling my name the most. An early Christmas present to myself, perhaps?

    1. Oh I think I love you!! And HELL YES to early Christmas presents. x

  6. Never thought of glittery boots, only shoes! Now debating between suede or metallic or glitter ....

  7. Wow love the red ones! but don't seem to be able to master the ankle boot look so have sent on to my girlfriend you pulls it off well. Nothing like living vicariously lol

  8. I had a child's pair of boots from M&S which were black suede at the front and black glitter at the back. They were absolutely amazing and I wore them to death. For £13 in the sale, they didn't owe me a penny! The joys of being a size 5! x

  9. I bought a glittery pair at Zara the other day, absolute steal and super comfy! More like a sock boot actually.

    Wearing them with jeans already and compliments everywhere! Go for it I'd say!

  10. Just wanted to add that I have had the tune of D.I.S.C.O. going round in my head since yesterday. I need some sparkly boots to match!

    1. And thanking you kindly, so do I. ARGHH!!

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