It's the last in my trilogy...

..of fawning over Dr Alexander.  Ok so there's a very loose connection here but it is one that I was pondering all last series.  And then when looking at new season footwear, I see a recurring theme.  

Hello block heel boots.  Ankle boots with a block heel (obvs). 

These are what she wears aaaaaaaaalll the time.  I seem to recall hers are either Acne or All Saints but either way, she rocks a pair of skinnies and ankle boots like no one else. 

First up - a pair that I have had for years and wear a lot.  I wish I wore them more but the heel.. meh...yes I have turned into an old lady and I tend to leave heels for nights out.  Partially as I walk a lot - if I'm working in London, I walk miles, hence I have embraced flats, and partially because I find them.. old gimmer alert.. not as comfortable as my beloved trainers *my 30 yr old self weeps*.  I have navy (I KNOW RIGHT?!) and must have bought them about four years ago from Bicester - maybe five.

Leather ankle boots from Rag & Bone in dark grey suede were £313 now £180

Newburys again in a cut out design in camel.  I shouldn't love these but I absolutely do. 

Classic Newbury Cut Out Boots were £375 now £208

More grey and a bargain.. well, in the very relative sense of the word but they are reduced and then there's an extra 30% off the last price. 

Ankle Boots from Rag & Bone in hammered light grey were £333 now £179 and then an extra 30% off

But fear not - I have found some amazing options on the high street.  

These.  Yes they're leather, yes they look a LOT more expensive!

Different version at ASOS. 

RAID Wendy Faux Snakeskin Boots £34.99

More faux snakeskin at New Look and THESE are the bargain of the day.  LEATHER FOR UNDER £20!  Yup. Yup Yup Yup. 

Black leather faux snakeskin boots were £49.99 now £18.99

And ta dah... spookily they also do them in the same colour as the M&S ones.  For EVEN LESS!  Making zero apology for shouting as these need shouting about. 

Leather boots were £49.99 now £15 from New Look

But the real reason for me writing this blog post is that I have fallen in love with a pair of... drum roll.. WHITE BOOTS.  So this does all the wrong diddly.  Not improved by me telling you that they're of the cowboy variety, I'm going to guess?  YUP - you heard that right.  White Western Boots.  Yee ha.

White Callie 70 Leather Ankle Boots from Ganni at Browns £355

However... look what I've found which are the best alternative ever.  

Leather Cowboy Ankle Boots in Mango in white £89.99

They also do them in black which may be more palatable for most but for me - LOVING the white. 

Leather Cowboy Ankle Boots in Black from Mango £89.99

And whilst we're on the subject of Western style boots.. in for a penny, in for a gold coin.  BOOM. 

Ace Western Ankle Boots from Topshop £69

Just on a roll with the Western style... 

Khaki Suedette Western Ankle Boots from New Look was £25.99 now £13

And here I am.. not in boots.  As we went on a long walk (not in the country can I point out.. it is just a short stroll through some woods to walk into town) today and I needed practical footwear.  YAWN.


Coat - Helene Berman from Anthropologie (aw17)
Jumper - Me+Em (aw15)
Jeans - AND/OR from John Lewis (from paid partnership aw17)
Trainers - Woden from The Dressing Room (gift aw17)
Bag - Tory Burch from Bicester (4 or 5 years ago)

So the boots - looking at the ones I've chosen here, I do seem to rather obsessed with the Western variety.  What do we think?  Have I lost my mind?  I've actually looked back over my outfits from the last couple of days and the white pair.. YES, the WHITE pair would go with all of them.  I think it's a sign... So, yay or nay?! 

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18 comentarios:

  1. While I know white boots probably aren't compatible with my lifestyle, I love the look of those white cowboy boots (and I'm normally not a white boot person). And I think the mango ones are better than the ganni ones!
    I do love a block heeled boot, and have two pairs I love. I'm still mourning a pair of blue snakeskin ones I sent back last year as they were too small. Why. Didn't. I. Size. Up? I do find some pairs need an instep thingy though to stop my feet getting super achy!
    Back to the white boots, go buy them Kat, you've already worked out they'll fit in with your style...(maybe not for a walk in the woods though!)

    1. I am just thinking about how amazing those blue boots sound..SORRY!!!!

  2. On their own they look muh! But with the trends at the moment they work.! I personally wouldn’t be brave enough to wear them in Cork but in London absobloodylutely!! Go for the mango ones as Id say the trend will pass and not last more than one season.. though I could be wrong!

    1. I can’t stop thinking about them... but wonder if they might be a tad high which means I won’t wear them....

  3. Get the Ganni boots, they are bang on and I think you’ll get years out of them. If you’re going to do it, do it well! 😉

    1. You see I was thinking this and I thought they were slightly lower than the mango ones.. but in other websites they’re saying they’re higher 😝😫 And they’re quite baggy around the leg... I want them super snug... I may just go mango.. a LOT cheaper!!!!!

  4. The Ganni boots 😍 my oh my, there's just something about them. I prefer them to the mango ones personally, I like the black stitch o the Ganni, it breaks them up abit and they don't look as stark.
    I'm wholeheartedly a trainers and flats girl but have an amazing pair of Sperry boots that I ordered from America & now nothing comes close to those comfort-wise when I'm shopping for heeled boots!

    1. Yes yes yes that’s what I was thinking.. they also looked like they had a slightly worn feel to them which I LOVE. BUT I saw them on Pandora Sykes and they looked super white. And also you couldn’t see the black... 🙄😫😫

  5. I bought some white boots once...then my partner said they reminded him.of the boots you see people wearing in a morgue...or fishmongers. Put me right off!

  6. Feeling better about my impulse buys of black and off white snakeskin and off white ankle boots - that's 2 pairs - in last winter's sales here in Australia. Mind you they are both low block heels because nod to sensible ��. Let's see if I'm seduced by a cowboy boot anytime soon! Mind you I do have a longstanding lemming for a Frye boot��

  7. I'm sticking with trainers, wore pointy toed block heeled boots last night on the cobbled streets in Bruges, bad idea, my knee kept going so i had to keep stopping and saying "ooh my knee" in the manner of a little old lady. 47 and this is what its come to - bring on the comfy xx

  8. I do like them . Had some 3/4 high fold over top white cowboy boots in the 80’s. Thought I was the nuts. Not sure if I could rock them now though.

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  10. I was surprised at the New Look and M&S versions. I too live in my Rag & Bone boots.
    As for the white?
    Hmmmmmmmm? Really not sure ;-)

  11. I got some lovely white boots from rag and bone on the outnet. They are a bit like the camel ones you have shown. I dont wear them a lot, but they are super. I am 48 😃

  12. I love wear a western wear..!! best collection of western wear @ shipgig.

  13. Had to pop back to thank you for the tip on the New Look snakeskin boots... what a find! I couldn't believe they would actually have any left in my size... but they did. Bargain of the year, and really comfortable to boot... *ahem*