Batten down the hatches with the perfect cosies.

Ok so Sky News didn't include "with the perfect cosies" on the end, but watching tv earlier, the advice they genuinely gave to keep safe during the storm was "batten down the hatches".  Really?  I can't be the only person who has absolutely no idea what they meant.  Even the other presenters were nodding sagely.  I've taken it therefore as meaning drink copious amounts of red wine, do not leave the house & resort to internet shopping.  I'm sure that's what they mean, no?

Which gives me the perfect opportunity to talk about one of my new fave sites. I've discovered some total gems this year, absolutely ideal for my taste, lifestyle, age (ahem) and purse.  These also fit the bill perfectly whilst this company have been on my radar for a while, their A/W collection has pretty much my name written all over it. 

I am talking about Hush.  The perfect website to peruse on a cold, blustery and wintery night armed with a large glass of vino and a credit card.  Half term this week, Bonfire Night coming up, what better than a selection of snuggly, casual cosies to layer up in?

I've been meaning to do an order for ages and today is the ideal day to think about all things warm.  

Starting with my absolutely must haves - am toying with which colour to get.  Best thing about this is that, unlike most sweatshirts, it's got a sightly batwing effect to the sleeves.  So less utilitarian looking than most. 

Dolman Sloppy Joe £40 in liquorice.  This is a washed black. 

The other option is the marine which is the most beautiful dark cobalt blue.   Would look amazing with navy and black or grey.  Again £40

I absolutely love it with the lighter cobalt blue longline vest underneath which is a complete layering necessity.  These are like the proverbial rocking horse poo to find and these, with their cotton and elastane mix look like the best I've seen in a long time.   I am definitely going to get the above blue.

I also think the Marl Grey could be very useful - would go with everything, but isn't as in your face in the winter as the white would be.

Who am I kidding though, I could also do justice to the black, the marine and the charcoal marl.  Beyond useful all year round. 

Ditto the longsleeved version.  The Black surely would work perfectly in anyone's wardrobe. 

Longline stretch tee in black £30.  Also available in white and grey marl.  Handily I can free up space on my Hush shopping list as I have a Baukjen version of this (which are much more expensive for the exact same thing can I just point out - I know where I'll be going to replace them....)

Speaking of useful, I know they are absolutely not everyone's cup of tea but I completely love their Long Harem Trousers in either Charcoal or Black £49.50  There's not a lot really to add as they are a complete marmite item but for me they are just perfect for those slouchy days when you're not really leaving the house, or you just have billy basic chores to do.  Perfect for this weather to snuggle up in front of the fire with a glass of wine and a movie.  I handily already have my Toast ones so am not in need of any but these would definitely be making my list were I not to have a pair - or were they to make them in a lighter grey colour - or a navy..... taps toe......!

Now if you don't like the above, then may I suggest you look away for the next couple of paragraphs as these below are highly likely to send you over the edge.  I know these are too short for me so won't be getting them but if you don't have ridiculous oversized limbs like me, please buy these and do them justice.  Absolutely love them. 

One of the things I love about Hush is how well they put outfits together.  Maybe it's just that I love their style and I have a very similar taste but I could honestly just leaf through their catalogue or online and buy entire outfits.  

For example from above, I am in dire need now of their wrist warmers (even though I do have some....can one ever have too many?)

And a cream marl cashmere beanie £35 whilst we're here, thank you very much. 

And you can even buy the boots. 

How stunning are these Chelsea Boots in the navy  £150.  Again great minds think alike, as I already have my Rag & Bone Newburys in navy which are not dissimilar to these at all.  Now if they could just make them in a tan, I would be beyond chuffed.

So that doesn't seem like the largest shopping list does it - at least one sweatshirt and at least one vest....maybe a beanie.  But fear not, Hush isn't all about delicious loungewear (which has definitely extended to the street and not just confined to the sofa!). 

Top of the pops for me is the Freya Shirt.  This is absolutely stunning.  Amazing detail on the shoulder and around the yoke.  In two gorgeous shades - and I am so so tempted to order both.  These would work amazingly well all year round.  They also look fantastic untucked as more of a tunic.  I also love the way they completely swerve the word blouse and steadfastedly call it a shirt.  Kudos. 

Freya Shirt in Powder £45  (this is a hugely useful shell pink/blush/nude shade)  

or in the Pearl Blue - which is a silvery grey colour.  Again, perfect with countless other colours. I shall be using with my navy and black outfits, but also delicious against other shades of grey. 

They also do it in Shirt Dress which is gorgeous.  Fits the bill perfectly for my day to night dress.  Fabulous with flats or ankle boots during the day.  Swap for heels and some bling and you're set to rock in the evening.

There are honestly so many gorgeous dresses to choose from which would be ideal for those slouchy days but this would be my next choice.  

And just to prove that it is possible to buy a whole outfit and love every single bit, I am also totally coveting the Jersey Blazer in Grey Marl  £55.  Again to prove though that if you cut me open I bleed Hush, I think I may have a couple very similar knocking about my wardrobe. 

So my list is definitely going to consist of the Freya Shirts (in both colours), the Liquorice Dolman Sloppy Joe, Cobalt Longline vest and maybe the Marine Sloppy Joe.  And new Wrist warmers.  And a beanie..... Does anything make your list?

Today I happened to be sporting my Hush tribute outfit - this was for literally bombing around the house with family over for tea and cake, a roast and now movies with the family.  So a super casual version.  Absolutely zero makeup. 


Blush ribbed vest - Miss Selfridge
Grey two tone sweatshirt - TK Maxx
Charcoal jersey harems - Toast
Gunmetal Virgin hitops - Ash
Blush and fuchsia Camel scarf - Virginia Johnson

Ok so I'm now off to "batten down the hatches"*.  In all seriousness, keep safe everyone. xx

*pours another glass and prays. 

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16 comentarios:

  1. Totally loved up with Hush this season. My list includes the cream Freya shirt dress, the grey drop waist jersey dress (on back order so mildly panicking), I mean how many ways can you style these dresses - I can count lots! Also love the charcoal jersey blazer and the cashmere shawl. Actually forget that I LOVE IT ALL x

  2. I definitely have more than a few items on my wishlist. I also keep perusing the catalogue, whilst enjoying a glass of red!. Must. Cut. Down. Time. Spent. Lusting. Xx

  3. I have both the TOAST and HUSH harems and I can honestly hand on heart tell you that the HUSH ones are much nicer and smarter. I also have the camo joggers, some pj's and the star print dolman sweater....greedy I know, but in my defence I was tempted by the generous QUIDCO discount, 10% code and FREE Returns.

  4. Love their collection this year especially, would order a lot if I had the funds available. Love love to he Freya shirt dress.... You are brave posting a photo with no make up! Curled up here with wine, iPad, hush catalogue and X factor ...... Autumn bliss x

  5. You gorgeous ladyxxx love the harems and camo trousers - no surprise there:)!

  6. I love everything Hush! Have asked my other half to get me the star bracelet for my birthday and hopefully the blue star print scarf too. The Freya shirt is gorgeous in both colours, I want!!!
    Estelle x

  7. You look great without make up!
    I like that outfit, looks comfy but put together.

  8. Ooh loving all of these posts - new saying "a post from Kat a day, keeps frowns at bay" - keep them coming! Love all these Hush suggestions - this is why I love autumn - all snuggly and cosy. Particularly loving the blazer and shirt. Oh and now you've got me lusting after wrist warmers and maybe a fedora hat from the last post.
    Sounds like you had a crazy busy weekend - all Nigella but with way more style! Maybe you should have your own lifestyle show - bit of fashion, bit of homestyle (sounds like you're in the middle of a big renovation and judging my some of your tweets, loving your style there too (I'm crackle glaze grey metro tiles too all the way here!) bit of cooking - would be fab.
    BTW, wish I looked that good without makeup.
    Have a good week x

  9. Is it me, or is the length on the Hush harems very short? Says less than 27 inches, surely that would be a really odd length? (And I waaaaant some!)

  10. OMG, I love the everything about the first Hush outfit, I want it all. Also love the Freya shirts as well. think i need to put my credit card in a block of ice in the deep freeze, which could work if I didn't know the number off by heart. :/ . Only thing i cant do is the Camouflage trousers, for no reason other than as a military wife of 20+ years it puts me off wearing it plus people would think I've opted to wear hubby's work clothes so Camo is avoided by me.

  11. I adore the Hush look, it's exactly my style. I find some of it a bit pricey for what are essentially basics so I tend to try and find similar items to suit my budget - Next jersey harems (about £20) and Primark's current soft sweatshirts (£6!) are my current favourites. On the other hand I've got a couple of jumper dresses from last year which were well worth the money and I'm still getting loads of wear out of them. I don't always find the quality amazing (the jersey blazer was a bit dishraggy imo) but the catalogues are so beautifully styled that I could sit and drool over them all day - even got a page torn out and pinned on the wall above my desk to remind me how I want to look - sad or what?!

  12. Kat, they did those harems in light grey in S/S13 - they sold out really quickly. I ended up buying the charcoal and I love them - so comfy and the detailing on the ankle is gorgeous. Just wondering if I can justify another Dolman Sloppy Joe after reading your post. I've got coral, pink and camo from S/S but reckon I *need* that cobalt! You look gorgeous - as ever. x

  13. I've always loved the Hush styling, it is like Boden's cooler younger sister, who still goes out and get hammered and then rolls home with a stinking hangover while Boden mum makes cupcakes with the kids. But the quality is not great ( or my expectations are too high as the styling is so lovely) it's like the White Company clothes, more expensive than the high street stuff, but not really much better. Loro Piana, though, that is a different story and at Bicester the prices are not dissimilar. They are the reverse, their styling is terrible, but the products fantastic.

  14. Also forgot to say you get nectar points with Hush as well.

  15. I love those shirts and shirt dresses, very Baukjen-esque but a lot more reasonable, that blush colour one would just about go with anything! I am also loving the jogging pants, very cool, cosy and just right for this rubbish weather..half term and it is raining.. pah!