Be more Nikki

.. which, for the eagle eyed amongst you is something you'll be aware that I've said before. 

Nikki, as in Nikki Alexander, as in Dr Alexander from Silent Witness, as in her of the most amazing wardrobe.  I am randomly obsessed with it, even though it's bizarrely not really my style at all (the embroidered Temperley dress she wore to the American Embassy the other week being the exception to the rule).  

However that's not to say I don't watch and think, I need to bin my entire wardrobe and BE MORE NIKKI. 

It's also not a new obsession.  I have actually written a blog post on this exact same subject, four years ago, to almost the exact day.  SPOOKY!   (actually I did one in January 2013 as well but that's very very out of date!)   And I am in fact going to focus on the exact same topic.  The incredible blouses she wears.  I think I've worked out that the key to them is tunic style.  She almost always wears them with skinny jeans and chunky heeled ankle boots (I have more of them coming shortly.. I told you.. obsessed).

I would love to say I have loads of new photos of her but errr the internet has proven to be rubbish on this topic (all the eye rolling) and it just throws up the old pictures.  Which, I have to say still stand.  

So these are the older ones - which are mostly the ones that link back to the blog post I wrote.

And then ones from this series - very professionally papped from my tv....

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Now I'm pretty sure I recall that one of the brands she favours is Pyrus.  These are all very Nikki... but they do come with a hefty price tag.

Pyrus Anais Tie Blouse in Shooting Stars £125

Or to show how you can tie it in a different way and a very fresh, spring print to this version. 

Pyrus Anais Tie Blouse £125

Back to seeing stars but this time in navy with the Pyrus Lizzie Blouse £115

However I have done some digging and have unearthed what I think are some pretty darn good altnernatives for a lot less money. 

Starting at Monsoon with another navy star version (you really do need to click on them to see it in its full glory...).

Celeste Star Print Star Shirt £42

In the sale at Monsoon but this is definitely not just for Autumn/Winter. 

Naomi Sian Paisley Silk Blouse was £79 now £59

Callie Print Blouse from Mint Velvet £79

Franca Print Blouse £69 from Mint Velvet

Kristie Broderie Top from Boden £70

Melissa Ruffle Neck Top from Boden in Pink Pearl Daisy £70

Or in the Riviera Blue Daisy again £70 pre discount

Higher collar again at Monsoon. 

Ellen Print Blouse in blue £45

Then we come on to the slightly more boho, which is a look that Nikki definitely has a leaning towards.  

Evie Embroidery Blouse was £59 now £44

But THIS - oh this gem is my absolute favourite.  Nikki would wear this with a pair of skinnies and ankle boots.  She would look amazing.  However I would also team with skirts.  Leather skirt and knee high boots.  Or heels.  Handily this also looks exactly like it good be a Vilshenko blouse which would have a zero on the end of the ££.

Alyona Embroidered Top from Monsoon was £59 now £39

Soooooo what do we think?  Like I say - I don't tend to wear this style, but it's got me reaching for the skinnies and ankle boots again, so watch this space.

In the meantime, apologies for not having been around this week - manic time at home as anyone with a child with special needs will appreciate. 

I was also invited to a charity film night on Tuesday, in conjunction with the Gynae Cancer Fund to see I Tonya.  Hugely worthwhile charity and a superb film.  

What did I wear?  Well this is what I wore - picture, courtesy of my best friend who is not the quickest papper out there - here she is taking her time, very kindly taking my photo, when I realise that Mel C (yes the actual Spice Girl who is a billion times more beautiful in real life - genuinely she is stunning) is waiting to have her photo taken. - here I am apologising for being so tardy....


Silk front pussy bow jumper - Ted Baker (part of paid collaboration aw17)
Skirt - ASOS White (current)
Blazer - Baukjen (part of paid collaboration ss17)
Trainers - Golden Goose from Farfetch (sale aw17)
Puzzle Bag - Loewe from Matches (current)

And then from today - back to the old classics.  Clearly no inspiration from Nikki whatsoever, bar being inspired to dig into my wardrobe and revisit some old favourites. 


Dress - American Vintage from Quattrorish (ss17)
Boots - Chloe from Matches (aw16)
Polo neck - Autograph from M&S (aw15)
Onyx jacket - hush (gift 4yrs ago)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (current)

Coming up - I did mention the embroidered dress she wore?  I'm going to do some research on those and I have had another inspirational lightbulb moment from someone who pulled it out of the bag recently, in a certain outfit.  Any guesses who, wearing what?!

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24 comentarios:

  1. Yes!!! I want so many of her tops..where is that blush blouse with the flowers embroidered on the neck/chest from!!��

  2. If you could do a whole blog post on exact replicas of your beautiful American Vintage dress that would be much appreciated!

    1. Yes!! I think this every time you post a picture of yourself in it, I love it!

    2. Do you know - I'm not sure I've ever seen another dress like this which is actually flattering. I will say the new Day Birger one that I got from Anthro in the sale with the drop waist is a similar "sack" shape that actually works but they're really hard to come by!! I will keep looking....

  3. Or could you do a whole blog post on Emilia Fox's clothes from Delicious? Every time I've sat down to watch I've missed most of the programme as I've been frantically googling (with ZERO success, may I add) the various pieces she's wearing. I'm doomed to fail on that one, I think.

    1. Oh gosh I missed this whole series!! I'll see what I can find...

    2. I would also love to have wardrobe credits for Emilia Fox. Episode 1 - pale blue fit and flare short sleeve mid length dress with demure pussy bow is Dolce & Gabbana (2016), cream version only still available on line. Episode 2 - white broderie anglaise cotton midi length dress is killing me, have seen it on line but can't place the designer.

  4. I’m sure that I remember a website dedicated to the clothes that L&R wore on The Gilmore Girls which included all sources (often J Crew from memory). Why aren’t more people doing more of this sort of thing to save us the faffing? (�� {please,though})

    1. Ha ha ha! Wouldn't that be a really good idea?

    2. Sally, though I'm not sure how updated the series featured are ...

  5. OOOOOOOH, that cream boho top she has on up there in the tv photo, with the black detailing on the cuffs & bib.. NEED Kat.. do track down like a sweetie pie LOL. Happy Friday, have a great weekend, Audrey x

  6. The dress she wore to Gina's wedding in the most recent episode of Delicious was absolutely stunning. Her wardrobe in both Silent Witness and Delicious has been superb.

  7. I'd take her house too in Silent Witness. It looked gorgeous.

  8. I have one of her blouses from the old photos, second photo down, it's DVF and I love it!

  9. There’s a Whistles blouse in the new season called Celeste Sports Trim top which I reckon is very Nikki. I love her house too! And the dress Emilia Fox wore in Delicious was lush.

  10. I'm obsessed with Dr Nikki's two blue coats one pale with wide collar and the royal blue slim line one in the last episode of Silent Witness this week !!!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Love Nikki’s green rain jacket. Waist-length, buttons, and hood. Does anyone know the brand?