...yes, finally, we are being listened to.  It's happening ladies.  We - women of a certain, FABULOUS, age are having our views listened to. 

So it's something slightly different from me today.  It's something where you get a chance to have your say, before I embark on an exciting project with Max Factor.

Max Factor are relaunching their brand and are listening to women over 40 about what OUR needs are from our make up (behind the scenes video here).  In the coming months, I shall be working alongside Max Factor to bring you a personalised approach to how we tackle what, for me, has become a slightly thorny subject.  

Max Factor have discovered that only 17% of women that beauty advertising is aspirational.  And only 8% think beauty advertising represents relatable women and a mere 13% feel brave with their make up choices.

For us to get the answers we want, you're going to have to ask me the questions.  What do YOU want from your make up?  Do you feel that the beauty industry are interested in us at our age? Is there anything in particular, any products or techniques that you would like to know more about?  What sort of look would you most like to answer?   Are you more interested in new products or how to apply them?  Or do you feel that someone else on the market has already sussed exactly what you need?


So I'll go first.  For me, it's confusing.  I find make up counters and the sheer volume of product available, confusing.  Until recently, the last time I had a makeover by someone who knew what they were doing, was for my wedding.  Yes my wedding, which was 15 years ago.  In fact, I still use the blusher that I bought for my wedding.  The.  Shame. 

And even when I've had a makeover, I still haven't learnt how I should use the products and WHAT products work.  Which reminds me - when I say "products", I don't mean an arsenal of them.  For an every day look,  I want to use not very many and I want to use them quickly.  I am happy to spend an extra... ok let's be honest, three minutes or thereabouts - on an evening look.  But I'd rather have fewer products that I regularly use.

I am confident in saying that most of us are hungry for knowledge and WANT to know more but for example, we don't want to learn how to contour within an inch of our lives.  Personally, I am happy to invest in new products but ones that work for me and for my life.

I don't want to look younger, I don't want to look different, I just want to look like the best version of me that I can.  


So over to you...tell me what you want from your make up?  What look do you find most difficult to easily achieve?  What would you like to learn?  Is there a holy grail product that you're looking for?

I am so looking forward to this journey and you are all welcome to join me - championing the beauty of the older woman, embracing the faces that we have earned and making the very most of them. 

And a blog post wouldn't be a blog post without an outfit...last night out for dinner.


Blouse - Boden (gift aw17)
Trousers - Karen Millen (part of paid partnership ss18)
Boots - Zara (current)
Glitter Bag - I Know The Queen (gift aw16)

Really looking forward to hearing your queries, comments and suggestions.  Their new video can be seen here - it's definitely nothing like I've seen from a makeup brand before!  Happy Saturday!

This post was written as part of an ongoing paid partnership with Max Factor.  All editorial content and opinions are my own.

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10 comentarios:

  1. Didn’t you post this already a few days ago?

    1. Apparently it's disappeared from the blog if you're looking at it on a desk top, so I've just posted it again as people have asked where it's gone! There appears to be a glitch on the blog (you can still see it on a mobile device...)

      So until we can locate it, I've just posted it again so people can read it! Hope that makes sense (gotta love technology...!!!)

    2. The explains why I couldn't find it when I went back over old posts! I was sure I'd seen it!

    3. I can find it if I use the beauty tag at the bottom of the post. I've noticed this before, if I can't find a recent post, I'll use a relevant tag and up it pops!

  2. I'd just love something to make me look less frowny (probably should just stop frowning actually) ha xx

  3. oh thank goodness. At last - a makeup brand interested in feedback from real people. Totally agree I don't want to contour and I don't have time / interest to use about 10 different products on my eyelids !! My teenager knows every look / trick / 'hack' going. I just want a makeup look that enhances what I have, doesn't make me look like a crazy person / panda / teenage wannabe, doesn't slide off my face ( and no I don't want to 'bake' my face ) hides the dark circles, comes off with less than 20 cotton pads and makes me look like me..... Specifically..... can we please have foundation that doesn't set in every crease and line but also doesn't come off quickly. Bronzer / Blush that don't require an array of different brushes. Concealer that doesn't cake or make mascara stick to it but does brighten up my face....pretty please....

  4. Most useful would be if they put things into groups that we can understand ; so here are the lipsticks with blue undertones for cool skin tones and these are the eyeshadows for green eyes/ blue eyes/ brown eyes etc. When you approach a stand it is too much of a guessing game. Put the cosmetics into zones:- cool, warm and neutral that way we don't have to waste our time trying out loads of colours that are simply not going to suit us anyway. Also what is wrong with providing an easy to follow how to on how to do hooded eyes (I know lots of people would love this). Charlotte Tilbury has started this in some capacity by putting together eyeshadows into day, date and night looks, but it doesn't go far enough. Also, lipliners that are colour named to match the lipstick!!!

  5. Totally agree Mimi - that would be so much more useful

    I find it so annoying when make up assistants won't even acknowledge that not everything is suitable for you, I always thing its either because they don't know what they are talking about or because they just want to sell you anything. I would prefer it if they said 80% of what we sell is not right for you but here is what is.

    I have to say that Max Factor always seems to be an older ladies brand! That is probably because my mother used it

  6. I think we just want stuff that works and addresses our problem areas:

    dark under eye circles
    fading lip line (love the lipliner to match lipstick request above)
    disappearing lashes
    flat skin

    So, if someone can make products that can cure but enhance these areas (not make them look worse!) plus make them long lasting whilst including skin benefits, I for one, am in!
    Oh and another thing, shouldn't you all produce make up application glasses, the ones where the lense flips down? Put them next to the eyelash curlers and brushes!

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