Heaven in a dress

Yup, there is no other way of describing the dress that my annual wardrobe crush, Dr Nikki Alexander wore a couple of weeks ago in Silent Witness.  

I have had so so many emails about this, I have been sitting on it and gradually adding to the post as I came across more dresses.  

So THIS is the one that we were all talking about.  Apologies for the HORRENDOUS photos - taking them from the tv is hard.  There are none online.  Boo.


It obviously costs a gazillion pounds (seriously - the only place I could find it was on Moda Operandi and even then it was on a trunk sale, so limited stock and I seem to recall it was about £2500ish.  You can buy a CAR for that!).

Essentially we're looking for embroidered frocks.  Dresses with a boho vibe to them but ones that aren't full on peasantastic (and I mean that in nicest sense of peasnantastic... ok how do I rephrase this without offending anyone... less.. national costume?  Not sure that worked). 

Anyway I have come up with a host of them - I'll be honest, I'm not sure these are me.  I was in the cinema today with the children (Black Panther.. very good, amazing cinematography and effects with the most awesome costumes and make up, but HOLY HELL, it's violent!) and was thinking about the sort of "boho" I want to do.  Leave this with me.. I'll be back on that front but in the meantime, I have found some dresses that aren't really on a par with the Temperley one Dr Alexander wore but at least you won't have to sell a kidney.

Don't be scared - I have started with proper Temperley BUT I have also found some much more purse friendly options.

Temperley London Pleated Embroidered Cotton Dress from The Outnet was £1122 now £448

Temperley London Cold Shoulder Embroidered Gauze Midi Dress from The Outnet was £1995 now £898 

Or you can up the ante..

Potion Embroidered Floral Lace Dress from Temperley London £1995

Which frankly, isn't remotely feasible, is it?  But fear not, I have found some other options online.

Frock and Frill Embroidered Dress £130

Midi at ASOS. 

ASOS Edition Embellished Dress £150

Navy at Monsoon. 

Anastasia Embroidered Dress £139

V Neck at Free People - Glow Midi Embroidered Dress £148

Longer now and very Spring like but throw on ankle boots and a black biker and you're good to go now. 

Floral Embroidery Dress from Mango £69.99

And then slightly off piste.  I LOVE this one.  It's the most random, looks like it came from a charity shop, GEM.  Actually it's not charity shop - it's pure vintage isn't it?

Fergie Dress by Lace & Beads £70

It can be shorter thought - oh how I would love to be able to wear this.  My pins are not what they used to be and I've made the decision that there are enough lovely dresses to be able to wear them, without hav

Roses Mini Dress £125 from & Other Stories 

In navy at Monsoon.  Molly Embroidered Dress £89

Shorter at Topshop - Embroidered Balloon Sleeve Skater Dress was £32 now £22

In green.  Oh how I would love this in a full length version. 

ASOS Premium Aztec Mini Embroidered Dress £75

Unfortunately - they do tend to be a more expensive kind of dress as there is obviously so much work that goes into them.  My other no boho but a bit boho idea is definitely much more attractive to the purse. 

However the one thing it's always important to remember is not to leave anything for best.  If you do splurge on one of these, then there's no reason why you can't wear them during the day.  And the different colours in them, means they'll go with a whole host of old goodies you may well have squirrelled away in your wardrobe. 

Take me yesterday for example.  A new dress (although I've worn it three times since getting it only a couple of weeks ago) that is quite a dressy dress (I got it in the sale for a really good reduction but originally it was very expensive and meant for "best"). 

Not for me - it goes in the washing machine and I took advantage of a day out yesterday with the children (and then drinks and dinner in Soho in the evening without the kids - YAY!) to throw an old pleather (super cheap) biker jacket and a scarf I have had for 8 years (saw a woman at a soft play wearing it, asked here where it was from and spent ages tracking it down to a boutique in Harrogate!).


Dress - Day Birger et Mikkelson from Anthropologie (sale aw17)
Jacket - Zara (ss16)
Boots - Zara (current)
Scarf - Virginia Johnson from Morgan Clare (8 yrs ago)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (current)

Dinner tonight with friends, sleepover for the boys and then running tomorrow... Hope everyone has had a great half term.  Can't believe it's nearly over! (well I can actually....).

Whilst we're on the subject of style crushes though - I just wondered who yours is?  I know that Dr Nikki is a very popular choice, I've started watching Scandal and everyone was raving to me about Olivia Pope's outfits.  I'll be honest - I'm more impressed with her wine glasses (I got me some of them *fist bump*) and it's Liz North who I am totally having a blouse love in with... not to mention the wide leg trousers.. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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22 comentarios:

  1. I can’t remember her name but the girlfriend of Adam (James Nesbitt) in Cold Feet had an amazing wardrobe.
    Love these dresses, the ASOS Edition one would be gorgeous for a *very* fancy Autumn wedding I have but then if I bought it I’d find a million more I love before then. If I don’t buy it... nada! x

    1. Oooh which one? The new Cold Feet? I can't remember that. And yes, that's SO SO right about the wedding outfit. I'd order it to scratch the itch and then you'll know if it's not right!

    2. The purple-y grey one. It’s ordered. Not sure how the back will work with a larger chest but I’m sure there’s some sort of contraption available!
      Yes the new Cold Feet. I can’t remember what she wore but I remember thinking at the time that I liked them. I think there were cropped trousers and monochrome shirts x

  2. Alison Mosshart for me - I’m a rocker chick at heart, and her uniform of skinny jeans, graphic tee, shirt and leather jacket always looks so cool. And just like me she never wears dresses!!

    1. Ok I'm such a saddo, I'm going to have to google her. But it sounds good...

  3. Hello Kat. I occaisionally waffle with you on IG stories. My crushes are Nina in Offspring from Australia and Madam Secretary. Polar opposites but fit two sides of my life.


    1. Ok I don't know Offspring either - THE SHAME! And Madam Secretary herself? I always have hair envy when I watch it!

  4. Naomi Watts style in Gypsy (Netflicks).

    1. OOH I'm on it... must look up (and watch Gypsy.. I've heard it's amazing?!)

  5. Hi Kat,
    Lovely dresses but I prefer your kinda midi dresses ��
    My style crush is Naomi Watts in gypsy!
    Omg the day wardrobe of skirts boots coats and scarves ...so classy and elegant and her Devine boho dresses at night with the husband and then her blazer / leather jacket white t and jeans in her naughty affair at night! ��

    1. Yup - I'm more of a floral girl. Ok and another recommendation for Gypsy. This means I need to watch it - sounds blooming MARVELLOUS!

    2. There’s better on Netflix . You feel like screaming at her in the movie ‘wtf are you doing! But it’s worth the watch for the wardrobe and it’s set in NYC!

    3. I’m currently binge watching Scandal on a box set... need something to break the obsession 🤣🤣

  6. Olivia Palermo is my style crush, although i never look that polished, and (sorry if this makes me sound a smidge stalker-y) you as you always look really cool.

  7. Yes OP never gets it wrong! And Kat also!

  8. The tops worn by the detective in Death in Paradise (not the Irish bloke, the girl!).
    Every week she wears a brightly coloured top of some sort - last week it was a patterned shirt, the week before a bright floaty vest top. I'd love to know where they're from. Gorgeous!

    1. Totally with you on this - Florence always looks perfect - I would live to look as simply chic as her on any summer holiday.

  9. I'm very pro- Nikki Alexander, but for me she doesn't top Sharon Horgan's outfits in Catastrophe. I'd wear every single one.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.