Random obsession time

So these things are either a total flash in the pan or they take over every waking minute of my day and I berate myself for the next six months at not being able to locate the perfect jeans (black bain of my life jeans, please have the temerity to look sheepish), jacket, boots or bag.

It's normally a pic of something that I see which plants a seed which then grows like a weed. 

Oh hello.... 

So it's from the Elle Instagram account but alas, they weren't forthcoming about where pictured jacket sent down from the gods was from.  This was not a problem, I thought - I can find it myself. 

Sort of.  

Bring on crazy khaki coat time.  How do I not have a khaki coat?  How is my life even vaguely complete with one? 

I have come to the conclusion that a khaki coat really is a good idea.  And not necessarily one that's a parka or a silky bomber as, if you've looked at as many khaki coats and jackets as I have, the majority of them are of the parka or silky bomber variety. 

Starting with three which are the gems of the bunch, if you ask me.  Winners, all of them, whilst being pretty good ringers for the jacket above, no?

And would you believe me if I said this one was from M&S.  Their season of perfection continues although I would size up in this as I do think this style looks better on the larger, oversized side.

Faux Sheepskin Borg Trim Aviator Coat from M&S £89  

Faux Shearling Jacket from Topshop £79  I do think this is the one from the pic (perhaps.. I actually have no idea).  This is the only one with the belt and for me - this makes it.

Khaki Suedette Borg Lined Jacket from New Look £49.99  Again, sans belt.  I do know from someone who has the TS one above in black that the belt is rather jangly so she's taken hers off.

An alternative at River Island in a wool style fabric.  Perfect for those who don't fancy the suede/leather look.  Even better, 20% off at River Island with the code FESTIVE16 if you spend over £75.

Khaki green soft aviator coat £85

Then we can move onto my next favourite style of the season and that's a trench.  This, I have all the love for.   Looks amazing here with a super easy black outfit but would look just as good with navy.

Premium Trench Coat from Warehouse £145

The other obvious ubiquitous choice for a navy coat is a military variety.  Long or short, these are the best I found.

Khaki Military Long Coat from Wallis was £95 now £85

Another long coat - this time on the oversized side.  I adore this one. 

ASOS Coat with Oversized Styling £90

A more fitted version if you so fancied without a hint of military. 

ASOS Wool Blend Midi Coat £85

Or a shorter version from Wallis was £65 now £58.50

Another shorter version is the peacoat.  This one in a boiled wool from M&S is definitely the best I've come across this season 

Boucle Peacoat in khaki from M&S £89

Finishing with an addition of a fur collar as this one already has it included but I shall be coming onto these very shortly.  My go to scarf alternative for this season.  You have been warned...

Collared Neck Wool Blend Overcoat from Autograph at M&S £139

So yay or nay to the khaki?  I am definitely on the look out for a coat that isn't black - how is it suddenly COAT season as opposed to jacket.  It went from Autumnal to full on Winter in no time at all.  Having said that, I do have a cunning plan to make the most of our jackets so watch this space. 

Meanwhile, pics from Sunday and Monday.  Sunday as I said on the last post, I headed off to The Slaughters Manor House in the Cotswolds (simply stunning and highly recommended) for a hush retreat (these are out of this world and I will give you fair warning of the next one as you will not want to miss it) in conjunction with Sipsmith Gin.  A rather late finish and a lot of gin later and this is the result...

Giselle Maxi Dress - hush
Carmen Velvet Boots - Penelope Chilvers
Half moon bag - APC

And for the following day, a quick trip to Bicester on the way home.  Met the best friend there, bit of a shop (I may have bought some boots... head over to Instagram to see - @doesmybumlook40 although I will be reporting back shortly), spot of lunch and then home.  

Cashmere Roll Neck Dress in grey - hush
Black leather leggings - hush
Black double faced coat - Jaeger
Half moon bag - APC
Copeland Glitter Trainers - Air & Grace

So I am off to make a salad, pour a glass of wine, grab the matchsticks and settle down in front of the TV to watch the happenings in the US.  With one eye on Christmas presents.  Coming up shortly, I am looking at a host of accessories and will be putting my practical head on as the weather gets chillier.  And the weather is set to get a lot chillier by all accounts, as the holly bushes are full of red berries.  FULL.  Which apparently means a lot of snow on the way.  Ugh.  Ugh ugh ugh x a gazillion.  With that thought - I'm on the hunt for proper Winter boots.  You will all be thinking me shortly it appears... 

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18 comentarios:

  1. You must be psychic - I have literally just (as in two days ago!) ordered a khaki military style coat from Zara: http://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/outerwear/view-all/military-style-coat-c733882p3912010.html Much better than the styling would have you believe, that blouse she's wearing is just annoying. I've also ordered a furry stole to go with it: http://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/accessories/view-all/faux-fur-stole-c733915p3852015.html Great minds and all that...!

    1. LOVE. And I've just *wasted* half an hour looking at fur stoles on the Zara site. Not sure if I love you or hate you...!!

  2. I think it's the Acne Velocite in dark green ...

    1. Definitely not the Acne - believe me, I've spent a long time poring over them! Velocite has a belt and straps on the sleeves. This looks like the New Look one Kat has posted - black bands on the arms look the same.

    2. OMG OMG OMG imagine if it's the NEW Look one.

  3. As luck would have it I had the river island jacket in my basket. Once I saw you mention it I completed my purchase (as things featured on this blog tend to sell out quick as.
    I tried it on last week and it's quite narrow on the shoulder so I went up a size. Fingers crossed.

    I love that Giselle dress. So pretty and festive without being OTT. I hope hush get this back in stock soon along with the Claudia dress in the star pattern. (And I'm holding out for a code hint hint)

    Can I ask for recommendations for a light grey, wide or oversized cashmere scarf (not quite a blanket but reasonably wide)? Is the Hush blanket scarf any good? Planning my Christmas wish list. Ta.

    1. I have a grey cashmere scarf from Cos - great value at £59. Had mine a few years now and still as soft, snuggly and non-bobbly as when I got it. Not massively super wide but of a decent width and quite long.

    2. Thank you! I'll be in Cos tomorrow and will definitely check the scarves out.

    3. I'll let you know on the dress... not sure they're getting them back in but I'll see what I can do about a code! Good luck with the scarves. I have some ideas in the pipeline xx

  4. Funnily enough I was just looking at the Whistles Khaki Evangeline coat. I too think a khaki coat is a really good idea.

  5. Top Shop and Wallis are my two favourites. And now I absolutely MUST HAVE one! My current obsession is over denim dresses. I've got the brown boots, now I want a denim dress but simply can't find the perfect one!

    1. OOh denim dress - that's interesting. Don't usually do those in the Winter but I have just been a denim jumpsuit which I LOVE!

  6. Oooh winter boots, I am trying to find the perfect pair of grey biker boots (as opposed to black, there are LOADS of those) but no joy yet. Any help would be much appreciated... :-)

    1. Haven't done grey biker boots yet but hiker boots?? On the blog today!

  7. Zalando often has lots of boots in grey. If you put it on a wishlist they will email you if it's discounted or out of stock and comes back in.

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