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Today I thought I'd do the three fragrances I'm currently loving.  One I got for Christmas, one I got for my birthday and one I have worn for twenty years.

Now I've done perfume before and my usual port of call is a citrus.  Which I love.  And, don't get me wrong, it is the perfect Summer fragrance. 

But in these inbetweeny times, when... errr it's SNOWING.. it just seem a bit too light and fresh.

Yet it's not full on Winter so the headier, heavy scents don't seem to really work either .

These three that I've been alternating, to me are the perfect Goldilocks of perfumes.  I've said before, I am NO expert in this field - I just know what I love and love finding those fragrances that are that bit different. 

And even though the first one is a complete classic, it is still, simply not like any other that I know.

It's the oldest relationship I have with a perfume - it's Clarins Eau Dynamisante.  My best (which is bad) description would be herby.  Clearly that's not the route they choose to go down - this is a more accurate (i.e. from their website) way of describing it.

"This invigorating aroma for women and men, moisturises, firms and tones with essential oils of Lemon, Patchouli, Petit Grain, Ginseng and White Tea." 

This would be my order of choice - I always love having a smaller bottle to have in your handbag. 

I also layer it - my late mum used to buy me every birthday and Christmas, either a deodorant, shower gel or moisturiser.  This year - for Mother's Day, this is on my list (will have to get the husband on it - or, the far more reliable 13yr old!).

Next up - the Christmas present from the husband.  This is his choice.  ALL THE KUDOS.  Again, it's one of those perfumes which people ask "what's that?" (in a good way...).  It doesn't exactly do what it says on the tin - it doesn't smell of Yorkshire's Finest or PG Tips, but there definitely is that herbal element to it again.  Herby.  As I said before - something you never see written or mentioned in any Fine Fragrance Hall but that's pretty much what it is . 

A more accurate description *could" be (definitely is):-

"An infusion with the earl grey floralcy of Italian bergamot, the earthy intensity of maté, and the smoky facets of birch. The cooling spice of nutmeg adds heat to this chameleon-like perfume".

And lastly - a birthday present.  Something I would never have picked up but I will absolutely be buying again.  It's definitely a treat purchase, that's for sure, but it really is one of the most unusual fragrances I've ever smelt.  Without a shadow of a doubt, it has been the most commented on perfume I've ever worn (again, all positive...).

Now this one...  so slightly off piste, I would say it's a floral, herb mix.  Which is obviously not remotely accurate - this is a much better description (from the professionals ie - their website):-

"This mixed-media perfume is a contradiction and abstract in its nature. It has an addictive, velvety musk and a woody character, floral, though not traditionally ‘floral’. Fresh yet warm opening notes of aromatic woods and green blossoms are lifted by a touch of Green Mandarin and Bergamot, whilst the musk and botanical notes of Angelica seeds add texture and refinement."

Romilly Wilde Idle Eau de Parfum 30 ml £90 (if you subscribe you save 15% so £76 - details are on the website - I have NO idea what it means, so please do read.  I have given it a skim read and am none the wiser... but I did literally skim... SORRY!).

And no - it's not a big bottle but this is a strong Eau de Parfum - you literally need one little spritz. 

So that's me feeling all balanced and in a good mood with my favourite Spring fragrances.  I LOVE perfume, could wax lyrical about it all day and in fact, am going to do another scent post soon - along these lines but with more of a floral bent.  

What's your "go to" Spring fragrance?  Am I bonkers in having one for this time of year, as opposed to a lighter citrus version for the Summer and the warmer, headier scents for Winter?  

Here I am yesterday and today - in preparation for Snowmageddon tomorrow. Which, pretty much means you can guarantee it will pass us by completely. 

Coated Jeans - Boden (4 yrs ago)
Coat - Monki from ASOS (aw17)
Jumper dress - hush (gift aw16)
Hat and gloves - Somerville Scarves (gift aw17)
Boots - Grenson from Collen & Clare (aw17)

And giving the check coat that I mentioned yesterday, an outing.  As I said, it's not entirely on trend but I don't care - I blooming love it.  I had planned on teaming it with all red but snow stopped play.  Yes it was snowing today - but it stopped.  Much to the utter devastation of the children.

Jumper - Me+Em (gift current)
Leather leggings - hush (gift 5yrs ago)
Boots - Grenson from Collen & Clare (aw17)
Coat - Zara (5 yrs ago)
Bag - Zara (4yrs ago)

So I'd love to hear what your favourite scents are, what you think of my three heroes and whether you've tried them.  And MORE importantly - DO YOU HAVE SNOW?!

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  1. Yes to snow (West London) - light dusting on the cars tonight. Perfume: Bois Des Iles, Mitsouko, Cristalle, No 5, Mary Greenwell Lemon. And many more, I have perfumes for each month, let alone seasons!

  2. Slight bit of snow today, looks like much more tomorrow and the rest of the week.

    Love perfumes, probably too much.Just discovered Dynamisante at Christmas, I don't know why I always looked past it, but it beautiful and right up my street.

    Miller and Harris do one of my all time faves - Feuilles de Tabac. Yes, I like to smell like Galloise and St Germain brasseries 😁.

    Got Molecule 01 recently, you tried that? I'm still unsure.

    So much lovely perfume, so little time!

  3. I've recently added another fragrance to my scent arsenal in the form of Caudalie's Thè des Vignes which I came across in Space NK. I was in there for something entirely unrelated and had a sniff as I walked past it and it was gorgeous and surprisingly cheap (around £26). Thought I'd give it a go and now I'm wearing it every day. A smell I can't describe, except for 'French'.

  4. I'm a No. 5 girl and La Perla Eclix, quite a sweet scent, but they sadly don't make anymore. I bought Molecule 01 a while back and it did nothing for me but a friend swore by it, and verified the so called "other people effect", so I gave it to her (all the while being a bit jealous). I was wondering if it had been the emperors new clothes syndrome up until that point.

  5. Oooh! I've just remembered my favourite of all time fragrances - Christian Dior Eau Svelte body treatment fragrance. Bought for my 30th birthday by my gorgeous friend who I lost to breast cancer just a few years later, it was a lovely light, fresh fragrance that seems now to have been discontinued, which makes me very sad. Nothing has ever smelt so good to me.

  6. I tend to stay away from perfume counters when I have a fully stocked (corner of) drawer, otherwise I'd end up with way too much. At the moment I'm using Clean 'Fresh Laundry', their range is well, clean smelling And a good year round daytime scent! But I'm thinking there may be a hole in my collection for those inbetweeny times of year, when full on summer floral, or spicy winter aren't really quite right.

  7. I remember you once recommending an inexpensive cologne from Liberty which you said was similar to Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino (which is my all-time favourite but so expensive and doesn't last 5 mins). Can you remind me what it was?? My other favourites are Clarins ED and Marc Jacobs 'Rain' although find that last one really difficult to get hold of.

  8. Eau Dynamisante is still a favourite of mine too. As is Cristalle and anything by Shay and Blue-their 'herby' scents are divine and always raise a compliment or two. Wish more perfumes came in tiny bottles to transport in a handbag, like the sample bottles at the Chanel counters in the '80's!

  9. Another perfume addict here - I had Cinnabar by Estee lauder on today to feel like I had the warmth with me on this snowy day. My most recent find is the Alpha base perfume from Our Modern Times by 4160 Tuesdays - I think it's meant as a base scent with the other fragrances to be layered on top of it but it's lovely, woody and chypre all at the same time. My all time favourites is Tabac Blond (so I also love the Miller Harris Feuille de Tabac but it doesn't last on me) and I also love Fracas, but I will wear them regardless of season. My cheapie summer fragrance is Coriandre which is normal price in perfume shops but cheap as chips online (think £13 for 50mls type cheap) such as Fragrnace X

  10. I'm so far down the scent rabbit hole I don't buy full bottles very often anymore. I have a Bloom Perfume subscription which is awesome, I get 6 samples of niche fragrances per month around a theme. The perfume society also do lovely boxes and you can get pick and mix samples from feelunique for next to nothing. Plus lots of the perfume houses like 4160T do mixed sample sets.

  11. I too have worn Eau Dynamistane for aeons, since the early 90s, I reckon. It's just the most perfect scent, in my opinion. I have dabbled with a few Jo Malone's, but always come back to this.

    My husband bought me the tin with the perfume and the travel spray for Valentine's.

  12. I love perfume, especially inbetween seasons. Atm I love Escada perfumes in colder weather. Too sickly sweet in hot weather but in cold weather, fruity and fresh, I think it works perfectly

  13. You have to try Penhaligon Perfumes...they are amazing. I wear Zizonia and constantly get complimented on it.

  14. Another Eau Dynamisante lover here - been wearing it since the early 1990s. A very recent purchase has been Aenean by Alice in Perfume. No, I'd never heard of them either but it's a smoky Bergamot, Pink Pepper and Bitter Orange, is followed by a hot and heady blend of Jasmine and Amber (so they say). Quite lingering, you only need a tiny bit. I always waft a bit of Tom Ford Verts de Bois if ever I'm passing a counter but cannot justify paying that much money for it.