The all year round winner

That'll be the biker jacket.  For me - there currently is no jacket which is more versatile.  Leather, pleather, fitted, oversized these are simply the one item of outerwear I wear more often than any other. 

Why are they so versatile?  They go over everything.  Over any sort of trousers, dresses, skirts, they work. 

They're also the ideal coat for drizzle.  Note - not full on rain but it's a better bet than a leopard fur number.  You can also layer them under and over for the perfect all year round best friend in a jacket.  Into the Winter, all you need to add are seasonal accessories - fur stole from yesterday is a great start or a classic cashmere scarf.  Hat and gloves when the weather really starts to bite.

Historically, the classic biker is black.  Check.  I love mine.  I genuinely couldn't live without it.  Or so I thought.  The more I thought about a coloured version, the more I thought, this is a genius idea. 

I know from all your lovely feedback and from meeting so many people at talks I give, that lots of ladies aren't feeling the love for a black biker.  They think it's too harsh.  Which I understand.  Certainly there are lots of other colours which are more flattering, especially as we start to mature. 

So when it came to getting a new jacket recently, as I already have a black biker, I couldn't justify another one in the same colour, even though it was a *slightly* (yes I acknowledge the *slightly*, even though I maintain it's *totally*) different cut and so I opted for the navy instead.  Best decision ever.  I was toying with the aviators, I really was but it was the classic leather that I went for in the end. 

But it's just not navy as an option - there are so many other glorious colours to choose from.  Starting with some options from Mango which for me, is the best placed to go for reasonably priced leather jackets.

Classic Leather Biker Jacket from Mango in coffee £119.99

Or the super wearable charcoal again £119.99 from Mango

If I hadn't gone for navy, I would definitely have gone for green.  I LOVE this jacket.

Leather Biker Jacket from Mango £139.99 in forest green.

Very similar in the burgundy (DARN me already having a burgundy leather jacket albeit a bomber) again from Mango at £139.99

Slightly more pared back in green again.

Zip Leather Jacket from Mango £119

Moving onto the navy.  All the hearts here.

Leather BIker Jacket from Mango in navy £119

Upping the budget if you're looking for an investment piece.  Why would you spend more on a jacket?  Having tried on many, I have to say I find the costlier leather of a better quality (not saying the cheaper ones aren't amazing - heck I've got a faux leather one from Penneys that I love and still wear) and they're cut more generously.  Some navy options. 

Fitted at Jigsaw.  Napa Leather Biker Jacket £298 in ink.

Quilted Washed Biker Jacket in navy also at Jigsaw £298

Slate blue at All Saints.  Atkinson biker jacket £298

Burgundy at Jaeger.  Super wearable shade that will easily see you through the year.

Leather Biker Jacket from Jaeger £350

An aubergine shade by Bruce Oldfield at John Lewis. 

Bruce by Bruce Oldfield £299

An oxblood that has a hint of conker in it for me - I actually have an All Saints brown one which I have had for about eight years and I absolutely love.  Can personally vouch for the longevity, quality and versatility of these.

All Saints Gidley Leather Biker Jacket £358

Or there are some grey options.  Again at All Saints. 

Gidly in slate grey £358

But there are some great faux leather options around and in fact, I think a lot of these look better in another colour than black.  Navy in particular works really well. 

Faux Leather Biker Jacket from M&S £55

As does the taupe also a rather reasonable £55 also at M&S.

And what did I opt for?  The Me+Em navy - 20% off with code NOV20 which is really really worth it (obviously) - boyfriend biker jacket £699 pre discount.

And here I am in mine - I only got it at the back end of last week and I've already worn it twice.  

Navy polo neck - Zara
Navy side stripe joggers - Me+Em
Navy boyfriend leather jacket - Me+Em
White leather sneakers - Autograph at M&S
Silver Smile bag - Anya Hindmarch from Collen & Clare

This was on Sunday, bundled up for the rugby. Perfect sunny sport watching outfit I think.

Striped jumper in navy - Me+Em
Coated Skinny jeans - New Look
Navy Boyfriend Leather Jacket - Me+Em
Wellies and socks - Ilse Jacobsen
Navy and white cashmere scarf - Black (currently 20% off all things navy on their website - definitely worth having a look...)

So I haven't necessarily done an about turn on all things black - but I have to say, navy has suddenly taken on a huge appeal.  However navy and black together are ideal playmates in my book.  Plus grey? Navy and grey... Navy, grey and black.  Navy and khaki? 

What would your first choice colour jacket be?  Or have I still not turned you to the biker side?  

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27 comentarios:

  1. I love my navy biker, it's the jacket I wear most, way more than my blazer, or any of my other jackets. It dresses up more casual outfits, and adds an edge to more formal ones. If I didn't already have one I'd definately be looking at the Jigsaw ones, love the quilting on them.
    I've had the sleeves taken up on mine, as like my legs, they're on the short side, my clever seamstress shortened the zips quite effectively.
    As for navy and black it is a classic combination (and almost the only time I wear black, as I normally find it too harsh), love navy and grey too. Your breton under the jacket is a great combo!

    1. Duh!! That's my arms that are on the short side, not the sleeves!

    2. Oh wow I didn't realise you could shorten something with a zip in - epic seamstress skills (or clearly poor knowledge on my part).... I think a Breton pretty much improves every outfit!

    3. It wasn't expensive to have my jacket altered, but makes all the difference, nothing worse than looking like I'm playing dress up with the grown-ups clothes!
      The clever seamstress shortened the zips and replied the metal stoppers that prevent the zip pull falling off. I've shortened other sleeves myself, but drew the line at my leather jacket.

  2. LOVE these jackets. Especially your new navy one, obvs. Coming from someone who used to think she looked wrong in a leather jacket, I now seem to own multiple (in different colours and many being faux leather)! I can report in that the M&S £55 biker jacket is also beautiful in burgundy. Unexpectedly, it's the one that I am reaching for a lot at the moment.

    1. I know so so many people who hated them (ME included) but once you get over the fear - there is no stopping you, is there?!

  3. Wah. I can't make them work. The amount of biker jackets I have bought, taken home and returned is beyond ridiculous. So, I've sensibly given up. Sort of. I'm loving the sleeves on your new one and tempted to try it - I mean, I haven't tried a boyfriend one yet :D

    1. I'm sure you've tried different colours? And I'm sure you've tried the more pared back ones - collarless I think are definitely an easier sweet to suck than the ones with the poppered back lapel collars. Or maybe the oversized...!!

  4. Love both my black and toffee coloured bikers. And now I want burgundy!They are just the thing to wear with pleated skirts that I'm loving just now other coat/jacket seems to work with those! Your navy one is gorgeous but I fear would look like I was wearing a too-big jacket. Not an easy one to pull off but you've done it as per usual Kat!

    1. Burgundy is so so so much more useful than I would have thought. And oversized... I think it's the way we're heading - watch this space!

  5. I've had classic black leather one for about 4 years and wear it SO much. It literally goes with everything. I wore it over a black lace midi dress with heels on Saturday night and had so many lovely comments. I love that grey Mango one you posted x

    1. The grey one is gorgeous isn't it? It looks almost like a nubuck... I wear mine so much I could definitely justify another one!

  6. I have 2, a black, slightly quilted one for colder days and a pale grey one for warmer days (a snugger fit). Absolutely love them, so useful. All those gorgeous colours!

  7. I've got an old black Whistles one that I don't wear much any more, mainly because the traditional style doesn't really suit my broad shoulders (not for want of trying though!). So a couple years back I tried a slightly different biker, more like a proper Belstaff type with pockets top and bottom, longer, and stand up collar. Works much better on my proportions.

    1. That's the style of my brown one from All Saints from about 7yrs ago and yes, the single breasted style is definitely easier to wear for some!

  8. Love the navy M&S one but the links goes to a black one? Do you know where I can find a faux navy one as it's just what I'm looking for. Xx

    1. Oh noooooo it looks like the navy one has sold out. Maybe see if I you can find one in store. I'm so so sorry, that's so irritating! I'll have a think to see if I can think of any others x

  9. It wasn't costly to have my coat adjusted, yet has all the effect, nothing more regrettable than appearing as though I'm playing spruce up with the adults garments! Burberry trench coat and Black trench coat women are lovely.........

    1. Sorry meant to also add - you are v lucky as our alterations services here are so so so SO expensive £25 just to hem a (Very simple) dress.

  10. I live in black ..... harsh on my 49 year old complexion?!? Who cares, because I love black. But now you have me thinking about navy and even aubergine???

    1. I wear black. A lot. All the time in fact. But I do think that if you mix a bit of navy in with it, it does slightly lessen the harshness of it (which I clearly don't do at all!!)

  11. Love my bikers, I have 4 I think and am now thinking I need burgundy or oxblood...
    Not a shade I've ever considered but I think it's now considered a modern neutral?

  12. I envy this look! Have tried countless variations but 32GG boobs stop it from working for me. So many styles I love just do nothing for me off the hanger. Love navy and black together!

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