The '70s called..

...and they want their boots back. 

For some random reason, having not worn them all season, I am suddenly all over my knee high boots. 

All two pairs of them that I have... both tan(ish), one from last year in the sale but the others are from 7 yrs ago, given to me by a friend as they didn't really fit her.  Thank you lovely S, as these have been a very much welcomed addition to my wardrobe and have proven to be a real classic.  These sorts of boots genuinely look better with age.  It also helps when they're from Jigsaw and are superb quality.. but as well as that - they give a totally different look to all the midi dresses and skirts that have I have been collecting over the last couple of years. 

And for some reason, I haven't worn together that much.  WHY, I scream (after a small glass of wine on a Friday night as the husband isn't home yet and I'm hungry....).  

Well, a quick peruse on Pinterest (she says quick and how we all laughed - there is no such thing as a "quick peruse" on Pinterest....) has showed me the error of my ways and in the coming weeks, I am midi skirting and dressing to the max, with the knee high beauties that I own.  To be fair, I will also be sporting them with my over the knee numbers that I got this year (red ones from Zara and black ones from Topshop) as it makes no odds where they end up on your knees, if you've got fabric covering them. 

Speaking of what to wear with them - personally, I am definitely all about the skirtage.  BUT as I type, I'm thinking that these could really work with cropped wide leg trousers too.  You can keep your skinny jeans and boots look - that's a tad too '80s for my tastes right now (never say never mind) - I'm sticking with something over the boots as opposed to anything tucked in.  

Here's what I found on the black hole of deliciousness that is Pinterest (where all the pics are from).

Ok so I'm not entirely sure that I need a silver pair - these are tad too Tin Man for my liking but were they in black... (I have skirt envy x a million, mind you).


Oh how RUBBISH does Olivia Palermo look here? *doesn't know whether to weep or drool at how sublime she is*

I'm going in.  Starting with the ultimate in '70s chic - tan/brown/camel/the shade of the sofa or carpet when you were growing up. 

ASOS Cerys Leather Boots were £90 now £54

Aslen Mahogany Leather Boots were £219 now £153

Alas these are slightly more... 

Block heel leather boots from Joseph at Matches were £595 now £397

These however in black are a fab, fab, FAB buy and you will have them forever.  I have that sinking Friday feeling that they don't have them in my size....

Dora Black Mid Heel Knee Boots were £249 now £109

Or the ASOS Cerys in the black version of the tan ones above - were £90 now £54

And then ones that are almost the same as the Isabel Marant ones that I have but in black suede as opposed to the rust versions I have. 

Whirl Black Mid Heel Knee Boots from Carvela at Kurt Geiger were £199 now £129 

Or a similar pair from Miss KG - cheaper but limited sizes. 

Wendy Black Mid Heel Knee Boots were £119 now £34

And then the bargain of the day. 

ASOS Cadet Slouch Knee Boots were £50 now £20

Kitten heel at Kurt Geiger Online. 

Sprint Black Mid Heel Knee Boots from Carvela were £189 now £89 

Black at Office.  Ok PLEASE imagine them with a skirt over and not skinny jeans....

Kitsch Smart Knee Boots in Black Leather was £125 now £63

Dora Black Mid Heel Knee Boots from Kurt Geiger was £249 now £109

However when it comes to black, these get my vote. 

Waterloo Black Mid Heel from Kurt Geiger was £249 now £129

Tring in grey suede at Kurt Geiger was £189 now £129

And finally in a wine suede.  Could anything be more '70s?

Office Kola Slouch Suede Knee Boots were £125 now £69

Whilst we're on the subject of maroon, I'm going to have to throw these in, as yes, they're over the knee BUT if you wear them under a skirt, it's neither here nor there. 

Over the knee heel boots from Mango were £79.99 now £39.99

And the red bargain version of the ones above.  BUY BUY BUY! 

ASOS Cadet Boots were £50 now £20

And here I am today not in my knee high boots (they are coming next week.... watch this space) but in a pair of favourites which happen to match my coat perfectly. 

Friday - all day in London for meetings and a photo shoot and then back home, just in time for swimming lessons.


Mayfair coated skinnies - Boden (aw15)
Boots - Balenciaga from Bicester (sale aw16)
Jumper dress - hush (gift aw16)
Coat - Jigsaw (gift aw17)
Sunglasses - Tom Ford from Very Exclusive (aw17)
Bag - Gucci from Bicester (ss16)

So tonight - it's sleepover night chez nous for the two boys and two friends of theirs.  The daughter has been outsourced for a sleepover elsewhere and the husband is on his way home with steaks and wine.  Friday night perfection right there.  

And the weekend continues with a run tomorrow (she says ambitiously...) and then no running club as I am off to London for cocktails, lunch and shopping with very, very old girl friends.  We haven't caught up for ages and I am SO looking forward to it.  Ignoring the fact it's rugby training on Sunday morning.... 

Would love to hear whether you love or hate the nod to the '70s.  I will apologise if it's the latter as I have another post up my sleeve for this week.  SORRY in advance....

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11 comentarios:

  1. Yep liking this look and could definitely by tempted by something with a bit more of a chunky heel so more wearable all day...

    But more importantly That blue and black skirt in their first pic is totally great !

  2. The red boots are mine! Managed to be sensible about them in black as I have a black pair, but could not resist them in red!!!

    1. You won't regret it - I love love love red boots!

    2. Sending them back sadly as too big and a little too high as well

  3. Love midi-skirt plus knee-high boots = definitely a favourite look of mine. But still on the look out for a good pair of tan ones...

    1. They really aren't as easy to find as you think they would be, are they?

  4. Seeing as I'm going to try to wear my skirts more, what could be better than a pair of boots! I've got a pair of navy flats, but heeled boots would be great too, can't decide on a colour though...

    1. Tan I would say are the most versatile.

  5. Excellent timing...I just recently noticed a knee-high, tan-coloured, block-heeled gap in my footwear wardrobe. Had a look at what you posted, had a browse online and headed off to the shops yesterday. I found a fab pair on sale in House of Fraser and took them home with me! I though the 39 would be too small and they had none in 40 but they were actually a very decent fit. Not real suede so hopefully less looking after required, too.

  6. I love how everything in fashion has a history. I also read an article on our lingerie having history too!