The perfect accessory (well one of them anyway)

A black necklace.  After looking at a number of my tops and trousers, it has occurred to me the one thing that would work for a myriad of occasions is a black necklace.  Perfect for adding that extra evening look to a plain top and I think works really well over most print.(there is always the exception to the rule where it looks just OTT but over an animal print for example, I think most of these would be perfect.)  

Ditto over a stripe.  These turn the most mundane of outfits into something far more special and festive (can you tell I'm getting obsessed with the silly season....) 

Now.  I do actually have one (which the 9 year old too observant for her own good pointed out when noseying on my laptop earlier "mummy why do you need another black necklace?"  Clearly she can't actually be related to me.).  A Sportsmax leather one which I love and definitely would work.  However, I've already totally fallen in love with either the River Island leather one and/or (!) the New Look Black Knotted cord one.  And frankly for only £5.99 it's rude not to.  (RI one is a slightly different price bracket.  Obviously) 

My justification (at which I am clearly a pro) is that these would work during the day, whereas my Sportsmax leather one is very dressy and slightly too much for daytime.  Not that I need an excuse to have two of course........

So without further ado.

Black Embellished Leather Statement Necklace from River Island  £50.  Absolutely love the detail on this.  

Black knotted cord Necklace  from New Look £5.99.  This has to be the best bargain I've ever posted on here.

Chain Flower necklace from Dorothy Perkins  £15 but 25% off till Oct 27th with the code DPFW25

Regal Bib necklace from Forever 21 £10.65  Stretching the brief with a bit more gold than I'd anticipated....

Chain Necklace from Next £12 And back in the room. 

Pieces Esep Multirow Chain Necklace £22

If we're going to splash the cash then this would fit the bill.  This is such a classic neat necklace, would suit you perfectly from day to night, casual lunch, Christmas Day to a wedding. 

Fiona Paxton Sylvia necklace  £295

A more reasonable designer necklace is this one from My Wardrobe by DAY Birger et Mikkelson.  LOVE this.  Stretching the black theme somewhat but it's definitely more black than any other colour.  

Night Bijou Necklace - £105

Again, I'm stretching the pure black idea here, but this is lovely for a ridiculous price!  Reminds me actually of my All Saints chunky necklace which I do wear during the day and at night and always gets loads of positive comments.

Chain and Cross Collar from Miss Selfridge £16.50

Black combined with a silver tone to it, again from Miss Selfridge.  This definitely has a Stella & Dot vibe to me.

Flower Rope Collar £25 

This is pure statement and the perfect addition to any plain top. 

Black Cut Out Bead Collar £12.50 from Wallis

So there we have it.  It has occurred to me that one accessory I haven't looked at yet is earrings.  Big, statement, outfit maker ones.  Wouldn't be right not to include them.

Finishing with my outfit from today.  Very casual, very relaxed, nothing too exciting at all.  Randomly though, this scarf is navy.... Not entirely sure what happened in the pic.  It looks like my cobalt blue one but it's not! 


Khaki Linen top - H&M
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Boucle navy, khaki and cream jacket - Zara
Navy with cream toe leather ballet flats - The British Flat Shoe Company
Navy jersey scarf - Zara
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

Coming up on the blog I have uncovered some more dresses and some lovely winter warmers.  In fact, I'm going to get ordering online now before absolutely everything goes out of stock.  And then I get to wait for packages.  Which makes it properly seem like early Christmas!  (and yes, makes me seem like the child I am.  40 years old? yeah right.) 

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16 comentarios:

  1. Another interesting installment in everything shallow, but oh so lovely :-). I like the chain necklace from Next ;-). I am looking forward to your earring blog and hoping you can drag me out of my comfort zone that is the same boring 'studs' day in and day out .... ! X

    1. Only shallow here! Oh and yes, there will be some corker earrings to show. x

  2. New Look can do no wrong on the statement jewellery front in my eyes! Such a brilliantly priced piece that will instantly update any outfit! I shall be making a trip to a flagship store forthwith to make this beauty mine!

    1. Definitely worth travelling for aren't they? So so good.

  3. I love all of these. I love a statement necklace me. XX

    1. *shuffles up on the statement necklace bench to make more room*

  4. Gosh, I love that miss selfridge necklace, fabulous size and 'chunkiness' for those of us who are a bit shorter!

  5. I saw that River Island one yesterday and took a photo but couldn't get it out of my head that it looked like an elephant?!'s fab in RL though...pricy for River Island but a lovely weight and seemed well made x

    1. You have RUINED it for me now l tell you, RUINED it!!

    2. Brilliant ... that has really made me laugh out loud! Anyhow, serves you right Kat ... now you know how I feel when I drool over the Day Birger & Mikkelson and realise its £105. Soooo not going to happen :(

  6. Be careful with New Look jewellery, I ordered 3 necklaces last week, two arrived broken and the third had paint peeling from the beads already. Really lovely designs but you get what you pay for!

    1. oh definitely they're not going to last forever. But at the price I wouldn't expect them to. Only problem is when you fall in love with one of them and it only lasts one season.

  7. I've been after a rope knotted necklace for months now (sort of forgot about it recently if truth be told) and that new look one is perfect! I have the next black one above and I have to say its great, it goes with a lot and it's a little different as all black statement necklaces are rare. X

  8. These are all so lovely! The NL one is such a good old bargain! I really need some colour in my life & I'm on the hunt for one similar but brighter but its not proving an easy mission atm as everything is so muted! Ax

  9. Well, that's me off to Next tomorrow........ Thanks! :-P