It's another quick one but ALL NEW IN.

Yes, it's the one that some of you love and some of you hate.  New season at hush! 

All new, arrived today.  As always, I have not been paid or asked to write this post.  I do, however, get many emails and messages asking what my favourite pieces are whenever their is a new collection.  Spring has landed.

AND there's 10% off with the code S18PREVIEW (not a special code for me - just a generic one I had from my emails this morning).

So this morning, on a windy, rainy half term holiday morning, having spent an hour making pancakes and attempting to make our house look more home and less squat, I am taking some me time, to peruse through all things new and Springlike and pick my must haves. 

First up - my favourites, the slogan tops.  I adore these.  I don't just like them, I lurrrrrve them.  

L/S Love Saves The Day tee £45 Now I would actually say this is part sweat/part tee/part linen knit.  It's definitely not a thin tee fabric, I saw it last week at a lovely Press breakfast where I managed to touch and feel a lot of the products, hence I have some inside info on lengths and fabrics.

This I didn't see but this is SO up my street.  Love love love (sorry...). 

Perfect for Valentine's Day, dare I say it?  (if you're me - this will mean ordering it yourself..!).

Love Tee £35

So it's not a slogan but errr - it's awesome.

Rainbow Jumper £79

And back in the room, feeling the slogan love. 

Love Saves The Day Jumper £75 (see below for details of the skirt)

Did someone say GREEN?! (ok so it's grey and green but still loving this green).

Love Saves The Day Jumper £75

Then we come on to midi skirts.  Now for me, these are too short.  SO - for all of you who say you can never wear a midi or maxi skirt as they drown you - LOOK NO FURTHER.  These are the perfect length for those of you who aren't too tall. 

Colourblock pleated skirt £89  I would blooming LOVE this in a longer length (huff a puff puff from me on the sofa here).  How would I wear it?  With all the navy.  Navy jumper, navy blazer, navy boots (or loafers or any footwear that took your fancy.. actually white sneakers would also work really well).  I can't get enough of navy at the minute and this would be the perfect skirt to change up those other navy outfits.  Having said that, it would also look fabulous with cream or white accessories too.

Another perfect addition to your navy slew. 

Pinstripe Bryce Culottes in navy and white £59

More stripes in black and white... see above on how to wear - just change the navy for all black  Actually with this one, I'd throw in a load of other colours too - yellow long sleeved slogan tee above?  Or how about the red one?  LOVE LOVE LOVE. (I've got to stop with that...)

Marina Striped Skirt in black and white £65  It has pockets.  Enough said.

Now we have one of my favourite things to wear this season - the print skirt. 

Tabitha Maxi Skirt £65

And another *thing* I'm going to be talking about a lot in the coming weeks and months, is the co-ord.  Which is essentially a top and bottoms that you wear separately but could co-ordinate to wear together as an outfit.  Genius!  (ok so it's hardly reinventing the wheel but it's sometimes the most obvious things which don't occur to us). 

So here we have the matching top to the skirt that you could wear with it to create a dress or  on its own as a fabulous Spring blouse. 

Tabitha Top £55

However, when it comes to dresses - CALL OFF THE DOGS. 

This one.  Oh hello. 

Tabitha Maxi Dress £95

And finishing with the perfect day to night top.  Wear with shorts on holiday, wear with black trousers for a night out, wear with jeans and heels for a casual lunch or to the pub. 

Beaded crepe top in black and copper £65

There are loads more - I'd love to hear if there's anything that's caught your eye?  And if you have any questions on any product, I will do my best to answer it!

And since I am currently still sat here in my jamas, here is my outfit from Saturday night!  Which I hadn't got round to posting.


Dress - H&M (couple of years ago)
Boots - Zara (current)
Bag - Alexander McQueen (7yrs ago)
Earrings - Mango (current)

I am now off to London for a meeting and then an evening with Caroline Barnes from Max Factor (I will hopefully come back armed with some tips.. but there will absolutely be more bespoke beauty in the coming weeks and months).  Handily the husband is working from home today, one of my poor boys has a mock exam, the other is glued to the PlayStation.   All hail half term! 

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15 comentarios:

  1. But but but.... what about THIS?!?

    1. Oh yes!!!! I'm hearing you on this one!!!!

  2. If you have spent far too much money this past winter (its all your fault!!) What pieces would you pick (from the above) to take you from winter to spring?
    Love, Love, Love your posts xxxxx

  3. What's the length of the navy cullottes like, I'm thinking they'd be ankle skimmer on a short a**e like me?
    I'm thinking wear with cashmere now, and a grey slogan tee when the weather warms up.

  4. How do you find the length of their boyfriend jeans or jersey bottoms? Never sure to order as they only one standard length - wish they would do longer lengths!!!

  5. Love the look of the yellow top, never wear yellow though, may be a deep breath purchase! xx

  6. I'm a bit sceptical about Hush, based on one jumpsuit that I bought in the summer. It seems to have shrunk - and I pathologically wash clothes according to the label - and lost its colour a bit. And it was v expensive. I don't think I would risk buying from them again based on that one purchase. Jo

  7. Hush does seem to have gone very expensive - some of these are pretty basic basics but are far more than I would expect to pay.

  8. Ironically drawn to the simple sandals on the last pic - is it too soon to be thinking of summer 😳?

    1. I lost out on a pair of sandals last year (not from Hush), because I dithered too long at the beginning of spring. Some things seem to disappear in a heartbeat!

  9. They are super expensive. I also wish they would be a bit more generous with their cut (I could cut out cake, obviously but would rather they made the first move....!!)

  10. I agree about being a bit worried about the quality of Hush clothing. I have a few jumpers that have gone baggy. Also all the yummy mummies where I live have started wearing Hush clothing which has kind of put me off.

  11. In my experience some of their clothes are really shoddy but some are fantastic - but you can never know what you are getting! It is all going a bit school run Boden so should be a few years before it catches on up here!!!

  12. I used the code to stock up on leggings - they're very good quality and last a long time. They just do them in black now, used to do a great grey colour

  13. I love Hush's style but agree about quality, two of the sweatshirts I bought lost all their shape very quickly, and my jogging bottoms shrunk..and the coat I bought lost 80% of its buttons in a month and had to be returned..a real shame as I really love their style but been put off..