Is it too early for sparkle?

I hope not as I have broken the sequin seal and bought a sparkly jumper.  Ok so it's not full on showgirltastic but there is a hint of Christmas with a lurex thread running through it.  Plus, if I chalk it up to the start of my seasonal preparations that surely is excellent justification for a total impulse purchase?

I am currently loving all things sweatshirt related but when I stumbled across this jumper which actually has a sweatshirt boxy shape about it, it would have been rude not to.  Especially as it was in the sale.  Huzzah!  Works perfectly with jeans and looser jersey harems with a slim vest underneath to balance out the bulk.  

Great thing about a slightly glitzy jumper (and if I try I might be able to make them sound more rank and mumsy) is that they're perfect for throwing on for a casual day (hide a multitude of sins) but aren't consigned to purely super slobby days - great for a lunch out without feeling like you're wearing your lounge gear. 

Here is my gem - and yes, of course I'm going to say that it looks loads better on than it does in the pics.  I think it does anyway...  I'm hoping it does as it looks pretty naff here.  I sized up and I have a 14 so it's slouchier than it looks in the pics.  I say I sized up - that was all they had left but a smaller size would definitely have been too snug. 

Mint Velvet Shell Pink Waffle Jumper - now £39   A couple of 12's available here 

They also have it in a grey.  Now MV call it lilac but unless they do a grey and a lilac one, I would honestly say this was more silvery grey.  Really really gorgeous.  Unfortunately not in the sale but thinking how versatile it would be I don't think £59 is too bad. 

Lilac (!) Waffle knit  £59

Errr actually call off the dogs - I may have found a grey one in the sale!  But to be fair, they didn't have this instore, so it was definitely the one above I saw that I assumed was grey (however we all know what assume makes don't we?) 

However if you would like a darker grey one, this one is another sales corker. 

Grey Waffle Knit Jumper with lurex thread - £39 

Whilst we're on the subject of sparkle there are other grey options on the market. 

In the sale again (have we actually gone sale mad in this country?  I'm positive that there used to be two sales annually - winter and summer but they seem to be every couple of weeks in the last couple of years) is this gorgeous number from The White Company

Sparkle Stripe Sweater  now only £42.50

Whilst we're on the subject of all things that glitter and sales, it would be remiss of me not to mention these others from MV. 

Stone Sequin front Cardigan - now only £39 

Plus in the Damson for £49 

It's almost as if MV have been reading my mind with this current season number which is a Silver Grey Sparkle Sweat at £69

Lichen Sequin Button Back Knit £79  Also from MV, this one I've seen instore with a couple of the buttons undone at the back at the bottom.  Just stunning. 

Somerset by Alice Temperley Sequin detail jumper  £69  This reminds me of a Zara one I have from a couple of years ago which comes out all the time.  A total wardrobe staple, can be dressed up and down (lordy I appreciate I am like a stuck record but I'm such a huge pathetic fan of clothes that serve a dual purpose) . 

There's very little out there that's glittery and navy but this one from FCUK is a gem in the dark. 

Saving the best till last with another sweatshirt style one from M&S.  This actually has to be my fave.  Great price, wool mix, would look as great to the pub as it would in the depths of winter with snow boots and a parka over it.  I may add this to my school uniform order this week. 

Clearly this doesn't serve as the definitive Christmas jumper thread but this will serve for getting us all in the Seasonal mood.  I know I'm an absolute fruit loop but I actually feel most festive at this time of year.  Come December I am beyond over it and hankering for sunshine and a break but in October/November, it all seems so far away with a Disney glow around it.  As opposed to the reality which is utter carnage.  Ho hum.

Here I am this morning (check me out being all prompt with the blog today.  That's because I'm supposed to be clearing out the kids' bedrooms and this is a far more palatable task.  Procrastination is so my middle name).  Having taken RR1 to hockey practise and then shopping for a birthday part we're going to this afternoon.  Plus I managed to pick up my Tesco blouse which I am very much looking forward to wearing. 


Olive vest - Joseph
Cream knitted sweatshirt - Zara
Distressed skinny jeans - Zara
Brown Mardy boots - Caterpillar
Brown leather jacket - All Saints
Brown wrist warmers - TK Maxx
Beige and brown snakeskin scarf - By Malene Birger
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi by Plumo 

Have loads more to bring you on the blog this week.  Including another coat blog - maybe even one with a pink theme...... More necklaces and more evening outfits - tops and dresses.   And snuggly loungewear.  Oodles to come. 

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9 comentarios:

  1. Morning - no it's never too early for a bit of sparkle but do know what you mean about sparkly jumpers being the "middle aged" lady's answer to xmas! These however are all gorgeous although maybe your MV number could do with being a bit longer? The lichen one is gorgeous though - reminds me of one I've seen on laredoute website albeit a lot cheaper. And wow, M&S have done it again. I'm in favour of all things boucle as I find it doesn't bobble like usual knitwear can. Will have to check this one out. Well done on the dress post - gorgeous styles. Have just ordered the leopard print asos whistles number as it's right up my street (although DH will call me Bet Lynch but I don't care!). And loving the Danish brand suggestions you've made - not seen before, will def be checking out. Have a great day x

    1. The MV one actually in a larger size (I think it definitely does work better sizing up) does look longer tbh. And thank you so much for such a lovely comment! Can't wait to hear how the Whistles dress works out x

  2. i have the M&S jumper and have to say i love it.. really pleased with how it looks and how it washes. bargain price as well.

    1. oh excellent, one definitely to hunt down then! Thank you for the feedback xx

  3. The M&S one is stunning in real life - saw it in Bluewater last night, but sadly not in my size. Have ordered online!

    1. oooh how exciting! They do seem to have more online than instore. So pleased you like it. x

  4. Love this outfit Kat! The wrist warmers are super cute & I love the mix of Autumnal colours! M&Co have a pretty sequin front sweatshirt in dare I say it....Navy....but its in the petite range! ;) Ax

  5. I have the M&S jumper and love it. The only negative is the sleeves a not very long. I am 5'9 though and somewhat gorilla limbed so I'm sure it's fine on most in proportion people. Order it, it's lovely! Love your blog BTW

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