You are GOLD

Please agree with me that it is impossible to say the word gold without the Spandau stylee "goooold" (in a hushed Kemp brother tone...) completing the sentence?  I have a horrible feeling it might just be me but would love to know if there are any gold (gooooold) partners in crime?

Yes today it's all about the gold.  And specifically gold trainers.  I know that sounds very bizarre but trust me on this..   Totally inspired by a lovely lunch with very old, very good girl friends on Saturday.  One of them had the most fabulous pair of red velvet boots on but then.. out she whips a pair of simply the most superb gold New Balance. 


And it got me to thinking, yes I am obsessed with white, I have grown partial to a black pair but call off the dogs - let's go gold (goooold).

Or metallic.  I'll open up the parameters seeing as some of you may have a silver or copper leaning and I've even found some that have a nod to the theme.  The one thing that there's no disputing is that trainers are here to stay. 

To wear with everything.  Especially out suits from the other day.  Simply all you need to dress them down (that and a tee which I have coming up shortly).

As far as I can see, the gold New Balance are out of stock now but these are very very similar.  Except for the fact they're Reebok... 

Gold Reebok CL Leather Trainers £69.99

Similar again from Mr Hilfiger.

Gold at ASOS from Tommy Jeans Lace Up Metallic Trainer £85

And then moving onto ones that my 13 yr old daughter HATES.  Which is bizarre as these are probably (definitely) the most on trend ones here.  These are growing on me.  Really really growing on me.  Maybe it's my new found running addiction and the fact that these look like you could break into a jog in them?  I don't know - maybe I've seen them in so many places (I was drooling over them in & Other Stories at the weekend - somehow, seeing them in there always normalises things for me - does that make sense?) that they've become less "practical" and more "fashion". 

They do them in gold.  Enough said.

Gold from Nike.  Air Max 97 Ultra in Gold £140

Silver and grey in the Nike Air Max 97s again £150

Silver at La Redoute and moving back to the style that's very much in my comfort zone.

Esplar low metallic trainers from Veja £99

Silver at Esprit at La Redoute £49 (these look very Marant to me).

Metallic at M&S £29.50

And a less chunky version, also at M&S in metallic £19.50

Gold at Topshop. 

Converse All Star Low Trainers £64.99

Metallic Effect Sneakers from Mango £35.99

Copper Leather at Converse £54.99

Rose gold at Nike - Cortez Trainers £65

Rose gold with 70% off at La Redoute. 

Egypt leather trainers from Dune were £79 now £23.70

Hint of gold at Carvela.

Lamar Sneakers from Carvela £139

Pepe Jeans Verona in gold £69.99

A nod to the metallic with some rose gold.  Back to the super trendy wendy (just so I sound like a PROPER old lady).

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra in Pink £140 from & Other Stories

So have I persuaded you to swap the white ones for a metallic number??  I have managed to convince myself that a black pair is a really good idea (although yes, I do still reach for and am drawn to the white numbers like a moth to a flame but a change is as good as a rest every now and again). 

Today for example - I could so easily have gone gold, couldn't I?


Jumper - Bella Feud (aw16)
Cropped Trousers - M&S (current)
Green trench - Acne (sale ss17)
Trainers - Rogue Matilda (gift current)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (current)

Day of more school visits for the 11yr old, work and a run.  The running is going really well (even though I say so myself and believe me, there is no one more surprised at me than that) - I have got to Week 5 of the course  - lots of you over on Insta have asked if I'm using an app but no, I've joined a running club.  We all go out together once a week (Saturday which is super easy) and then have homework runs to do between sessions.  So this week it's 5 minutes running and 1 minute walking for forty minutes.   I do use an app to time the intervals (called GymBoss) but other than that, I run with friends or just music.  I am absolutely LOVING it.. although this week I have a twingey hip.  Am hoping it's because I'm not used to it and nothing more sinister.... It started when I was running in my rubbish trainers and has definitely improved with the last two runs using my shiny new proper ones so fingers crossed it's something that will right itself.

Tomorrow, London day for meetings and then an evening with the children.  Wednesday night if I'm not working, we always try and do something - it may well be trampolining tomorrow.  Although after our cheeky cinema trip last night, maybe I'll move it to Thursday. 

Speaking of last night, the Darkest Hour is amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  Gary Oldman totally steals the show - he is utterly sublime although I would personally give a special mention to Kristen Scott Thomas as Clemmie Churchill who is simply divine.

Am desperately trying to make it through as many Oscar films as we can - this year I have promised the 13yr old we can stay up for an Oscar Party (party of two that is...).  I have done this once before, actually in the US and I have to say, the majority of it is pretty dull with about a billion advert breaks.  BUT she's determined - we're going to sleep all of the Sunday so she can stay up.   I've done I Tonya, Darkest Hour and Dunkirk so have a fair few left to go (the majority of which, I'm not going to lie - don't remotely appeal.  Bring me Thor 3....).

But I NEED to know what you think of the gold trainers.  Or do you just want another round up of the best of the white ones out there?!

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29 comentarios:

  1. Yes! 'So true funny how it seems' gold (gooold) may be the new black, or even white when it comes to sneakers/trainers. Sorry, couldn't resist!
    I've had plenty of silver ones, but no gold ones as yet! Not surprisingly I'm drawn to the silver esprit pair, but a close second are the chunky M&S pair. May have to wait as I've just ordered two pairs - oops!
    Good for you, week five, running! Need I say more! And Darkest Hour sounds as though it's something I would like, needs investigating...

    1. Two pairs of what have you ordered?? Darkest Hour really is superb. Never knew how barking yet strong (well I knew he was strong but not the alcoholic barking bit!! Must google!) Churchill was. Revelations galore. Definitely worth seeing.

    2. Red loafery (is that a word?) sneakers from Boden, and white nubuck Stan Smith's (planning to wear with kilties bought in the hush sale for £3).
      Darkest hour is only in the cinema here for another week and the OH is off shore, so we'll probably order the blue ray (no Netflix in our house!)

  2. LOVE this post! I think all footwear should be gold or silver. Just purchased a silver pair of low Converse all ready to go when the weather changes. For now will wear gold/silver boots instead. Love all your blog posts! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    1. How have I not got my head around this?!

  3. I have the cheaper silver Marks ones but they are not as comfortable as trainers, they have thinner soles and squeak a bit! Still like them though and they will be fine for spring /summer!

    1. Yes perhaps not for this weather but definitely for sunnier climes.. (which seem like a loooooooooong way away!)

  4. I have been living in my gold leather converse for the past 2 years...they now have extra sole ventilation, that is somewhat inappropriate for this time of thx for the edit. Easy shopping for a replacement! Loving the Last Redoute and Veja. Not really getting the Nike trend though, sorry :( I'm just too old lol ! Shannah (naaghr)

    1. Well that's what I thought but... hmm I'm coming round to them! Much to my daughter's disgust but seeing as she has commandeered everything Stan Smith, I need another option!

  5. I have some gold converse and just bought some black with gold New Balance trainers, I don't think I have loved a pair of trainers more and they are sooo comfy! Loved your suit blog, am hoping to get a new job soon so might treat myself to the Karen Millen one if I am successful, fingers crossed!

  6. I have tried gold trainers - I got some Asics ones a couple of years ago, but I only wore them once or twice, so I sold them on eBay. For some reason they were never my first choice (I'd always pick my burgundy Sauconys from Madewell, or one of my many pairs of Vans). Maybe silver would be a better choice, as I'm always happy to wear my grey Converse. Food for thought!

    1. And wouldn't it be a dull world if we all liked the same thing?!!

  7. Do you go barefoot in your trainers?

  8. “...always believe in your soul” (went through my mind as I opened your blog... I have to say I’m not convinced on the gold thing. At a push maybe the gold converse or the thinner canvas ones. The Nike ones look way too ‘running footwear’ for me. I don’t think you can beat the classic white leather trainers. I go back to them EVERY time. White looks best with your above outfit IMHO xx

  9. Woden do some fab metallic trainers and they are SO comfortable, great prices as well.

  10. I love my white trainers but I do have a metallic gold snakeskin pair from about 3 years ago that I wear now and again when only metallic will do! They were from Next I think and super cheap (less than £25)
    I also LOVE my leopard trainers but I guess that’s a whole other blog isn’t it??
    Best of luck with all the school stuff, it’s never easy is it, especially with special needs in the mix. You have to get the “fit” right for him I guess to make school as enjoyable as possible (my daughter is training to be a teacher and has several kids with problems/issues/needs in her class at her current placement)

    1. Ooh yes leopard! I got some custom Vans for Christmas, I went with all-over leopard print slip ons - love them!

  11. Hmm it seems like your website ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I'll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I'm still new to everything. Do you have any tips and hints for first-time blog writers? I'd genuinely appreciate it. buy youtube likes

  12. Gold is impossible to say without launching into Spandau Ballet. I have gold hi tops from Ash so I am feeling rather smug at being ahead of this trend. They are particularly cheering in this cold weather. Surely you're interested in Phantom Thread, I mean, it's fashion!

  13. You made me laugh twice...yes to ‘Goooooold’! And ‘trendy wendy’. I actually said that the other day - out loud! I need some new trainers and metallic may well be the way forward...

  14. I have Superga's in silver and another pair in rose gold and I LIVE in them! They go with everything. My husband refers to them as my "little girl shoes"!

  15. Oh goodness yes, my whole family would launch into gold if they word came up! I have silver shoes/trainers/skaters galore, I also have rose gold trainers but they don't get as much wear because I wear a lot of grey and so silver always seems a better fit. I wouldn't say no to gold - I do have gold loafers so it's not much of a stretch but those Esprit silver ones are gorgeous so maybe just another silver pair!

  16. I have also been feeling a gold trainer "vibe" and just ordered the gold Reeboks from Office where they are reduced to £45. However have just been looking in Hoopers earlier today and Carvela have some gorgeous styles in golds and silvers, so very tempted there as well....

  17. Yes! I love a metallic flat shoe - trainers, sandals, brogues! Got a gorgeous pair of chunky gold trainers from Mint Velvet in the sale. Yet to wear them out but they are super-soft and comfy round the house (I can't be the only one that finds shoes take on a killer life of their own when you wear them outside?!) They aren't available any more but look a lot like the Mango ones (here they are in grey suede but they've got a few other metallic options too)

  18. Ohhhh, I love those Dune Egypt ones....and available in my size too. Mustn't buy. Have....too....many....pairs....already.

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