How to win at Black Friday.

Ignore all the emails. 

Seriously how many emails?  And to add insult to injury, some companies send them twice?Enough already. 

Although it would be churlish to ignore completely (therefore do ignore my first sentence of this article).  As there are bargains to be had.  But I have a cunning plan to make the most of it.  To NOT get sucked into buying things you don't need.  To prevent the panic setting in.

Which ties in perfectly with a project that I'm currently working on.

One of the great things about writing a blog and the associated work I've been doing over the past couple of years for various companies, means that you get approached by some interesting opportunities.  Cue an email from  Miele asking if I would like to test drive their new W1 and T1 washing machine and dryer.  Would I put together a capsule wardrobe so I could try and wash the unwashable?  Lots of the emails that I get really aren't relevant to my blog but seeing as I am vaguely obsessed with things being able to into the washing machine and NOT having to dry clean items, this was an offer I couldn't refuse.

And what better way to channel your thoughts when it comes to the apparent Black Friday bargains, than considering a capsule wardrobe.  For me, the trick is to just search for things you KNOW you want and need as opposed to "browsing".  And there is nothing better to focus the mind than thinking about a capsule wardrobe.

This was much more fun than I had anticipated and whilst they suggested five things - well that struck me as being slightly too capsule.  So I extended my brief to seven and included things that you would normally have "the fear" of washing.  I got to include things I wouldn't even buy it in the first place as I've made no bones about the fact I loathe dry cleaning.  If there's anything set to put me in a filthy mood, it's having to take something to the dry cleaners.

So what would be my tips when it comes to choosing a capsule wardrobe?  Which are also the perfect tips for reigning yourself in from Black Friday meltdown.

Stick with a colour palette - maximum of three different colours.
Make sure that you can wear the items together - so the tops have to be wearable with all the trousers etc.
You must be able to wear the items on more than occasions - so they have to be able to work for smart and casual.
In an ideal world, as well as creating outfits from your capsule wardrobe, they will also go with other things that you already have in your wardrobe.

So here is what I've put together.

Trench coat
Breton polo neck jumper
Silk Shirt
Black wide leg trousers 
Black kick flare trousers 
Black 1970 Polo Neck
Cream A line Skirt

Three tops, three bottoms and a coat to go with them.  That I'm going to wash.  EEK!

The three tops... (the bottoms didn't make nearly as good a photo together..!)


Oversized Trenchcoat from Zara £119

Bonded Wrap Skirt from M&S £59

Jaeger Kick Flare trousers £110 25% off with the code Grazia 

Fluid Cropped Trousers from Whistles were £110 now £82.50

And then the three tops.

Starting with a classic blouse.  That can in fact be worn in a number of ways offering a whole host of options.  Black.  Has to be black.. (even though the ivory version came a very very close second).

Lauren Silk Blouse with bow from Winser London £195  Silk that I need to put into the machine...

Ok now this is a total treat.  But.  But but but.  It's so completely versatile. I've had the red one for over a year now and have worn it and worn it and worn it.  However I've always been a complete chicken and taken it to the dry cleaners.  So a new machine was the perfect opportunity to save on dry cleaning bills and finance another jumper with the proceeds!   The reason I love these is that they are so easy to dress up and down.  I've been sneakily wearing mine for a couple of weeks now before the big reveal of my capsule wardrobe - I wore it to lunch last Friday and out to dinner last Friday night (with the cropped kick flare trousers) and the other day with my newly found jeans.  Last year, the red one was my Christmas Day outfit (I did wear trousers too...) but I couldn't hold back on wearing this one before then.

The polo neck version is even more me than the crew neck so this was a no brainer when I saw it.  AND you can snag a Bella Freud from Coggles with their 30% off weekend with the code BLACKFRIDAY.

Bella Freud Polo Neck from Coggles £295

Breton polo neck jumper from Zara which was Limited Edition and I bought a fair few weeks ago (I have given this collection a LOT of thought!), so alas it's long gone.  But fear not, I shall be doing a blog on similar styles as for me, it's a complete staple.  A slight twist on a classic.


So there we have my capsule selection.  And here I am in (part of) it today.  I'm going to be exploring more of each item in the coming week as I truly believe they are classics.  I absolutely love each of these pieces I've got on today.  

Trench - Zara
Breton polo neck - Zara
Fluid wide leg trousers - Whistles
Copeland trainers - Air & Grace
Mario fringed bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

I'm obviously also going to be reporting back on how I manage to launder them in my new machines.  Cream bonded skirt, smart trousers, crepe fabric, merino wool, silk and a trench?  Never let it be said I don't love a challenge.  If you are in the market for a new washer or dryer (here are links to the W1 washer and the T1 dryer), then there is currently 20% off online at Miele using the code CRV56S767C. Which is valid for longer than just this weekend!  Take that Black Friday!

If you have however made your list and know what you want (adidas trainers I'm looking at you for the 12yr old's Christmas present), then here's a quick low down of the best offers out there that I would look at.

La Redoute 40% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY and yes I have just snagged some Stans for the daughter.  Plus free delivery till midnight.

ASOS 20% off everything (have ordered a back up pair from there just in case...) GOGOGO code 

Selfridges 20% off some stuff... but not the Mulberry bag I promised the other half for Christmas.  Pah.  However if you can't get your Bella Freud  at Coggles, then try here.  SELFCCE

Warehouse up to 30% off everything - marked online already.

Mango 20% off everything with the code BLACK.  Oh how I miss the days of the regular 30% weekends but this is better than a smack in the face with a fish.  

All Saints 30% off everything GO AND BUY THE LEATHER JACKETS with the code CYBER

AVENUE 32 30% off almost everything (THIS is my favourite and I will be back exploring more tomorrow....have a look in the meantime and guess what I've got my eye on...!)

Now Hush aren't doing Black Friday as such but they do have 25% off 25 things and there are some gems amongst them.  Again I'll report back tomorrow as I had THE best day with them yesterday.

So that's me done - I'm off to wear another piece of my capsule wardrobe tonight for a dinner party.  Just to prove how versatile it can be..  

And I MUST know what you've bought in the manic weekend so far... the sum total of my purchases are about six pairs of Stan Smiths *just in case*.

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22 comentarios:

  1. I've ended up with 2 pairs of boots from The Cult & Classic (Tabitha Simmons & Rupert Sanderson) laptop said they were out of stock but ordered them from my phone & they will be here soon, fingers crossed for tomorrow. 😀

  2. That is such a great capsule wardrobe, I'm looking forward to seeing more of how you style it. That skirt from M&S is begging to be checked out.
    As for Black Friday, I have been tempted. A pendant in rose gold from links - it'll add a modern touch to a rose gold chain that was my grandmothers. And some ceramic baubles from Lyngby porcelain (you know about Kahler, this is another classic Danish ceramics company), these are in pale grey with a diamond relief pattern, to go on the bannisters together with cranberry glass baubles and white/ red ceramic hearts I've had for years. (Roll on Sunday, 1st Sunday in Advent!)
    I have one more present to buy, cards to write, and a big parcel to send, then I'm all set to enjoy December.

    1. The skirt is amazing. Totally totally amazing. Oh you've done really well no the purchasing! Although I cannot believe you only have one present left to buy. OMG I'm so impressed!

  3. did I miss the polo Breton jumper...I need to get my head around the concept of capsule wardrobe. It's a bit too minimalistic for me. Great post as always.

    1. Honestly I think it was in for about 5 minutes. It was also £60 which is SO much for a jumper from Zara!!! But it's pure wool - so much better quality than their usual knits!

  4. A buttersoft leather biker from very, dipping my toe with a half price leopard coat from missguided and that pink H&M knitted jumper from instagram :) Christmas shopping done before half term (I know, I make myself sick) so nothing for anyone else! Love Ur blog as always x

    1. Oh gosh you're doing well. Although I don't know which jumper that is... link? And OMG I hate you with your Christmas shopping. Ugh!

      Sizes varies widely from shop to shop with ladies buying online hoping for a better fit. Fed up with UK sizing! Love the insta outfit, you look impossible youthful and chic!

  5. A breton jumper with frill from debenhams half price animal print jacket from wallis, and a leopard print leather bag with tassels from designers at debenhams.x

    1. Oh fabulous shopping. All sounds gorgeous x

  6. Oh Yes.

    I have just bought my much-coveted Cargo leather jacket from All Saints with over £95 off. Thank you.

  7. The fact that Black Friday sales didn't start Friday but rather days before (sneaky bast***s) meant that I've been shopping here and there for almost a week now and done a bit too well for myself. I thought I'd be clever and do one big purchase up front and ignore everything else so I got a much-lusted after grey Chloe Faye satchel (so so worth the hype). But then I came across the Bella Freud "God created" sweater in black at a cannot-miss price and snagged that too. And then it went downhill quickly, a pair of black Sigerson Morrison Berlin booties, Me+Em crop silk blouse and just now, your Whistles black fluid trousers from John Lewis!

    To be fair, all were considered purchases and no *real* regrets (except maybe these Whistles trousers as I do have similar ones already?) but still very scared to have bought so much in such a short period!

    1. Ha ha ha. Now that's what I call shopping!

  8. Got a few good bargains (I hope as they are all online purchases) all week as the Black Friday savings seemed to start on Monday or Tuesday!
    Namely 30% off a red biker from a Mango, 20% off a parka from New Look and 40% off an oversized black cashmere knit and black cigarette pants (for work) from La Redoute
    Have been unable so far to get my hands on the Bella Freud knit I really want
    Great shopping everyone!

    1. Oh wow, well done you! Which jumper were you after?

  9. I have bought ...... NOTHING which as you know is bloody amazing for me 😆

  10. Actually I'm fibbing, I rebought a a black M&S Alexa dress and Zara coat 😂

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