If it ain't broke don't fix it.

So whilst I am on the hunt for a new dress (to be continued...), it has struck me that I've already found a formula for nights out that does work.  As predictable as it may be, so what? It works really well.  It pretty much works on most people, especially those of a certain age (ie me) who, despite looking like they're in relatively good shape, have a multitude of sins to hide. 

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me in real life, when I confess that I'm not as au fait with exercise and the gym as perhaps I should be.  Yes I have spurts when I will mosey on down to a class a couple of times a week and feel ridiculously pleased with myself.  This however, is never that long lived.  Clearly I blame it on those darned school holidays (drat what a bummer) but to be honest, I do have the focus and concentration of a gnat and so chances are, interest would wane, holidays or no holidays.  

However the bare minimum I do manage to achieve, does keep my stomach from actually rolling down to my knees but there is still a muffin that is best hidden under loose fabric.  Especially when I'm going out for the night and there's food involved.  I need the stylish top equivalent of an elasticated waistband.

And the perfect top for me is a shell top.  Fitted over the shoulders, short sleeves that cover bingo wings but aren't too clingy, a boxy style that's loose over the tummy and hips finishing just below the waist so it doesn't look too oversized.  A totally genius shape which gives the impression of being structured without being too fitted or clingy. 

I have a plethora of skinnies which are great for nights out.  Some dressier ones for those more glamorous occasions (or just when I want an excuse to get dressed up) and some more casual distressed denim which dampens down the glitz.  I also think these work well with a more fitted pair of boyfriend jeans or straight legs.

Autograph Contrast Floral Lace Top - £59

Staying with my beloved leopard print - this would work in so so many different guises.  

Limited Edition Animal Print Textured Top - £35

F&F Limited Edition Leopard Print Shell top - £14  After the success of my lace yolk cream blouse from Tesco, it would be rude not to order this one as well, no?

A couple of jacquard ones which I think have a fabulous festive vibe about them.  

Limited Edition Faux Leather Raglan Sleeve Textured top - £35   This looks much better and less "pleather" in real life (funny that, it being from M&S and the photo having come from their website.  How on earth they sell anything from there, is a complete mystery to me) 

This one has a detailed neckline which means a built in necklace.  Gorgeous bright colours - would look as fab with black coated skinnies as indigo jeans.  Or even a pencil skirt and heels.  I didn't see it instore as it's only available online.  Once again, I am giving the photograph the benefit of the doubt.....

Limited Edition Tapestry Textured Embellished Shell top - £35 

Another textured top which is so pretty in a graphite grey from White Stuff.  (plus how ethereally gorgeous is the model - M&S note the difference between their pic and yours, says one who never ever shops at White Stuff but may well take a gander in now) 

Evelyn Top now reduced to £32

Love the neckline of this one and the unusual teal colour (looks navy to me but is clearly a greeny navy).  Again no necklace would be needed - this would be a fab option for those days when your hair isn't looking the best and you can scrape it up in a ponytail (those of us with longer tresses clearly) and just bung on some big earrings.  The ideal excuse not to blowdry! 

Vera Burnout Top - White Stuff £37.50

Watch the Birdy Top £45 from Great Plains in a black and rust colourway.  Lovely fluid silky top with slightly longer length arms than most. 

Or in a gorgeous blue version  £45  Very pleasing to my black and navy obsession. 

Also from Great Plains is this super cute Peter Pan collar blouse - another with a built in necklace, so no other detail needed.  Beautifully simple and chic.  I love the thought of this with looser distressed jeans - the prim top with the more casual look on the bottom half.

Twist and Shout Beaded Collar Blouse  £59

I've actually decided to divide this blog in two otherwise I'm never going to get it live and it will be the longest post in the history of posts.  Round two coming tomorrow.  I love the fact that there are so many of these tops out there - easily one for each occasion.  Plus, by my reckoning most of them go in the wash as well which makes them perfect for every day use as well!  Why save them just for nights out?

Finishing with my outfits from yesterday afternoon where we went to my godson's birthday party and I got to wear my new blouse.  Very very pleased indeed - love the fact it's quite long in the body and doesn't come untucked constantly like all the ones I've got from Zara do. 

Really need to do something about the vile urine effect lighting I've got going on in my inside pics.  Apologies. 

Untitled Untitled 

Paint splattered skinny jeans - Zara
Grey military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Scarf in Dune - Louis Vuitton
Patent and suede boots - LK Bennett
Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

Today this is my most casual outfit ever.  Have been working on various blogs all day as well as sourcing more tiles (yawn yawn yawn - to say I'm going round in circles is somewhat of an understatement)  This outfit isn't going to be to everyone's taste at all, but I have not set out to be remotely stylish - this is pure slobsville at its most comfy (although I have to say I personally do really like it!) 

Untitled Untitled

Black and white vest - Edun
Grey sweatshirt - TK Maxx
Charcoal jersey harems - Toast
Linen scarf - Zara
Black Jetstream wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley
Black Diego - Alexander Wang

Tomorrow, I shall be back with the second round of tops.  Am I the only one who is a massive fan of these?  It has also struck me whilst writing this (and wearing one out on Friday night) that, yet again, a statement necklace makes a fabulous addition to them for dressier occasions.  And for extra effect, I think a black necklace would really work well with some of the print ones.  I feel a need for a black necklace blog in the offing.......

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13 comentarios:

  1. I love the first Autograph one. I completely agree about the M&S website too. Not a single photo does justice to anything xxx

    1. The lace one is absolutely stunning in real life. A gorgeous shade of blush underneath. Could be By Malene Birger easily for a 5th of the cost! I can't believe their website is still so pants after all these years. So many other people do it so so much better.

  2. As always LOVE your blog and love the tops.on the necklace front Lola Rose do the most beautiful black agate necklaces I have a few items and never fail to get compliments when wearing them.April X

    1. Thank you! I will check out Lola Rose definitely - haven't look at them for years! Used to salivate over them at Fenwicks on Bond St xx

  3. Kat, I love- love- love your sloby outfit!

    1. oh thank you. I love it as well, love the look and it is embarrassingly comfy! xx

  4. I bloody love your blog! I am a recent follower, having 'found you' in the article you did for Essentials Magazine a few months back;-). Your fashion/style is very much to my taste and your blog is now one of the things I look forward to reading in the evening after putting my Son to bed! This week, I am on the hunt for the bargain that is the lovely looking F&F cream lace top ;-). Keep up the good work. Debbie xx

    1. Thank you so so much. So lovely to read comments like this, it really does make it all worthwhile. The top is definitely worth hunting down or ordering online. It's so fab x

  5. With ya on the shell tops Kat, such an easy style to wear and statement necklaces are perfect for really dressing them up. Can't wait to bust out my yellow whistles one sometime soon! X

    1. My absolute staple. Really loving the yellow and on the hunt for the perfect necklace to go with it although the STella & Dot Tempest is a pretty good gig!

  6. You can never go wrong with a shell top, skinnies, statement necklace & blazer in my mind Kat. I've got the limited edition red leopard print one from Tesco & having secured it a few weeks back with 20% off voucher am ridiculously happy with it, it even looks fab with a leather biker jacket & boyfriends too xx

  7. Loving these shell tops .... and thank you for the tip off about Tesco F&F tops a few days ago. Scored two beauties yesterday so delighted with myself. Looking forward to the next instalment x (By the way, I adore your 'slobby' outfit as well!)

  8. Absolutely agree with you on the shell tops, after my second very large baby they are a godsend....I am loving the white stuff top so fabulously 50s I will go and investigate further! Thanks for the tip off!!!