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I am on a Christmas list roll.  Or it could be your Christmas day outfit.  Either way we are talking jumpers that sing the carols for you.  Ok so they clearly don't (dear lord can you imagine?  And no, I don't need a link to one thank you very much...) but they definitely aren't your average knit.

That's what I chose for one of my Miele capsule wardrobe items - actually that's what I chose for two of the items really.  The 1970 one which I'm wearing today and the breton one that I wore on Friday.  Both of mine are polonecks as that's my favourite Winter knit but I've found some others that will hopefully suit all.

An "interesting knit" is possibly my favourite new addition to my wardrobe last year and this and I can't see the addiction waning any time soon.  That little bit more polished than a sweatshirt but a bit more jazz hands (all vom) than a plain jumper.  Cos I know you all love a bit of jazz hands. 

Starting with a make that I love - 10% off at Wolf & Badger at the minute -  Orwell + Austen.  I have an oatmeal Je Ne Regrette Rien one which I adore and wear loads. 

The navy and black is another superb option. 

Je Ne Regrette Rien Sweater from Orwell + Austen £195

And then a site which I found on my insta - Joanie Clothing - it kept popping up as a sponsored post and I thought, well I wonder how much they are as they do look pretty cool.  HELL YEAH.  Ok so I have no idea at all what the quality or the sizing is like but for the price?  Got to be worth a try? 

Dakota Lipstick Slogan Jumper was £35 now £21

Or the Maybe Baby which was £35 and is now £17.50

And then we have the Christmas option.  But I love the fact it's not in your face festive.... Plus there is currently today 40% off at Gap with an extra 10% off using the code CYBERGAP.  I have already ordered all the boys jamas for Christmas at half price.  Along with fairisle jumpers for them as well (which I will no doubt be returning as they look at me as if I've asked them to wear reindeer costumes.  Pah).

Joy Intarsia Pullover Sweater from Gap £39.95 pre discount

Moving into stripe territory but easing ourselves in gently. 

Love Intarsia Crewneck Sweater £34.95

And then in a bigger way.  So I went black and off white for the capsule wardrobe but I'm being increasingly drawn to the many multicoloured versions that are out there. 

I have seen lots more options instore in Gap but this is the only one I can find online. 

Crazy Stripe Merino Wool Jumper £44.95

Again at Orwell + Austen at Wolf & Badger.  Cashmere stripe jumper £180 This I LOVE.  Seriously, how timeless is this?

Copper metal thread polo neck with fluted cuffs (all the hearts for this) from Mango £35.99 with 20% off today Monday with the code CYBER

Metallic again at JCrew and there's 20% off everything (30% off sales items) with the code GETSHOPPING (that's told you).

Tippi Sweater in Metallic Silver Grey £89.50 pre discount - this would so easily take you into the Spring.

Or in the Merlot Pink.

But if you did fancy more classic - the navy and white version from Best of British at M&S is the perfect Christmas gift to yourself. 

Pure Wool Striped Slash Neck Jumper from Best of British at M&S £89

More monochrome at & Other Stories with oversized mohair at £55

Polo neck loose style Mozart jumper at French Connection was £70 now £42 in the black and white 

The Ink oversized version is still full price BUT there is 30% off everything at FCUK today with the code 30CYBER.   £70 pre discount

Finishing however with my pick of the bunch.  Oh how I love a turtle neck (or polo neck as I call it).  In Merino wool at JCrew not forgetting your 20% off. 

Tippi Turtleneck Sweater from JCrew £89.50

And Santa... if you're reading... cashmere.

Italian Featherweight Cashmere turtleneck in navy dusk £238 pre discount

So hopefully you can make the most of the last minute bargains... and if not - I'm sure there are going to more offers around in the coming weeks.  Have I sold everyone on the benefits of a jumper for day and night?

Here I am today in one of mine, along with the skirt and trench which are also from my capsule wardrobe.  Which I need to start washing... I am absolutely loving the Miele machines so far but I haven't really put them through their paces with anything super complicated.  I'll be back later in the week.. (I can't not wash this jumper now!!) 

1970 jumper - Bella Freud
Off white bonded skirt - M&S
Trench - Zara
Susanna boots - Chloe
Half Moon Bag - APC

I am due to go to London tomorrow but am sat here next to a pretty poorly 8yr old who is radiating heat like a thermal reactor.  Isn't that just ALWAYS sod's law?  I am hoping he will rally for the morning as I'm meeting up with one of my oldest and best friends who has just come back from Australia as well as meetings later... can you keep your fingers crossed for me please?!

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7 comentarios:

  1. Love these jumpers! Gap have some great quirky ones in at the moment :) Jane x


    1. Unfortunately very little online which is UBER irritating!!!!

  2. I'm all for a good jumper, although I'm getting picky in my old age and I tend to go for merino or cashmere, there are as always exceptions to the rule! I love the stripy gap one, it's similar (but not the same!) as the one I have from Boden. The silver breton is great too.
    Hope your 'radiator' is soon back to normal temperature, and your trip to London can go ahead.

    1. I completely completely agree! I love a really luxurious quality one but for a jazz hands version that you're not going to wear all the time - I'm fine with a poly mix!

  3. Hope your little one is better soon. My two get bad chests too, it is horrible. I love merino and cashmere too (who doesn't?). Yup, already sold on jumpers day into night.

    1. Thank you. he's dosed up on steroids, puffers, anti-b's having had a nebuliser at the drs! He's good in himself though, thank goodness!

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