Be more Mick...

..Hucknall that is... as in Simply Red.  Not as in channelling Mr Hucknall's style.  I'm not even sure what that is and suffice to say, I'm not that interested in looking into it. 

But red.. oh red red red - bring me all things red. 

Yes I love it when mixed with pink but actually - I'm suddenly favouring a head to toe red look.  I did it the other day for pottering around on Sunday but today - for meetings in London, I went head to toe in ROUGE. 

And it's the one outfit that I wear that elicits the most (positive I'd like to think..) comments from people, completely unprompted.  Total strangers telling me that my outfit has cheered them up.  Surely that's worth giving it a go?  

Go on... I'm not going to lie - it does seem weird at first (I would advise not listening to any comments a helpful husband may have...) but it works.  It absolutely works. 

First up - easing you in gently with not a full on red job.  But a lovely one just the same.

William and Paige Love Slogan Jumper £30

As people always say I never do enough v neck jumpers.

V Neck Sweater at Mango in a cotton mix £35.99

Swing Jumper at Me+Em in V Neck Rib £159 15% off with the code feb15

Chunky cable knit at Boohoo £25

Funnel Neck Wool Knit at Whistles £109

Longline cashmere jumper at Me+Em £249 but 15% off with the code feb15.

Blouse at Uniqlo. This with a pair of trousers and a red blazer would be the most sublime - if out there - work outfit. 

Uniqlo U Open Collar Long Sleeve Shirt £24.90

Apparently this one is orange but it definitely looks a red orange to me.  And either way - all the shades of red together just work.  Definitely the more the merrier. 

Women Linen Blended Gathered 3/4 Sleeve Blouse £24.90

Blouse at Mango.  A variation on a bow theme.  I know a lot of people struggle with the fussiness of some bows but this is a much flatter, neater version which hopefully will work.

Contrast seam bow blouse from Mango £49.99

Melina Paperbag Trousers from Boden £80

More trousers at Mango. 

Contrast seam trousers £49.99

Orrr would love either any of the jumpers or the blouses with a midi skirt.  

New in at Mango - textured pleated skirt £49.99 in cherry

And then of course, you can go in for a red penny and in for a red pound with matching shoes as well.  You're basically becoming a red Smurf.

Rowan Zip Front Suede Boots from Whistles £169

In the sale at Topshop. 

Bonbon Point Kitten Heel Sock Boots were £32 now £20

Brandy Patent Boots from Topshop £45

And here I am in my almost head to toe, red outfit.  I had planned on wearing red shoes and having a red bag but snow stopped play and I went for trainers to be on the safe, walk to the station, side.  And I had a lot of stuff to lug about so went for a burgundy tote.  As my red bag is the size of a pop tart.


Coat and trousers - M&S (part of paid partnership aw17)
Trainers - Rogue Matilda (gift current)
Bag - Hill & Friends (gift aw17)
Jumper - Me+Em (gift current)
Sunglasses - Tom Ford from Very Exclusive (aw17)

So I am all over the head to toe look.  It doesn't have to be red, I am very much fancying a navy ensemble - watch this space tomorrow.  In fact, I just bought an amazing navy coat from H&M (over on Insta stories), not online unfortunately, but I think there's a navy blog up my sleeve in the near future. 

Any other colours you think would work?  How about a cobalt/ocean blue theme?  Or green.. OOOH greeeeeeeeeeeen...  tell me, tell me, tell me.... PINK!  Got to do one on pink, surely?  Over to you for your suggestions...

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10 comentarios:

  1. I love head to toe colour, it helps to make those of who are vertically challenged to look taller!
    I do wish I was better at wearing colour on my bottom half, I used to buy bright trousers, but they just didn't get the wear. But give me blue, any blue and yes I can do this, sky blue, cobalt, airforce blue, that's my thing.
    What about top to toe cream?

    1. I did a blog on head to toe cream the other day... I was given some fabulous trousers by Me+Em which I should wear with cream... I'm just too messy!!!!

    2. Why didn't I remember that???🤔
      Memory like a sieve with holes in it, that's me, am suitably embarrassed! 😶

  2. I don't think it's a look I could pull off very well. Your suggestion of an all green outfit for some strange reason reminds me of Diane Moran The Green Goddess.

    1. I think you would need to do shades of green.. although now you see that, all I can think of is Incredible Hulk! Maybe not...!!!

  3. Lover red! Can't bring myself to brave top to toe though. What about these for a snow day, and yet all in red! Shiny!!
    More tempted by these for me I think,

    1. They are very statement trainers!! I'm hankering after a pink pair I've seen...

  4. Love love red. Those mango trousers and uniqlo shirt would be perfect for work.

    1. It's so jolly, isn't it?! But still work appropriate x