Party time. And the legs are out... dresses.  

This is request from a couple of friends who have parties coming up and need outfits to wear.  And they're dress gals.  I have tried to persuade them of the benefits of skirts - either midi and mini or even trousers and a top but for these parties, they are adamant that only a dress will do. 

And they've both moaned (hard work friends, right?) that I don't do enough on the short side.  Well that's because I have knees like Les Dawson and so I have embraced the midi and maxi fashions with aplomb.  

However Winter is upon us (yes I love Game of Thrones and am missing it dreadfully) and we can crack out the opaques.  Which means that a dress that I normally wouldn't wear becomes fair game with my legs encased in a gazillion denier lycra.  

So bring on the short dresses.  Do I promise to try one?  Personally I think I'm going to stick with what I know (midi and maxi) but never say never... (I do have some in my wardrobe that I could definitely revisit).  This is for my friends - I hope there's something here that floats your boat. 

Oh and yes - these are all print dresses.  I shall devote a whole other blog to the LBDs.

I'm starting with ones that aren't super super dressy but they could be dressed up easily.  However they're also ideal for wearing during the day, for a smart lunch and into the Spring with bare legs (you're on your own there...).  Versatile they definitely are. 

Gardenia Dress from & Other Stories £65  In my experience, I always size up here.  I think most of their dresses come up very small.  I'm usually a 10 but I take a 38 nearly always at Stories. 

Adore this print.  Very Sandro/Maje - a snip at £65.

Another gorgeous print.

Zebraic Mini Dress from & Other Stories £55

Beautiful print again....

Cut Out Satin Dress in dark red from & Other Stories £55

This is an amazing dress that a lovely lady had on at the hush lunch I went to last week at The Bath Priory.  I would never have guessed it was from Next.  The pictures don't do it justice at all - it looks great here, but it's superb in the flesh.

Berry Animal Print Ruffle Dress from Next £46

Flower Print Dress from Mango £35.99

More flippy hem magic at Warehouse.  

Star Print Flippy Hem Dress £49

Straighter now, shift style from Warehouse. 

Geo Party Print Shift Dress £45

And shift with a ruffle from Next.

Black Ruffle Printed Dress from Next £50

But this wins for me - absolutely LOVE this. 

Black Floral Ruffle Dress from Next £38 (bargain!)  Yes - it's from Next.  Yes it's under £40.

Now what I have noticed is that so so many dresses are a high neck.  It's really quite hard to find ones that are a v neck.  But I have found a couple.

Long Sleeve Watercolour Print Wrap Dress £85 from Banana Republic

Flowy Printed Dress from Mango £49.99 This looks like it's from Toast to me.

Flowy Print Dress from Mango £49.99

And also from Mango, an animal print dress which I think would look amazing with a black polo neck layered under it.   Again - this is very Sandro/Maje to me.

Animal Pattern Dress from Mango £35.99

V Neck drop hem at Karen Millen. 

Karen Millen Plaid Print Dress was £180 now £118.80

This I adore.  It's absolutely not what I would usually wear but it's perfect.  Ideal for now - wear into the Spring with sandals or sneakers.

ASOS Long Sleeve Dress with V Neck and Ruffled Hem was £42 now £29

And finishing with a couple of dressier options.  Just in case...

Black Embroidered Floral Dress from Next £95

Disco Dress from & Other Stories £79

Blair Velvet Print Dress from Monsoon was £59 now £44.25

But finishing with the most spectacular sequin dress.  Yes it's a full on party dress however you could dress it down for Christmas Day or Boxing Day by wearing over leather leggings or jeans?  And besides - everyone needs at least one sequin number in their wardrobe... (which obviously means I need to do a sequin blog no?)

ASOS Geo Sequin Dress was £100 now £70 - 30% off all partywear at ASOS currently. 

So are you a mini, midi or maxi girl when it comes to dresses.  Personally I do love all three but I'd be lying if I didn't say that my favourites this season are definitely the longer varieties. 

And hopefully I've proven that you don't have to spend a lot to get a fabulous dress for the festive season.  Here I am in my £15 H&M one last night.  A fantastic night out with the husband and lovely friends at my favourite local restaurant (The Vine in Sevenoaks) who now have a new Winter Cocktail menu (as if I had a reason to love it any more - Cranberry Gin Fizz and Espresso Martinis were my very welcome poisons of choice last night.  Delish) along with bar snacks (if you've never had chips with chipotle may then you are missing out...).  

Had to cancel all my other plans yesterday as the 8yr old was very poorly - chest infection and asthma combined, meant a trip to the Drs, resulting in a barrage of meds for him which seem to be working.  No London for me so was beyond grateful to be able to go out locally.

Print dress - H&M
Leather gold heel boots - Zara
Half Moon Bag - APC 

Tomorrow - fingers crossed - I am off to London for meetings and the odd cocktail later on perhaps...  How's the Christmas shopping going everyone?

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19 comentarios:

  1. Christmas shopping almost done (smugface). Well, it will be when the bleeding parcels arrive - don't you find that buying stuff on Black Friday always means long wait times for things to arrive? Only to be expected, I s'pose.
    Some humdingers of dresses here. As a shorty I always favour a shorter dress and, quite honestly, I would happily buy and wear almost all of these. Especially as I have just tried on a much-anticipated pair of khaki faux leather trews from H&M which made my thighs look like Helga the powerlifter. Anything that hides those bad boys while I try to shrink them is a winner in my book.

    1. There is a lot in H&M that isn't hugely flattering.. don't take it personally!!

  2. Barely even started any Christmas shopping. Used love dresses (mid to long) but have seemed to outgrow them. Have a few in my closet but cannot remember the last time I had them out. Seem to like tunics/dresses with tights .... will have to try with jeans but thinking I am too old for that look?!.!

    1. I think your tastes change over the years. I think it's a question of trying things on and seeing if they work for you!

  3. Gorgeous dresses (love the grey Mango one) but I'm solidly on ban island so no more dresses (and anything) for me. Been doing some inspired Xmas shopping for family though including a beautifully tooled leather stud box (with name engraving) for my brother in law and a motorised paper airplane set for my son. So 2 down and another 15 (!) to go!! 😬

    And Kat, so sorry to hear about your poor 8yo, it's heart wrenching to hear them coughing and wheezing away, poor things. Hope he recovers soon.

    1. We luckily only buy for all the children in the family although I never quite manage to be that organised in November.

      He's definitely on the mend, thank you so much xxx

  4. How's the patient coming along? Hopefully he's on the mend.

    My Christmas shopping is done (apart from one order being delayed, as long as it gets here before the big day), now I'm having a pain sorting out my husbands shopping. It is my own fault though, he's (hopefully) getting me a bracelet from Liberty's, they got it on hold until the end of play today. I spent most of yesterday evening trying to get through to customer services, left a message so they could return my call, and sent an email as well! I've got a sinking feeling about this one. The most difficult one would be for me!!
    Need to wrap two small treats for my husband, as he's in the middle of the North Sea for Christmas, as well as being away for our wedding anniversary. So a couple of edible things that won't go over his weight allowance are just the ticket. I've got my parcel to the UK almost packed, just a couple of Danish treats to go in, and it can be sent.

    1. OMG I am so so impressed. Aww I hope you have a good Christmas without your husband. Do you celebrate when he gets back?!

      And the little one is definitely on the mend, thank you xxxx

    2. We haven't got anything definately planned when he gets back, which is late on boxing day, and I'm working the rest of the week. But I think we'll try and have something special to eat when I get back from work on the 27th and (if we can wait that long) open our presents together then.

  5. I've done some, but we have 8 family birthdays before and just after Christmas, so I've never done all of it. I do start getting bits for the children in early autumn, otherwise it's just overwhelming!

    I'm not particularly a print, or a dress person, but some of those are gorgeous! I love the grey mango one too!

    1. I should probably start writing things down to be a bit more organised... !!!!

  6. Lovely dresses! Especially star one! I got distracted though in &otherstories and seem to have bought one of the new collaboration jumpers - the cropped red one with the white pom poms (I'm not talking this up am I?) as well as some Xmas presents and post Xmas birthday presents that always usually sneak up on me. I keep thinking 'right thats me done' and then you post a blog!

    1. Oh I LOVE that jumper! Super festive!!

  7. Eek! I was over in the UK last week and actually bought the first dress on this list! Your good taste is obviously rubbing off and working! And I'm extra happy because that dress is so NOT me, as I am very boring usually and never get my legs out in the winter. But hubbys 50th is coming up and I saw it and fell in love. Not sure what will go on my legs or feet, it has to be mountain friendly though! Hope your little one is better xx

    1. Now I am intrigued as to why it has to be mountain friendly...??!!!

  8. I have the berry animal print Next dress as a potential for my Christmas party next week. I tried the floral ruffle dress but it was quite a thin flimsy fabric in comparison and the elastic in it showed white. Love the blogs as always.
    Sarah x

    1. Oh the dress is gorgeous isn't it? I haven't seen the ruffle one in the flesh but the animal print one is the most amazing quality isn't it?

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