Bright Copper Kettles & Warm Woollen Mittens

Although there are no mittens and certainly no kettles on this post.  This is purely another round up of some of my favourite things that I've come across, that I don't want to save for a specific blog, I need to get them off my chest as they're so so pretty and I can't justify buying most of them.  Plus I have found from experience, that seeing something I love and keeping it for an appropriate post is often a disaster.  As when I come back to either blog about it or buy it, a hideously high percentage of the time, it's sold out. 

So without further ado, let me present my current Lust List which I have been accruing.

Avebury Necklace from Anthropologie £58 This is definitely pure vintage looking to me.  A wonderful alternative if full on glitz isn't your thing in a statement necklace.  This would also work just as well in the Spring/Summer so actually, in the long term, a better investment buy. 

This, also from Anthro has a very individual look to it.  Definitely unlikely to come across anyone with something similar on at those Christmas parties.  Although it is quite big, I actually think it would be perfectly fine to wear during the day. 

My fave is in the green with the navy rope necklace. 

Flecked Rocaille Necklace £48

Three is the magic number so I couldn't not include a third necklace, again from Anthropologie.  We've had a selection of black necklaces but as a total opposite, a white necklace would be just as stunning. (although to be fair, this one does have a blush tinge to it)  This one is absolutely beautiful with the diamante centre to the flowers.  Again, as with the first one, this necklace would work perfectly all year round.

Marguerite Bib Necklace  £48

Black, navy and ponyskin all wrapped up in a satchel.  What on earth is not to love?  If I didn't have my grey Whistles one which is such a similar style, I would get this in a heartbeat.  To my mind, this style works just as well for casual or smart occasions.  And I'm dong an excellent job of talking myself into it......

Ornithologist Satchel in navy £138

Staying on the bag theme (I haven't mentioned a bag in all of about 3 posts so clearly I'm having withdrawal symptoms) whilst I couldn't possibly go a silly season without a dedicated clutch bag post (coming soon), the chances of this selling out are probably quite high.  The perfect Leopard Print clutch. 

Canonbury Clutch from Boden  £59

Clearly there is very little I need in my wardrobe (a rare moment of either honesty, stupidity or clarity - it's not a statement I say very often!) but I am definitely light on belts.  When thinking about various outfits I have thought that in fact, a print belt could add that extra bit of interest and detail. 

And taking into consideration how much I love all things matchy matchy, what better to go with the clutch bag above than a ponyskin leopard print belt.  The fact that it would also go perfectly with my pointed pumps from H&M is just a very happy coincidence.

This one from the Weekend Collection at John Lewis looks perfect in leather and for just £18. 

The last thing I've seen that is on my list of current favourite things is the Harry scarf from Great Plains for £35.  An old school vintage vibe. 

Obviously I have oodles of lovely stuff I need to share but I have some great blog posts coming up.  Inspiration from a new fashion icon whose style I am planning on stealing and I shall be eating humble pie as I salivate over the new collection from a store I used to do an embarrassingly condescending eye roll at every time anyone mentioned it.  Now, of course, I could happily choose stacks from there.  Like I said - a public apology and full on grovelling coming up.  

Finishing with my outfit from today.  The Husband worked from home due to trees and leaves stopping play at work.  Which, coinciding with the first day of half term and some super excited children, didn't make it all all stressful.  Especially as it was still blowing a gale first thing and they couldn't go outside.  Have you ever tried explaining what a "conference call" is to a 9, 7 or 5 year old and why they should possibly give a toss?  Resorted to baking a cake for RR2's birthday party this afternoon (yes that was precisely how desperate the situation came).  An early Halloween eyeball cake. 

On the upside, The Husband was able to come to the birthday party which was at one of our local soft play.  As you can imagine, he was Thrilled.  I jest, he didn't mind (much) and the 7 yr old was beside himself. 

All very unstressful (we basically had the last hour entirely to ourselves and it wasn't busy to begin with) and now on the sofa with a Coors Light (my new obession). I know it's only Monday but it's the first day of half term and I'm celebrating getting through it and a birthday party unscathed. 


Black polo neck with button detail - Zara
Yellow double breasted cardigan - Goat
Indigo straight legs turned up - Jigsaw
Leopard print loafers - Zara
Tan cuff - Mulberry
Black Diego - Alexander Wang

So can we guess who my new Style obsession is?  Or how about the store that I shall be sheepishly fawning over? (actually I have bought one thing from there in the last couple of years.  Just the one thing.  And I remember being surprised at that......) 

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12 comentarios:

  1. I have the Boden clutch and it is gorgeous! Will be a firm favourite for me. Lynne x

  2. Ha ha!... Maybe it's Bon Marche!...just joking!

  3. Is it Jigsaw? A fashionista friend of mine told me it is looking fab again after several years of going off the boil!

  4. Is it white stuff?

  5. That navy bag is so chic! I soon learnt never to dismiss a brand, if you are looking for something specific, it's bound to be in the shop you hate!

  6. Hi there! Loving your statement necklace picks here, very tempting! Am going to guess-BHS? You've mentioned them in a post before and surprisingly they can be quite under the radar for some quite stylish picks!

  7. Pray tell, Kat ;-). Don't leave us all in suspenders !

  8. Gorgeous clutch I'm gonna throw Debenhams into the ring - can't stand all of it's diffusion range occasion wear - truly hideous. Only thing it's good for is nipping to the loo!

  9. Sniggering at Bon Marché comment.

    Just to add to lust lists...Boden SPRING PREVIEW is out! Although they do seem to be rehashing lots of old designs in new wackier prints these days.


  10. It's not M&Co is it?!!!! Come on Kat, I'm sure it's nothing to be ashamed of (ha ha!). PS. I am loving the clothes from Hush, I am ashamed to say, I didn't know they existed!

  11. My comment was changed from M & Co to just ' M', for some reason? .... Have you got style filters fitted to your comments section!