And they're like buses.

So you spend years trying to find new labels and companies that make clothes you love.  That you can afford, that fit and that every other bob (who is always, sod's law, half your size and half your age) isn't walking round in.  Maybe I am getting older (actually I prefer to think of myself as wine - maturing with age in a good way....) or maybe there are more companies out there who are getting it right.  Who have realised there is a large demographic out there who want to spend money on making themselves look and feel great without having to spend hours sorting the mutton from the frump. 

A company that I've had on my radar for the last couple of seasons and have definitely mentioned more than a couple of times on here is Great Plains.  This season, however, when their catalogue arrived on my doormat I honestly could have worn nearly all of it.  The hardest decision was which item to pick first. 

Without further ado (and clearly I'm on a skinnies roll) let me introduce you to another pair of pretty darn perfect trousers which I've already worn twice - 

Leopard Denim Slim  Leg Jeans

If you only have to buy one pair of trousers this season then these are your babies.  I've worn them with ballet flats and a smart casual look, they'll look great with casual ankle boots or biker boots but just as fabulous in the evening with sky high heels or wedges be them shoes, shoots or boots. 

A lovely fit - again, a higher rise than shops for those who have no idea what Grange Hill is and enough stretch so that don't go ridiculously baggy after one wear.  A good length as you can see from my pics - I'm 5ft 11 so these would be the perfect full length whilst they're slightly cropped on me (which I have to say is a look I'm loving - handy or what?)

Now I was totally sold by the pic above (LOVE the boots - please, if anyone from Great Plains is reading - where are they from?) and would have also had to get the top as well, if I didn't have a very similar one from Cos (which I have worn so so much) 

Hanna Jersey Fabric Mix Top 

This for me, serves as the perfect going out top.  It goes with everything.  I simply love it with the subtle leopard print skinnies (which aren't coated waxed - there is just the slightest sheen to them - barely noticeable to be honest), I've worn mine also numerous times with distressed boyfriend/straight leg jeans rolled up and heels and I think it would look fabulous with a black leather pencil skirt and supersonic heels. 

The other looks which really made me take notice and drool were:-

Firstly this pic - this sums up how I wanted to "look" this A/W (yes that sounds naff as a naff thing but it's true.)  I have proper outfit envy.  And shall be attempting to recreate......

Hartland Double-Breasted Coat 

Black Reform Denim Slim jeans 

Rodeo Girls Shopper

And how me is this?  Although even I know I probably need another boucle jacket in my life like I need a hole in the head. 

Binky Boucle Boxy Jacket 

I love the look of this as well for snuggly A/W days. 

Trip to The City Wrap Buckle Cardigan 

And I will be looking for dresses soon (yes, we've got that to look forward to for A/W) and this will definitely be making the cut for that perfect day to night dress. 

Music Melody Duo Printed Dress

They do seem to have sold out of some things on line, so I'm hoping they either a) restock or b) maybe bring out another range for later in the season?  One can only hope.....

Here are my pics with the jeans on this week.  Beyond beyond pleased with them.  Am having to persuade myself I should probably take them off as opposed to wear them out tonight...... 


Black longsleeve silk knitted top - Cos
Leopard Print Slim Jeans - Great Plains
Yellow Cardigan - Goat
Black Wild Cat ballet pumps - The British Flat Shoe Company
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang


Cream blouse - Zara
Leopard Print Slim jeans - Great Plains
Black biker jacket - Whistles
Black Wild Cat ballet pumps - The British Flat Shoe Company 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

Today I've been real life shopping.  Is it all its cracked up to be these days?  Or is online better?  I shall be back with my thoughts and some small gems I almost discovered.....

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7 comentarios:

  1. Really like your yellow cardigan & your on line finds!

  2. Hi- love the photos but I'm afraid the links don't work!

  3. What size are your trousers? Thanks

  4. This was a very useful tip! I'm going to order the parka coat on their website, had been looking for one to substitute the Burberry one I really want but can't justify... have a good weekend! :-)

  5. I adore those leopard print pants! I suppose it would be too much to ask for them to be available to ship to the US? Fingers crossed!

  6. you look lovely but where is the individuality???

  7. 5'11"?! You clearly stole extra inches that were meant for me Kat! (5'2"!!) Love the leopard trews as the colours are so muted & not in your face as so many of them are! Some gorgeous picks! Ax