How to Style A Suit

Feeling all the love for the suits... 

This is something I *might* have mentioned once or twice (or a billion times) this season.  I have embracing everything suit related.  In an effort to give a different look to my wardrobe, I have realised THE perfect addition is The Suit.

Despite my protestations, a maxi dress or skirt isn't going to float everyone's boat and if that's your bent, then I've had you covered for ages.  Jeans also serve an incredible purpose but, as versatile as they are, I've yet to come across a pair that you can dress up for an occasion.  A night out yes, but First Holy Communion, Christening, Special Party, Ascot or a Wedding?  Hmm maybe not (always happy to be proven wrong if someone has a pair that will work - bring it on!).

The suit this season is my new favourite outfit to dress up or down.  So when it came time for me to write my feature for the Style & Living section on the M&S website as part of my paid monthly partnership with them, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share my love of The Suit.  You can see the article in full detail here but this is a round up of what it says.

First up - very appropriate for the current climate most of us are experiencing in the UK right now - winter white.  So you're not going to throw this on for a Snow Day but if it was good enough for Bianca Jagger, it's good enough for us.  As separates these will work perfectly too.  

And there in lies the joy of a suit.  There is not a suit jacket out here (she says boldly) that won't look amazing with a pair of jeans, a tee and trainers.  

I love the idea of this cream suit with a statement print blouse (I would go pussy bow as I'm obsessed with them but that's a post for another day).  


Winter White Blazer £69

Trousers £39.50

This is the ideal alternative to a tee.  Smarter but still loose and cool (both climatically and sartorially..).  Throw on with jeans, dress up with a midi skirt and heels for the evening.

Popover Notch Neck Short Sleeve Blouse £25

Button Disc Charm Earrings £12.50

I am always being asked about why I don't write more about formal work wear.  Well, you can't get more formal than a suit.  Ok so these aren't necessarily your traditional suits but there's no reason why, with a tweak of footwear you couldn't don these to the office.  


Check Single Breasted Blazer from Limited Edition £69

Wide Leg Trousers £39.50

Tie Cuff Long Sleeve Shirt £27.50

Leather Lace Up D Ring Trainers £49.50

Navy Leather Crescent Bag £69

And lastly - yes, it's my favourite - good old black.  What's not to love about a black suit - this one is easily Out Out appropriate.  Throw on strappy sandals (or flats with a bit of embellishment if you're not a heel person) and there's no reason why this wouldn't serve you for a black tie event.  Loafers, ballet flats or a low heeled pump and you could easily go to the office in this.  All the elements worn as separates are perfect additions to your wardrobe for work, for dinner, for Saturday with the kids.  

These boots have been released again for the Spring, as has the jacket.  I have had both of these since Autumn last year.  They are simply the most useful items at really great prices.


1 Button Tuxedo Blazer £69

Wide Leg Cropped Trousers £35

Black Scoop Neck Tee £9.50

Kitten heel ankle boots £35

Black two part bag £29.50

So there we have it - my Spring edit for M&S, as seen in their Style & Living Section.

All shot on a day in London that was one of the coldest of the year so far (bar this week..) and if you look closely, you can see the odd snowflake! 

Speaking of snow... oh HELLO!  Who else is snowed in?  Roads are ice rinks, schools are shut but the trains are still running which is a very good thing as that meant the husband could get to work and didn't have to work from home.  As when he does, he really does (as he should).  But the rest of us have to tiptoe round like church mice and god forbid the dog should bark!   It also means that every mug in the house, ends up in the study.  He will be seen sporadically, walking around the kitchen on a conference call, SSHHHHing at us all as he makes another coffee...

That, combined with a teenager and two rowdy boys meant that I was going to drive him to the station, come hell or high water. 

This is from yesterday.  The 13yr old is proving herself to be a pretty handy photographer (she didn't take the M&S shots - they were done by Tom Yau, a professional!)  


Coat - Monki (aw17)
Wrist warmers - Somerville Scarves (gift aw17)
Hat - hush (gift aw17)

So I am currently on weather watch.. anyone else?  The husband is due to go away with the boys to Northern Ireland for the weekend, leaving tomorrow.  I reckon he has two hopes and one of them's Bob.  He won't even look at the weather forecast.. (punchy...!!)  Having said that - I've got three weather apps open and each of them is saying something completely different.  

We have wall to wall sunshine currently... the BBC weather app says we are currently having heavy snow.  Hmmm. we're not! 

So who knows?  Wrap up warm, eat carbs and dream of Spring. 

This post was written as part of my paid partnership with M&S.  All editorial and outfit selections are my own.

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  1. *hushed voice* I think H's photography knocks Tom into a cocked hat ;) xxx

  2. Genius advertising by M&S. I love seeing their clothes on actual people. You rock those suits and make them look SO expensive.

  3. Love the winter white suit!
    They lookreally cool on you!

  4. Hallo. Clever M&S using you as a clothes-horse. I would never consider these on the hanger but they look amaze on you.

  5. Love these outfits on you! Can you please tell M&S to always show their clothes on real people, the images of just the clothes tend to make them look frumpy (especially the trousers). Oh and that black tux blazer in navy and petite sizing would be great (yes I know, I'm a cheeky so and so)!

  6. Great suits. That black tuxedo jacket looks as good as the Hush one (if not better) and is a far better price. Agree about the photos - maybe you could encourage them to stop posing their shop mannequins as if they have rickets. They all have knock knees. Not a great look.

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