Distraction time

So today was either going to be the white footwear one or my latest style crush number. 

However, I was hugely distracted, firstly by an email I got this morning, then by a shop window and lastly by my outfit.  Yes my own outfit.   As I remembered a skirt I had bought recently (have already worn it twice) and it got a third outing today with a different look to it - ALL THE GREEN. 

Yes, it's the green on.  We've had red, we've had pink.  I love red and green (some say Christmas, others say Gucci, I say school uniform) but I love pink and green even more. 

However.. you know what's coming.. yes what about ALL THE GREEN - together.  All the shades, thrown on.

This was the picture that me fall head over heels for the Team Kermit.

First up - apologies that the blog is all rather Mango heavy at the minute.  Well - I'm not sure it really is, it does just happen that the two things I've recently ordered have been from there.  The white boots - BIG FAT THUMBS UP.  But the pyjama style co-ord from yesterday.. which arrived today.. hmm maybe no.  Big fat Willy Winkie is what I looked like.  Talkies over on Insta Stories.  Randomly lots of people did like them, I got loads of very positive messages but they're just not for me. 

And here's an interesting thought that it threw up.  Sometimes, it's not how good you look in an outfit.  It's how good you FEEL in it.  I didn't feel like me in them at all. 

My outfit from today however.  I loved.  Midi skirt (I know, I know - yawnarama but this is one I bought in the sale and I am fully expecting to live in it all Spring/Summer), jumper and white boots. 

Green coat.. and what I thought as I walked past the Mango window was - oh how fabulous would this look with the green jumper (the exact same outfit that is pictured above).

Which made me think - I need to do all the green.  Forget Miss Piggy, just call me Miss Kermit.  Or, I'm sure my children (and husband) would tell you I'm far more likely to be Mrs Hulk (I am not known for my patience...if I were a volcano I would be on permanent erupt).

So I've come home and am salivating over the emeralds, the forests, the limes and any other shade of green I can get my hands on. 

Openwork Knit Sweater from Mango £49.99 (as above).

Darker forest green, also at Mango £39.99

More jumpers at & Other Stories. 

Oversized Straight Sweater in green £69

A more fitted option..

Knit Sweater in green at & Other Stories £35

Warehouse Ottoman Rib Funnel Jumper £46

Full on chunky at River Island £42

The other top option now that we're coming into Spring (she says ignoring the minus figures and snowflakes on her weather app for next week..) are shirts and blouses. 

Long Sleeve Button Side Blouse from Warehouse £36

Then the bottoms... 

Belt Long Skirt from Mango £49.99  I am going to say that the split isn't for me.  Too high.  Legs too meh.  I need all the covering up I can get. 

I also still have my green Topshop skirt - must be three years old now.  That's definitely getting an airing! 

Jolie Moi Crepe Pleated Maxi Skirt was £65 now £48

I'm going to throw these in as I think these are SO amazing.  They come in three lengths... Long and draping - I love these. 

Marlin Wide Leg Trousers from Boden £90 Use code F2U8 for 20% off 

Am also going to leave the matching blazer here.. 

Elizabeth Ponte Blazer in Sap Green £98

I am SO SO regretting not getting a dark green blazer from Zara last year (zilch this year bar a full on Wizard of Oz green which is a tad too Butlins for my liking...) - this one looks like a good alternative.  I am just going to throw it out there that it does have a whiff of my old school blazer but I'm sure I can get over that.

Essential Structured Blazer from Mango £59.99

However it does look like it's getting colder, so throwing in a coat. 

ASOS Green D Ring Coat £75

And a dark green trench..

ASOS Single Breasted Oversized Mac £75

Speaking of green trenches... my outfit that I really really loved.  THIS is what I felt good in.


Jumper - Bella Freud (aw16)
Skirt - Markus Lupfer (sale aw17)
Trench - Acne Studios (sale ss17)
Boots - Mango (current)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (current)

So tell me - is there a specific colour that you're loving at the moment?  Or what about a combo of colours?  And yes, these are the white boots from the blog the other day and I LOVE them.  I have walked 9.98km in them which is pretty impressive for a heel.  And they didn't hurt at all.  They also have them in black if you don't fancy the white...just in case...!

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9 comentarios:

  1. Not sure if this is spooky or what, but at the bottom of today's post there was a link to a related article - one you did about green in March last year. And the image to illustrate that was the green version of the Bella Freud jumper you're wearing in the last photo! So maybe it's trying to tell you something!

    I've only got a couple of green green things (as opposed to khaki) - a cheap hoodie from somewhere I can't remember, and a maxi American Vintage dress. Amazingly they go together though, so when it warms up a bit, that might be a good combo to try! Now I just need some green shoes or boots...

  2. Oh, that first Mango picture that inspired you is The Dream. If only my lifestyle supported such an outfit...

    The Boden trousers on the other hand could definitely be put to good use. You've got me dreaming of summer now.

  3. I noticed that there is a lot of yellow / mustard white and black combinations- looked good. I’m glad you are going the pajama route, it’s not a look I can take on board 😉.

  4. I love your outfit, it looks amazing, especially with those boots!
    Boden is always amazing for colour (I tend not to go for the patterned, and stick to the more plain), and they do petite!
    I do have a couple of emerald green items and an amazing bag that goes with both emerald and khaki (as long as it's a green khaki, rather than a brown khaki). I've got a workshop on St Patrick's day, so I think I can say the outfit's sorted!

  5. Love a bit of green. Talking of a bit of green, pretty please with something nice on top, can you do a blog on how to find a dress very similar to your gorgeous green, checked (American Vintage? one?!!

  6. Sppoky! I was looking at green trousers yesterday and found these - I like them as they look like, but aren't, camo. They'd look fab with any one of the jumpers above. Now I'm inspired I'm off to order them. Thanks XX http://www.marksandspencer.com/cotton-blend-floral-print-trousers/p/p60131888?image=SD_01_T59_5183_J4_X_EC_90&color=GREENMIX&prevPage=plp&pdpredirect

  7. Love certain shades of green but as someone with green eyes I tend to steer away from it most of the time. I don't want my eyes to be any greener thank you! I had failed to make the connection between green and my old school uniform so now I'm going to be extra careful! I have ordered the Boden 7/8th trousers in the green though. Bet they don't fit. Hope springs eternal with me and Boden "jodphurs"!

  8. Had to think of this blog when I saw these green Golden Goose sneakers today:


  9. I've just bought this beauty - known in my house as the Kermit jumper! http://www.marksandspencer.com/ribbed-bubble-sleeve-jumper/p/p60134903?image=SD_01_T38_7631_J0_X_EC_90&color=GREEN&prevPage=plp&pdpredirect