Take one outfit...

...that you can wear from day to night, from work to play and then dress down to wear at the weekend. 

Folks, I am talking about the humble suit.  The suit that has been reinvented as simply the only outfit you need in your wardrobe.  Ok - we all know I am the Queen of exaggeration, so we'll just leave that there.  

I'm warning you now - these are definitely going to be my *thang* this season.  Yes, obviously my love of print maxi dresses and skirts isn't going anywhere but it is going to have to share with the new kid on the block - the suit. 

So I say, the new kind on the block, - these have clearly been around forever.   But the trouser suit hasn't had so much as a reinvention but a re-mergence. 

And I am all over them. 

For all those who have asked if I will focus more on things to wear for work - this is for you!  But it's also perfect for those who don't need a smart work outfit, as dressed down with loafers or trainers, they are both comfortable and chic.  Throw on heels and a silk blouse and instant evening outfit. 

First up - check.  I saw this yesterday at & Other Stories and didn't have time to try it on.  However it's on my list of things to do this week, as I blooming adore it. 

Plaid Blazer from & Other Stories £89

With the creased trousers in beige £69

Or another one in M&S which looks sublime except that for me - the trousers only come in one length.  I need longer but if you don't - go go go.  I absolutely love the yellow addition to the print.

Checked Wide Leg Trousers from Limited Edition at M&S £39.50

And the matching jacket £69

Check again at Warehouse. 

Heritage Check Blazer £56

And the matching trousers £39 also from Warehouse. 

Paler grey check in a Tailored Blazer at & Other Stories £155

With a matching pair of high waist D-ring Trousers £89

Oversized back at & Other Stories in a navy pin stripe which I am feeling all the love for. 

Pinstripe Blazer £125

Pinstripe Trousers £69

Navy again but introducing some red as well. 

Striped Suit Blazer from Mango £79.99

And the matching trousers £35.99

Full on red at M&S.  I actually have these trousers - I featured them as one of my monthly paid partnership edits with M&S but I got a red coat instead of the red blazer.  Have just ordered this as it will be perfect to go with the trousers for going into Spring.  I love it when a plan comes together.   One thing I will say, is that M&S suiting for the money, is simply the best value for quality on the high street.

Single Breasted 2 Button Blazer from Autograph £69

Straight Leg Trousers from M&S £45

I am also throwing up a silent prayer that these trousers are as long as they are in my dreams... This for into the Spring... long and trailing on the floor pretty please.  

Double Breasted Jacket from Zara £69.99

Flowing Trousers also from £39.99

You may think that's bright but I can trump that with this complete gem from Boden.  I would happily wear this on the school run with a tee and trainers (this is assuming I do the school run anymore.  I don't really, it's slow down, open the door and off they go.  BLISS.  "oh you'll miss the school run when you don't have to do it one day", I recall someone saying as I moaned about it years ago.  That'll be a big fat NOPE.  Haven't missed it once.  Ever.  Love LOVE not having to traipse them into the playground and make idle chit chat.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  Can you tell I love not having to do it?!).  So let's say the supermarket, lunch, work, whatever you do during the week that doesn't involve exercise (and yes, I AM turning into one of those people that spends way too long hanging around in my running gear.  All.  The.  Shame...).

But it's also the perfect outfit for a Spring Wedding, Christening, First Holy Communion, dinner party - you name the special occasion.  Heels and a silk vest and you're off. 

Mallory Blazer from Boden £140 - 20% off and free delivery and returns with the code J7S7.

Matching Mallory 7/8ths trousers in three lengths £75

Plain green also at Boden. 

Elizabeth Ponte Blazer in Sap Green £98

And the matching green Hampshire Trousers £60

Pink at Mint Velvet. 

Blossom Belted Tapered Trousers £79

And the matching jacket - which would look just as fabulous with a pair of jeans.

Blossom Boyfriend Blazer from Mint Velvet £119

And then a suit that I chose as part of a paid partnership on Instagram with Karen Millen.  I absolutely absolutely adore this.  No obligation at all to mention it on the blog but I am including it in this round up of suits on the high street as I think it's such a good choice if you're looking for a top end quality suit for non designer prices. 

Tailored High Waist Trousers Karen Millen £125

Corset Tailored Jacket from Karen Millen £199

I actually chose to mix two suits - they are the same suiting fabric but if you wanted to match the exact items - then this is the blazer with the leather collar that matches the leather waistband on the high waisted trousers. 

Tailored Boxy Blazer from Karen Millen £199

And these match the corset jacket. 

Corset Tailored Trousers from Karen Millen £125

And here I am in the above tailored corset jacket and high waist trousers.  Top, shoes and bag are also all Karen Millen.


All the above is from Karen Millen (part of paid partnership on Instagram).  Need to give special mention for the shoes which are completely, completely sublime.

I wore it dressed down yesterday with a tee and trainers - I'm also planning on wearing it tomorrow so will get a good pic then.  Had a fabulous day in London yesterday - the above shot if from a photo shoot I did last week.  The one below is a haphazard one I papped in a changing room but it does give you an idea of how I dressed it down. 


So I have been working like a trojan today (I may have had Scandal on in the background - absolutely and utterly obsessed with it) and have managed to put together the bare bones of a good couple of posts this weekend.  It's snowing this week apparently, so we have coats... and then seeing as I do wear my suits and pretty much everything else dress down, I've got some trainer love coming up.  But not of the white variety.  Intrigued?  I'll give you another clue.  Not black ones either.  Any guesses?

Hope everyone else has had a great weekend - anyone else in the South East on snow watch?  I am driving the husband loony tunes but I would SO love a snow day. (aka a duvet/do the sum total of nothing day....).


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11 comentarios:

  1. Did get a Topshop suit last year, black and grey check with strange holes in the elbows. I do love it but it feels like better weather as I can't seem to wear the jacket under a coat , too bulky and all wrong. OMG that Boden suit is everything! I really love that

    1. AHA now I did wear a coat over my outfit yesterday - I wore my leopard one. A trench always works...

  2. White trainers?
    I love the green Boden patterned suit, but the jacket doesn't come in petite. I have the Ponte one in navy from last year, with trousers - the best thing is they can be thrown in the washing machine, well that and the blazer is a petite fit too. I've worn them more as separates rather than a suit, but maybe in the spring when I can do trainers and no socks I'll suit up (minus double figures forecast for next week, so woolly socks will be worn!)
    Loving the Karen Millen suit, and I like the idea you can mix and match different jackets and trousers, sounds like it's easier to get a good fit that way. You rock it dressed up and down, Kat!

    1. Nooo I said not of the white variety!!! I've never had a blazer from Boden I don't think - great to hear that they wash well!! (the blazer or the trousers?)

      And yes - you do have it a lot colder than us - it's chilly here but the snow was a ten minute wonder this morning and doesn't look like it's coming back. Maybe I should get the sandals out....!!

    2. Somehow I missed the not white, and focused on not black! Go figure, wishful thinking maybe. I'm definately ready for some sneaker porn! Maybe red then? I have ordered the Boden loafer style ones, have high hopes!
      Both the Boden blazer and trousers are Ponte, and seem to wash well, and even though the trousers have been washed more than the blazer there is no difference in colour as yet. I don't know how the regular blazers would fit you, but whenever I've ordered one ('cause it's not in petite but is gorgeous), it's just been too big on the shoulders, sleeves etc and usually too long. Some other manufacturers are a better fit on me in their regular sizing.
      I'll wait for a little while before I get the sandals out!

    3. Aha... and no... not red... carry on guessing!!!

    4. Some kind of animal? Leopard, snake, pony?!🤔

  3. Replies
    1. You are GOLD and YES YOU ARE RIGHT! Coming up later today x

  4. Can you please discuss what length trousers I should be going for? I've bought a pair from Boden in 4 different lengths as I can't decide how cropped they should be. Just on the ankle, slightly above the ankle or higher still? Help! thanks!