And another idea...

.. for making the most of the discounts, is a coat. (it's the last day... I'm just rolling with it till normal service is resumed tomorrow).

Someone mentioned yesterday that for Christmas  last year, they got a coat in the Black Friday sale.  And today at rugby, two girls said that they had ordered a coat (on behalf of their other halves) that will be wrapped up for under the tree. 

Because, as I always say, it makes sense to look at investment purchases when you're getting a discount.  Plus it's an easy win for a Christmas present - certainly the husband loves to buy me something practical that I can actually use and somehow it seems easy to justify spending a bit more on something like a coat. 

Shall we start at the very punchy end.  There is 20% off mind you... And the versatility of a smarter coat is undeniable.  The perfect piece for having in your wardrobe for when an element of formality is required, but ideal for every day wearing with jeans, leather trousers, coated skinnies or mini skirts and opaques.  Plus they have a longevity that a more on trend item might not have.

LKBennett Florence Black Cotton Coat £425 pre discount 20% off with the code BLACK20.

Or in the red 

Navy and black at Jaeger.   The easiest way to mix the two colours if you're not that sure of doing it yourself - let your coat do it for you.

Boiled Wool Mix Coat from Jaeger £399

Another two tone option from ASOS at £90 (pre discount GOGOGO for 20% off) (personally I think I might prefer this one..)

Staying with tailored which is a style of coat I think everyone can justify - perfect for work, for super smart occasions and ideal for flinging over jeans with a casual jumper.  

Selected Clara Tailored Coat in Grey £160 with 20% off at ASOS with the code GOGOGO.

A longer line blazer style at Jack Wills but with 20% off at ASOS. 

Jack Wills Chepmell Coat in navy £198

Another classic is of course a trench which I love.  And snag a great deal at Finery London with 30% off (everything) with the code FRIDAY30.

Felsham Bonded Trench Coat from Finery London £175 pre discount

Or there's a check trench style with oversized buckle. 

Faversham Check Buckle Trench coat £185 pre discount

20% off at Selfridges with the code SELFCCE

*sits on hands*....

Whistles Knitted Shearling  Coat £795 in khaki

More statements in fur (faux) with 20% off Unreal Fur at ASOS and the code GOGOGO.

Unreal Fur Elixir Coat £260

Then of course there are the pink coats.  Now I've never gone down the pink route.  But every year I think I possibly should.  Just the ideal pick me up for those days when you're feeling a bit meh with the whole winteryness of winter.   An ideal coat to go with the neutrals that we all have - so the black and white, the navy, the greys and even khaki. 

Starting at the top end of the scale.

Whistles Penny Double Breasted Coat £350 with 20% off at Selfridges

Or at LKBennett Eden Pink Wool Coat £475 with 20% off.

Sliding down the ££ scale but still on the expensive side so 20% off is very welcome.

ASOS WHITE Pink Wool Mix Overcoat with Pearl Fastening £150

But the bargain of the day is this coat.  H&M.  With 20% off everything with the code 6013.  Go forth and enjoy.  Ok so it was going to a pink coat that I'd seen instore.  But I can't find online.  Don't you love it when that happens?  However, I have found this which is probably much much more useful (doesn't stop me thinking I should have bought a pink coat years ago though...).

Camel Wool Blend Coat from H&M £79.99 pre discount

Or the wool blend coat from H&M £99.99

Coatwise, I cannot get enough of them.  You?  Fess up if you're a fellow addict, pretty please. 

Today - rugby = cold.  Very very cold.  

Navy and white stripe jumper - Me+Em
Navy leather boyfriend jacket - Me+EM
Black coated Eden leggings - Dorothy Perkins 
Himalaya boots - Seven Boot Lane
Scarf - Black 
Bobble hat - Amelia Jane London
Haworth bag - Village England

Tomorrow is the official start of Christmas for me, even though we have already put our Christmas tree up (well, the 10 yr old put it up and decorated it all by himself bless him) - it's the annual decorating of our favourite local restaurant (The Vine) which is owned by friends.  Great great day with a champagne breakfast and then obviously hours of hard graft...

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  1. It is the first Sunday in advent, so I've started by doing an advent decoration in the living room as well as a round tray filled with ceramic Christmas trees on the dining table. Next week I'll do the banisters, and the weekend after we'll do the tree. I have some great fake block candles (real wax, battery led light) that are on a timer, they get put in our front hall. Strangely my husband isn't very keen on naked flames in the house, so these are realistic enough to satisfy both of us.
    I don't really need a new coat, I have a lovely grey one, which didn't actually get used last year as it was so mild, but I am on the look out for a blue (but not navy) one that'll be more of a statement coat.

    1. I have developed an unhealthy obsession with fairy lights.. all over the house -the battery ones. So far, the husband hasn't commented..!!

  2. Started Xmas today...I always make Xmas chutney, Xmas mincemeat for mince pies & a Xmas cake. Also a Xmas pud but only every other year as the very old fashioned (Mrs Beeton!) recipe passed on by mum-in-law makes 2 puds so we keep one for the following year - feeding it brandy all through the year. Yes, I know you can buy puds & cake & mince pies & chutney - but it's part of our Xmas tradition & this year for the first time I passed on the Xmas cake making mantle to my 16 year old daughter who loves to bake!!! However we won't get a tree or decorate till Dec 10. Not a single present bought so far though...Eden this Black Fri weekend! Re coats (the real issue here!) I am a huge fan & recently bought a charcoal grey wool boyfriend coat from Jaeger. Love it - & it's my warmest cover up. Cannot have too many coats!

    1. Ah you see we only have one person in the family who actually likes mince pies and pud so we buy him (the 10yr old!) them! I HATE cooking Christmas food (love it the rest of the year) but I buy everything from M&S!

      Coat sounds amazing - I am definitely on the look for a new one for Christmas.

    2. As I don't live in the UK, I have to make mincemeat, Christmas puds etc. The mincemeat was made about a month ago, and is developing nicely. Puds were done on stir up Sunday. I do mini puds, as my husband hates dried fruit, so I have plenty for this year and next. I also do Delia's sage and onion stuffing with minced pork, I do small meat balls with it, so it's a British take on Danish frikadeller. I do my own cranberry sauce as well, which I love in turkey sandwiches.
      The main celebration is Christmas eve, so on Christmas day I have friends coming, not sure they'll know what to expect, as I haven't done Christmas food for them before. I'll probably do a trifle for pudding, so it's not too heavy after turkey and all the trimmings!

    3. Ok now I feel REALLY guilty!

    4. Difference is that I don't have 3 kids to look after, and if I don't get stuck in myself, I wouldn't get to eat any of our British Christmas food. Ironically if I ever move back to the UK, I'll be missing the Danish Christmas specialities.

    5. We're going to France for a couple of days before Christmas and for me - that's my food HEAVEN. I will be eating oysters, steak tartare and foie gras to my heart's content!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this post - I saw the grey coat on someone the other day and loved it. Now ordered!! Christmas shopping almost done ;-) xx Sandra

  4. I love coats, they transform an outfit. I have ummm, several :o))

    1. They can, can't they? That's my thinking definitely. x

    2. Ankle boots and coats are my absolute weakness. Wanted one this year that was properly oversized and a bit longer and not £££. Found my dream one in Zara and lo and behold a Black Friday 20% off. And managed to track it down in my size! I'm a happy bunny!

  5. Haha, yup last year I took my other half to House of Fraser on Black Friday and he bought me a coat :). Great idea.

    You've picked some nice ones here, too...

  6. Hi Kat, I am have managed to justify buying an expensive winter coat this Xmas. I have been looking at Moncler and am tempted to get one of their classic styles. Do you think it is a good investment or is there another brand you could recommend that would last the test of time and the rugby pitch?
    Thank you xxxxx

    1. My best mate has moncler, and loves them. She has gone for the shorter jackets rather than full on coats. They are beautiful quality aren't they.

    2. Hmmm well without a shadow of a doubt they're functional but personally they're purely that. I don't love them at all - they serve a purpose to me and frankly I'd rather spend £80 on a puffa from M&S than £1000 on a Moncler one! That budget I would MUCH rather put to a gorgeous wool or shearling coat that I would wear every day and LOVE As opposed to wearing once a week on the rugby pitch or on a dog walk... BUT BUT BUT if it's the style that you love then of course they are amazing quality... It will certainly last the test of time - definitely definitely a classic (but to me it's a PS1 or Loewe bag that personally - and it's definitely a personal thing - that would bring me much more joy on a daily basis).

      Clear as mud??!!

    3. No I totally understand what you are saying, I might just re-evaluate to find a coat I put on and adore!! Thank you x

    4. Oh gosh I'm so pleased I haven't offended as it's definitely personal taste. If you have a super outdoorsy lifestyle then absolutely it's a complete treat for you!! It's all horses for courses. There are people who will have ZERO comprehension why I would spend more than £10 on a handbag but will happily spend £2k on riding gear!! Good luck with your search. I will be doing a round up of the more reasonable puffas on the market in the next couple of weeks as it's definitely getting colder and we do all need warm coats!!

  7. Oh I was thinking of coats today and then I found this post...and it's making me want to buy more coats. Tell me how many coats are enough? I am afraid I might have developed a serious addiction as far as outerwear is concerned.

    1. You can never have too many coats... I decree!

  8. I have so many coats I can't even begin to tell you. But in my line of work, very often your coat is the only thing anyone will see of your outfit so it has to be a good one. As for a good, warm version I have a Woolrich Arctic Parka (bought at half price, NWT from ebay) which is best for the coldest, dankest days.
    My 30% off Cargo jacket bought from All Saints on Friday is for my Christmas present from the husband as he is worse than useless when it comes to buying presents (i.e, he doesn't buy them. I would get nothing). Suits me though - at least I know I'm getting something I'll love. Which is better than the purple and yellow wellies I did get one fine Christmas, years ago. That were also a size too large. Useless.

  9. I have bought 3 black friday coats - one for my Christmas from my husband, the other tow well... I figure I live in coats in the winter so. I have no kitchen currently or I might be getting Christmassy. Noone here likes mince pies/Christmas cake or pud so it's an endless disappointment to me that I don't get to make them! Am about to had into town for a browse - never fatal - so let's hope I can steer away from the coat department :D

    1. I am LOVING the new members of Coats Anonymous.

  10. We put our tree up Germany everyone seems to get their Christmas on from the start of Advent so we decided to go with it. Our tree looks more and more random every year...
    But as for coats - I don't think you can have too many. A COS has recently opened in our town (to my delight but to the detriment of my bank account) and I bought a camel coat from there which I have worn non stop. Love it. Nearly as much as I love mince pies..

    1. You can keep your mince pies but I am coveting your Cos coat from your description.....

  11. Love the two tone coats may have to go shopping....

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