Matchy matchy

Music to my ears.  I dream of being an eclectic dresser but the truth is, the majority of the time, all the matching is what floats my boat. 

And when we throw in versatility, it really does make sense to look at these in more detail.  They work as a dress or as a suit but double up as perfect separates too.  

This is something that I mean to talk about every season but never quite get round to it.  However, seeing as I am a bona fide dress addict (which these can look like) but am currently obsessing over The Suit (which again, these can double up as), NOW is the co-ord moment for me. 

Not to mention that one thing that you can't escape this season is colour.  And print.  Not to mention a colourful print.  The louder the better.  And the easiest way to channel your inner Austin Powers.  As we all have one... surely this is the perfect way to get your matchy matchy fix as well as feeling your eclectic mojo?

THIS is on its way to me.  It's going to be perfect or it's going to be a disaster.  Either way, we can pretty much guarantee it will give the husband a laugh (watch out for it on Insta stories...).

Buttoned Printed Shirt was £39.99 now £19.99

And the matching trousers were £39.99 now £34.99

I have to say I prefer the harlequin style print of the one above but this could also work for those who love a bit of floral.

Autograph Floral Print Tapered Leg Trousers £39.50

Floral Print V Neck Long Sleeved Blouse £39.50

Big and bold again at French Connection. 

Enoshima Crepe Tie Waist Top £55

And with the matching culottes £85

Floral and with a skirt.

Print at Warehouse, this time in a green shade.

More subtle and thinking of warmer days at Mint Velvet.

And the top - Asymmetric Print Summers Top £69 in navy 

Navy again at Great Plains. 

Tropical Flora Culottes £65

Tropical Flora V Neck Blouse £55

Navy with green tipping at ASOS. 

Culottes £28

And the jumper £25

Stripe again at Warehouse?

Stripe asymmetric jumper from Warehouse £49

And the matching skirt £56

Red and black again at Warehouse, this time a spot. 

Spot Print Skirt £49

And the matching skirt £39

Staying with trousers and these from French Connection are completely sublime.  SUBLIME.  Ok so you're not going to be doing the school run in them.. (all kudos to you if they're your gig.  MUCH respect!) but for an event - these with the matching blouse make just the most perfect perfect outfit.

Arta Lace Layer Trousers £120

The blouse however is simply perfection for any outfit.  And there in lies the joy of a co-ord.  

Comino Patched Shirt from French Connection £65

As I said, I am waiting on the total Austin Powers inspired first set from Mango.  I've held the trousers up to me instore - they look really really long - good for an Avatar like me, bad for anyone of normal height but at least you can chop a length off...!  Should be arriving any day. 

I will keep you posted. 

Today, it was all about the dress.  Rain.  GOOD LORD I AM SO OVER THE RAIN.  It wasn't supposed to rain today (when will I learn that the weather forecast is rarely right?), but thankfully it didn't last when I was in London.  Otherwise the fabric boots would have been a BIG fat fail.

This dress is from last year at H&M.  I wanted it midi but it was ridiculously short (not midi on me at all), so I bought two and had a frill made for the bottom of one of them, as well as having pockets put in.


Dress - H&M (aw16)
Jacket - Jigsaw (gift aw17)
Boots - Zara (current)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (current)
Scarf - Louis Vuitton (5 yrs old)

Tomorrow, I will be back with my most surprising find of the season so far.  We are celebrating this evening as we finally have two options for schools for my little boy with Asperger's (secondary school).  I cannot TELL you how relieved, pleased and generally over the moon we are (I appreciate they're all the same sentiment but just to give you an idea of just HOW much this means to us).  Large glass of red, Olivia Pope style....

Hmm actually I might save my favourite buy of the year for Thursday or Friday and come back with something Scandal inspired.  Either way - Tuesday started with a slow, rainy (I am not good in the rain - I have whatever the drizzly equivalent of SAD is...) melancholy mood and has finished with me doing my "life is good" dance.  Enjoy!  

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12 comentarios:

  1. Hmmm. French connection outfit = my wedding suit?

  2. Congratulations on the school news! You deserve a big glass of wine.

    At first I thought this wasn't a post for me as I'm not sure about pj's as daywear (ruling out having a lazy day at home that is), and I don't wear skirts enough. So I was expecting nothing more than a top or two might tickle my fancy...
    How wrong was I? When I got down to the navy section I sort of fell for the Mint Velvet set and the Great Plains set (Mint Velvet wins out on balence). This would go with half my wardrobe (I'm thinking pink, red, as well as navy and blue), great for travels too!

  3. Just aside from everything else...I’m totally obsessed with Scandal! Never watched it til last week when I was sofa bound (doctor’s orders) and I’ve managed to get through the first two seasons. It’s so ridiculous but so addictive! And congrats on the school...must be a huge weight off your mind

  4. Really loving these co-ords. Mint Velvet is a favourite and Religion top and skirt together is a definate yes. Just not sure I woukd wear that top with anything else! Great news on the schools too!

  5. When I first read the title of this post I thought oh no, not the dreaded matchy-matchy! but I was pleasantly surprised. To me these are just sets, or coordinated dressing; I especially love that bamboo print number from Warehouse. Matchy-matchy to my mind has negative connotations, and can look staid and dowdy, like what I feel makes some of Kate's less successful looks problematic. Also not to be confused with monochromatic dressing (I know you're a fan), which can be so chic with the right silhouettes and accessories (LOVE head to toe navy or grey for example). And congratulations on finding new options for your son, that's wonderful!

  6. Sorry, anything with trousers or culottes just looks like jammies! But the skirt ones are definitely interesting... I always struggle with dresses as I'm a size smaller on the bottom than the top, so nothing fits right. But two halves in different sizes may be the answer!

  7. That Autograph ‘set’ blooming gorgeous!! Never thought of Scandal!! Need something to watch whilst pounding the treadmill ..... blah!!! I’ll give it a go! X

  8. GREAT post - love them all.... so much more versatile than a dress to be able to use them separately and not just "for smart" xx

  9. I have the same pair of Zara leopard print boots which were bought from and were £69.99. The swing label on mine said €49.95. When I checked they are €29.99!!! I am in the process of writing to them to query the anomaly (+62%?!) but thought you may have more luck than me. x

  10. This is such a relief!! I really cannot see myself buying into this trend at all. It's a relief because reading your blog has cost me a fortune so far, so hurrah for outfits that I know I cannot wear- too much like pyjamas as someone already said:)