Go big or go home

Ok so it's the elephant in the room that we obviously can't ignore. 

So I was thinking about what to write about today and thought I may as well tackle it head on.  From the top.  Going big. 

If you're going to take advantage of the discounts, it makes sense to go big. 

And if we're talking big budget, I'm going to start by talking leather.  An expensive, investment purchase that it makes total sense to purchase on a weekend like this.  Be it a purchase that you've had on your wishlist for a while, a purchase that will be ideal for your capsule wardrobe or one for your Christmas present.  Your other half will thank you for the saving, that's for sure.

Starting with the daddy of all sites for leather jackets - my beloved Allsaints. 

Firstly you would assume I would begin with a biker jacket but this is the one I've got my eye on.  Love.  Love love love.

Carpen Leather Bomber Jacket £380 pre 30% discount with the code CYBER  Could I possibly love this outfit any more?

But of course, there is the classic Cargo jacket.  My absolute favourite Allsaints Biker Ever.

Cargo Jacket £318 pre 30% off.  I'm not sure you'll get a better reduction that that.

Having said that, the newer Bales is a very close contender for the leather crown. 

Bales Biker £318 pre discount 

It's the collar that does it for me.  Looks fabulous undone but is even more amazing (and functional) done up.

Moving onto skirts.  I've just written an article for another publication on my obsession with leather and as a result, have leather skirts on my mind.  Scroll down for last night's outfit for more evidence.  Mine is super old but there are some great mini options around.  Just add opaques. 

Adore the shape of this one.  So much more flattering than a straight version.  My go to shape is A-line but this would work just as well.

Haslam Leather Skirt from Allsaints £198 pre discount

Just to finish on Allsaints (and I'm not going to limit myself to the leather - check out the knitwear.  And the dresses.  You can thank me or hate me.  Let me know...) are their new bags.  They are amazing and with 30% off not to be sniffed at. 

Mori Lea Crossbody Leather Bag £198 in oyster grey - pre 30% discount

Or the Fleur de Lis Crossbody £128 in sand

Or in the black again £128 pre discount

But my choice would be the more unusual Zoku Large Clutch £228 - perfect size for day time too.

Going back to skirts now and speaking of A-line versions...more leather love at Whistles.  This skirt is sold out online but you can still get from John Lewis where they're matching the 25% off.  

Rita Leather Skirt in the black was £170 now £127.50

Or in the burgundy also now £127.50

hush haven't gone down the mass Black Friday reduction road but they do have some festive offers - 25% off 25 things.  But my favourite promotion is that they're giving 10% of all sales today, Saturday, to Crisis at Christmas.  That's the best reason to shop I've heard all weekend. 

And there is some leather to partake in too.  This is the perfect Christmas top.  Wear to parties with jeans or smarter trousers, looks amazing over a pencil or full skirt, be it mini or midi.  Layer with a thin polo underneath for every day dressing.  Perfection in green.

Steph Leather Top was £150 now £112.50

Staying with what I think is green, but I'm not sure it actually is.. it's definitely black leather but the fur on the front definitely looks green to me.  I think it's black though and it's just the light.  Either way, I LOVE this.  Really really adore it.  Am more tempted than I should be.  All the leather jackets on the Mango site are 20% off.  Be churlish not to have a sneaky look no?

Fur Panel Leather Jacket £199 from Mango with 20% off using the code

Something a little different...

Leather Trench from Mango £199.99

And then I can't not mention the accessories.  One of my favourite accessories sites, Black, has a great offer on.  Perfect for gifts (perfect for self gifting...). 

I love their cashmere (which is also discounted) but I have my eye on the leather gloves.  Adore these long arm ones.

Long Black Leather Gloves with diagonal Zip were £150 now £127.50

Long Black Leather Gloves from Black were £95 now £76 

Other amazing gloves of the more expensive leather variety which definitely fall into the "luxury ergo Black Friday is a go go" category, I've hunted down at Avenue 32. 

Burgundy Leather Zip Fur Mittens (ok not gloves) £155 by Aristide (30% off at till.  Thanking you kindly...)

Or how about these.  I love these.

Black Lightening Bolt Leather Gloves from Aristide £130 with an extra 30% off at checkout

So here I am in my leather skirt which is as old as the hills from Zara.   I was going to say that it doesn't get worn often but I think I might be wearing it more this season than I have for a while.  Definitely during the day too.  Just goes to show that leather definitely does last the test of time.

And outfit number two from my capsule Miele wardrobe. 

Lauren Silk Blouse and tie in black - Winser London
Leather mini skirt - Zara
Carmen velvet boots - Penelope Chilvers

With outfit number three from today.

1970 Jumper - Bella Freud from Coggles (don't forget your 30% off this weekend)
Black kick flare Laboratory trousers - Jaeger (25% off this weekend)
Trench coat - Zara
Red Loafers - Gucci
Half Moon bag - APC

I will admit to having bought NOTHING yet.  Tomorrow I may go bonkers... Panic buying is a alas my middle name.  Someone talk me down from the edge.  I should probably not go and look at bags, should I?

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7 comentarios:

  1. Thanks fabulous advice!! Except, I have to explain to the DH that I have bought the All Saints Leather Jacket!!! OMG ��

    1. Good luck with that one... you can try with the "i actually saved money" line?!

  2. Too many lovely things! I love Allsaints and haven't discovered Black - that might be fatal. Last year I bought a coat in the Black Friday sales (for my birthday;)).

    Interested to hear how your Miele is working, I have a Bosch which handwashes beautifully and I dry clean in the tumble dryer with special sheets. It doesn't work for leather, though.

    1. Oh the things from Black are absolutely gorgeous..amazing quality, beautifully wrapped, perfect perfect gifts. I still haven't bought anything but am going in for pressie shopping this afternoon..!

      So far I LOVE the machines! Will do full report once i've done some more washing (things I thought I'd never say....!!) Have you tried the tumble dryer with leather? Apparently you *Can*...

  3. I wonder if it my computer but what happened to the last photo of you ? You look like you're my height and I KNOW you are absolutely not!!! x

    1. Ha ha ha! The 12 yr old took it and was standing up on a bank so I think it's the angle...

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