We have till Sunday night...

Ok. So I was going to be my usual consistent (yes, yes, in my dreams) self and focus on a dress post as promised. 

I will be keeping half of my side of the bargain and there are some dresses that I had included on the post but the rest I have postponed till another day and gone slightly off piste as there is now up to 50% off the Boden sale and some bargains are too good to miss.  The sale ends on Sunday night. 

Now I am fully aware that ironically, one of the reasons I started this blog was due to "fun linings" in a lot of items from Boden being a complete anathema to me.  However Johnny and I have reached a truce - I have stopped being such a judgemental old bag (some of the time) and he has branched out with, dare I say it, a far more on trend collection.  (either that or I'm getting older and dressing like some of the fashion industry seem to think 40 plus year olds should dress.  Judging by the exceptionally Vogue-esque fashionista crowd that were at the last Boden Press Day, I think not though.)   

Fear not however, if you are partial to a fun lining, you can hunt them out - there are still more than a few kicking around.  And for the record, it's not that I am completely averse to print on the inside, it's the name  "fun lining" that didn't personally do it for me.  Interestingly, I think my aversion to it, may also have come from the fact that I was ordering extensive clothing for my kids (middle class problems personified when the tartan baggies sell out in one of your boys sizes) and at the same time, having a look at the women's lot.  Cue a 20 something (she may have been older but they always did look perkily young), with beautiful bouncy hair skipping across a field with her delicious, well behaved offspring trotting merrily behind her. Wearing her neat little blazer with a "fun lining".  Whereas if I managed to leave the house with clean clothes (clean didn't include spittle down the shoulder or snot on my trouser leg mind - it meant clean that morning ie I had accomplished laundry), 2 toddlers and a baby dressed and only one of us crying (usually me) before lunchtime, that was a huge achievement.  The poor fun lining therefore may have got the brunt of my envy.  Fortunately things have moved on.  I can now make it out with all three of them for the school run.  (and only have a sore throat from yelling at them every other day).

Humble pie eaten, credit card at the ready, let's go. 

Starting with dresses.  This one has been on my list since seeing it at the Press Day, it is just fabulous 

Boulevard Tunic Dress  now £49.50.  Can't wait for this to arrive.

Love the print of this dress - rather Celia Birtwell to my mind. 

Or in the plain navy.  £44.50.  This would be a great work dress - a fabulous staple for a marvellous price (and no dry cleaning!) 

Love the 30s vibe to this Marilyn Dress in the Slate Grey Rain dress for now £53.40  (goes in the washing machine as well! What's not to love?  Bar the fact they don't have it in my size. Boo) 

This is how it looks on - absolutely love it. 

Now moving on to some that aren't in the sale but it's probably an idea to get them before they sell out.  This one is a great price at £79.  The Alexa Dress.   Adore this shade of blue (so lovely with black) and the neckline is one of my current faves.  No necklace needed.  Simply add either big hair or an off the face hairstyle with huge earrings to add wow factor. 

Lovely in black as well. 

If you'd prefer navy then this one may have your name written all over it.  Team with statement black necklace from yesterday and black shoes or shoots and it's the perfect Christmas night out dress.  Is making my top Christmas Day dress list definitely.  But just as handy during the day with little ankle boots.  A plethora of gorgeous colours as well. 

Ottoman Shift Dress  £79

They also do it in a red. 

My final choice from Boden would be this wool skater dress.  I know I tried this fit and flare style to death in the summer and failed big style on every level.  Think Shirley Temple on someone as tall as me.  But I would still absolutely love to wear this style.  I'm envisaging this with a kick ass pair of pointed shoots, hair up and Bet Lynch stylee earrings with a massive jewelled cuff as well.   They do this in a long length so it surely is worth a try.  Only decision to make now is which colour.....

The black would be the obvious choice - Wool Skater Dress  £139

Alternatively I do love it teamed with leopard print heels - of which I have a pair.  Result! 

My obsession at the beginning of the Spring was for one of these in navy, therefore I think I may have to try this.  Would also love to team this with leopard print as well. 

Whilst we're here though, I think it would be remiss not to point out the knitwear that is also in the sale and definitely worth a look at.  I am planning on having a knitwear love-in very shortly so these will all be on my radar.  Love the button detailing and adore the way they've styled it with a shirt underneath (all very Jenna J Crew). 

Lightweight Button Back Jumper in Soot now £41.30

This reminds me of my cream Goat one that I love and get loads of wear out of.  Would be so great as a little cover up over some of the above dresses.  As well as over my beloved shell tops and skinnies. 

Swing Knitted Jacket in Sandstone now £59.40

The obsession with navy continues and this would look fabulous with a denim or white shirt under it (can you see where another blog post is going....). Love the very slight dip at the back (note I said slight).  I think I would size up in this as I think it would look slightly better oversized. 

Honeycomb Stitch Jumper now £34.50

Now I know that I haven't really looked at trousers this season bar a brief coated skinnies mention but I am definitely contemplating giving these a go.  Remind me of the JBrand Houlihans which were too short for me (they weren't even cropped.  Think comedy short a la pedal pusher).  I do so love a skinny and these with the side pocket and ankle zip are that extra bit of detail to a bog standard pair.  I think these will work really well for a more casual look with wedge trainers and this season's must have sweatshirt.

I think I'd go for the slate. 

Seam Detail Trouser now only £29.50

Also liking the washed black although seeing as I have my Mint Velvet double zip ones, I'm not sure I need both. 

Now I could bang on forever, but I have a dinner party to start cooking for tomorrow night so I need to mosey on over to the kitchen. However I'm sure there are a couple of other gems which I've missed out so I'll have to come back with a round up post tomorrow with some more goodies.  We'll still have two days to order!

Today for lunch with friends, a mammoth food shop, school run and playdates for all the kids.


Paisley blouse - Zara
Straight leg distressed jeans rolled up - Zara
Navy boucle blazer - Zara
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Tan cuff - Mulberry
Mini Antelope charm pendant - Bill Skinner
Chestnut Lily - D&G 

Off to finish Nigella's Chocolate Cake with olive oil.  Tis the first time I've done this  Let's just say Nigella I am not so fingers crossed it works.  Will be back tomorrow, don't buy up everything before I get a chance to put in my order!

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12 comentarios:

  1. I can highly recommend the honeycomb stitch jumper you posted here (I have the red & posted two weekends ago wearing it). Also the ponte Roma trousers are a bargain now. I wore them all wknd in Amsterdam this wknd- as comfortable as pyjamas after the marathon & for sitting on a delayed plane mere hours after conpleting the run!

    1. Love the look of both of those! Have put the trousers on another blog, thank you xx

  2. I just got my Westbourne sweaters (grey and black) and an Off Duty jumper - off to model for the blog...very happy with Boden's knitwear as always. Love the Boulevard dress - I think it will look perfect on you!

    1. Hope you're over the moon with your jumpers. Can't wait for my dress to arrive! Fingers crossed today xx

  3. Love the dalmatian dress, its a "must buy" xx

    1. v much looking forward to it arriving. Have great hopes. x

  4. Dangerous reading your blog with my morning cuppa - I'd bought the Dalmatian dress before I'd got out of bed this morning 😃

  5. Hi, stop tempting me Kat, basket dancing madly at Boden just now!! When I made that chocolate cake for DH to take into work, lots of allergies there, it went down an absolute storm. Hope it turns out ok for you too. Fiona xx

    1. Cake was a total success! And how much did you buy in the sale?!

  6. Love those blue Rag & Bone boots! I'm addicted to Nigella atm! Her Italian series is on & I want to eat it all! Would love to have dinner with her! Ax

    1. it's a fab series isn't it? Her Italian chicken is absolutely amazing. x