Check mate

As in coat.  As in I need a new coat like I need a hole in the head.  Which therefore means I am suddenly obsessed with checked coats.  

I've left it a whole week (whoopie do, I hear you cry - a WHOLE week) since I first got the check coat itch.

Which started at LFW last Sunday.  I went up for the day (I only do one day because as interesting and as bonkers as the whole charade is, it's time consuming and straddles the half term weekend.  Yay, said no mother ever) and was in awe of all the check coats.  

They are clearly The Thing to have.  Which, to be honest, they have been for a while and I am super late to the party.  So super late they're probably on their way out, but I don't care, I have fallen hook line and sinker. 

Actually I can hold my hand up and say I do in fact have one of these.  I bought it from Zara about four years ago and still absolutely love it. 

But this season, the check is much more subtle (which is probably why I haven't been sold before).  Greys, beiges, muted.  Nothing in your face - think men's suiting in an oversized coat. 

I was on the fence.  I'm just having a look... "in the interests of research"..

The evidence.  All pics from Pinterest.

And then a couple off piste, which I'm obviously drawn to as they're far less subtle.

Obviously this is my favourite.. *holds head in hands and weeps at my inner magpie having a moment*.

And the results that I've found.  I've started with the more subtle and progressed into Su Pollard territory (which is GLORIOUS!).

For me, I prefer a long coat.  I've done the coat maths over the years and have come to the conclusion that the ones I hanker back to and keep for years, are those which are longer. 

Helene Berman Double Breasted Check Coat was £189 now £140

Vila Double Breasted Check Coat £85

Perfect for Spring. 

Checked Jersey Chuck On Coat £49

Gingham Trench coat from M&S £89

Double Breasted at Monki £65

ASOS Check Slim Coat with Pocket Detail £75  Can't see if this is black or navy...

I can't work out if I absolutely LOVE this or if it's too Carpet Right circa 1968.

Bright check coat from Topshop £99

Paper London was £495 now £232

Acne Studios Checked Wool Alexa Coat was £1000 now £430


Wool & Mohair Blend Coat at & Other Stories £165

Then how wrong is this?  So wrong, it's the most right thing I've seen in ages.  I have been pondering a pink coat for a while.  I tried lilac - didn't work - so have gone back to basics with pink.  Too much?  Alas though, I fear it's too short for me (do bear in mind I am an Avatar at 5ft10).

Vivian Check Coat from Topshop £79

Now I'm just going to throw in... before I run... I have another check coat.  A Burberry.  Classic Trench.  Except with the check ALL over the outside.  I KNOW RIGHT?!  No, I'm deadly serious,  I have one of these from 2001 and used to wear it all the time.  Pre Daniella Westbrook.  Promise guv.  For work I used to wear cropped cigarette pants, fitted jumpers and Tod's loafers.  I have to say - I would still wear a version of that outfit today.  Ironically, I've lent it to a friend who wore it for a fancy dress party.. (the last time I wore it, was also for a fancy dress party...).  I am going to rescue it from her this week, as I reckon its time has come again.. What do you think?!

Whilst we ponder that and I brace myself for lots of NOOOOOOOOOOOO comments, here I am yesterday, all the casual and proving that a good coat is a good investment.  I've had this one for ten years. 

Coat - 3.1 Phillip Lim (10yrs old)
1984 Jumper - Orwell + Austen (gift current)
Jeans - Frame from Fenwicks on Bond Street (sale aw17)
Trainers - Golden Goose from Farfetch (sale aw17) 
Wristwarmers - Somerville Scarves (gift current)
Bag - Hill & Friends (gift aw17)

Tomorrow, I am going to be cracking out my check coat.  NOT the Burberry one, but the old Zara one I've got.  Just wish that pink one was a bit longer.. *do not need, do not need, do not need....*.

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7 comentarios:

  1. I got a long checked wool coat in Topshop last year. It was a return which had gone in the sale, I think I paid less than £30 and the sales assistant told me they were selling for over £100 on eBay. I love it but always feel a bit Del Boy in it, although I don’t think he wore checked did he?!?
    I do struggle with what to wear it over, I think it needs plain clothes underneath. Sarah x

  2. I have just bought a fabulous checked jacket from Anine Bing. It is expensive and so will be an investment piece!

  3. I have fond memories of a red and green check coat I wore in the eighties... the problem was my brother had a dressing gown that was rather similar. I can't quite move on from that association...just add a dressing gown cord around your waist and there you are...ready for bed.

  4. Rescue the Burberry coat!!! I remember when I worked in NYC in the late 90s I had the boss from H@ll - playing the clients off against each other, small dogs in Hermes bags on trading floor etc... but she was SUPER SUPER chic and she had one of those Burberry check coats on the outside and it looked so so fab without looking fashion-victim-ish or Daniela.... PHF xxx

  5. Both M&S and H&M have had a sale coat each very similar to the last red check one in the Pinterest pic.

  6. Oh blimey I love a checked coat (with the exception of that frumpy Miu Miu Kate Middleton wore on Christmas Day - WHY?) They definitely look better long but being a shorty I look swamped, will have to satisfy my check love with plain long coat and checked trousers I think. x